Sci-Lab Homepage - The Injection

"Ok, lets get on with it." Dark Boy yelled as he was put in the 23 Containment Units.

Scientists started the laser, and started firing it at Dark Boy.

"Ahhh so this is a game, right, Cat and Mouse? Thats my kind of game!"

Dark Boy absent mindedly jumped around thetiny containment unit, dodging the massive laser.

Dark Boy, your supposed to get hit by the laser! It will fix you! That stinking Trojan Jacked into your processes!

"Really? Ok!"

After that OK Dark Boy literaly jumped INTO the lazer.

"GWAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" Dark Boy yelled and went crazy!

He was dashing around that glass unit like a rocket! Trying as hard as he could to break the glass! As time went by, he slowed himself, and then finally came under controll.

'DARK BOY, JACK OUT!' And he did so.

<(A word, if I may.

You don't have to make a new thread each time you jack in and out, or move to a different place in each area. Not only that, but this wasn't even relevant to anything. My suggestion is to start reusing topics; if you're only jacking out for the heal and jacking right back in again, just start the old topic back up. And what most people do here for Real World posts is to make one, central topic and focus pretty much everything you do there in that one topic.

Just a few words of advice.)>
Thanks. I'll remember that.