- Ah back to the field! I've missed you so much...
- You mean for that long and hard twenty minutes it took for me to get here from the Colosseum and jack you in?
- Quite frankly, it felt like weeks.

But now that she arrived in Scilabs, finding some virii shouldn't take long. Those little bastards are everywhere. Doing... bad stuff. Yeah. Doing... really, really bad stuff. Yeah they must be stopped in the name of...justice... and stuff. Yeah.


- Who are you talking to?
- No one.

[virii please!]
LOOK OUT!... wait, there is nothing special about this battle


Terrain:normal all around.
Valkyrie raised an eyebrow. After the events that happened in the past few days, he almost forgot what it is to face a bunch hopeless low level virii. This shouldn't take long.

- Appetizer, I guess..
- Pass me the knife.
- Sure thing.

Moments later Valkyrie was holding a sword, ready to slice and dice her opponents. And so she did; as usual, lacking any real battle plan, but with the force of a furious whirlwind, she charged at them, trying to sweep the virii off the face of the net with one attack. She slashed three times, aiming for a different target with each strike, while quickly dashing from one to another.

- Mmm, I think I'll have some more.

1 sword(80): DBLcube
2 sword(80): ChampuA
+ sworddance dodge
3 sword(80): ChampuB

((Er... I got the HP wrong for the cube it seems... so I will make that correction this post))

Valk's blade found its mark in two to the viruses, the cube and one of the champus. The remaining Champu warped up to her face, and released a One-Two punch, with the last one hitting. The Cube, which turned blue from the attack, healed itself.


It just wasn't right. One of the virii dodged her blade, even managed to counterattack, although it was nothing more than a scratch that she hardly felt. The fact that they didn't just simply die made her more annoyed than thrilled. It just didn't do it for her. The fire that was burning in the fights not so long, wasn't even tinkering now; this group is far below her expectations. Word jokes on food... what the hell is she thinking? This is pitiful. It should be over as soon as possible.

She turned to the virii, and pulled the sword back aiming for the core of the champu. Strikingly fast, the blade lunged forward, aiming to pierce the fiery blob that could be called the head of the virus.

Then she set her sight on the cube. She already encountered one before, not so far away from here. It was currently shining blue; this means its harmless, doing nothing but floating in one place, while slowly healing its wounds.

- Hey, couldn't I just, you know, leave it here?
- Well, it certainly doesn't look menacing now that you mention it.
- I don't feel its worth my time. Or my energy.
- Yeah, but... all battles are logged. Should you leave it just there it would look like you ran away from it.
- Well, alright.

She raised the sword above her head, holding it in both her hands.

- Just so you know, I'm not enjoying this.
- Thought so
- I was talking to the cube...

The weapon swung down, aiming to split the cube in half.

1. Sword(80) ChampuA
2. Sword(80) DBLcube
3. ...
+ passive heal of 15
They die.



Get: 300z
Valkyrie searched the area further without delay. There must be something here that is worth her time...

((My max HP is only 120, sorry for the confusion with the heal. Also, next battle please.))

Valkyrie comes across more viruses.

KabutankA: 80 HP
KabutankB: 80 HP
KabutankC: 80 HP
MarkCannonA: 60 HP
MarkCannonB: 60 HP

Valkyrie.exe: 120 HP

Three tanks and two cannons... at least a bit better than the last group, but still not quite there yet. Valkyrie sighed, and requested a sword from her operator. Weak, too weak. Every single one of these virii falls from one strike of her sword; she wanted to test her abilities, fight against opponents who have strength similar to hers.

Thinking about it.... it was like this last time too. When that annoying cat navi... whatshername... Nikko, yeah, that little pussy, she was helping her. As if you could call what she did there "help". The interesting thing for Valkyrie was, that while there were only some weaklings in the beginnning, their enemies got stronger fight by fight, and they finally found that black... navi... guy. That was a... alright, maybe it wasn't too much fun, but at least it proved to be more difficult than slaying plain little metools. The chances are small, but what if there are, like, dozens of these guys who only show themselves when many of their virii have been slain?

'And this' she thought 'is called a waste of time.' Reminiscing about that won't finish this pitiful excuse of a fight faster.

Choosing a target at seemingly random, she began to attack. A quick slash at the unlucky tank, and she was on her way to the next one; enemies like this aren't worth more attention. Quickly closing the distance, she stroke again, this time into one of the cannons. The virii have possibly locked on by now, and getting a close range hit would hurt even from these puny weapons. Besides, it was about time for some warm up. Without loosing any momentum, she changed direction by doing a quick roll to the side. That is usually enough to confuse such primitive foes. With that in mind, she swung the blade in a wide arc while turning back, trying to slice the virii behind her in half.

1. Sword 80 KabutankC: 80 HP
2. Sword 80 MarkCannonA: 60 HP
+ Sworddance Dodge
3. Sword 80 MarkCannonB: 60 HP
..Sword spammer took out three viruses. And thanks to the dodge bonus from the silly subtype, you managed to not get hit from the tank that fired it's payload on you.

KabutankA: 80 HP
KabutankB: 80 HP
KabutankC: dead
MarkCannonA: dead
MarkCannonB: dead

Valkyrie.exe: 120 HP(Sword, 3 swings used sofar)
No resistance at all. It was to be expected, but thats exactly why slaying them proves to be a dull task. But, thats the circle; you kill, get stronger, kill stronger, get even stronger... break the circle and you are the one killed.

Right now its "kill" time. There were only two of them, less than what she would usually bother about. She thought about playing a little game with them, but... Valkyrie already had enough of weaklings.

She just simply stepped to the nearest virii; one single swipe of the sword is all it takes to get rid of this junk; so just to make it a bit more challenging, she tried to bring the sword down to split it exactly in half from head to toe. Or, from what a tank has instead of head to what it has instead of a toe.

- Thrilling...- She said without a hint of satisfaction, but with the voice of those who, while don't really get the concept of sarcasm, are able to instinctively use it.

There was only one left to deal with, and it didn't offer much more excitement than the last one. The warrior let out a sigh, and thrust forward, aiming for impaling the virus.

1.Sword (80) KabutankA
2.Sword (80) KabutankB
Valkyrie swings and stabs twice more, the sword breaking off at the hilt after being driven into the second Kabutank.
Meh. The battle was over, anyways.

KabutankA: DELETED
KabutankB: DELETED
KabutankC: DELETED
MarkCannonA: DELETED
MarkCannonB: DELETED

Valkyrie.exe: 120 HP

Prize: 350z
- Damn, I really had enough of this...
- Well then, I have a game for you.

A game he says. This better be interesting, since Valkyrie was on the verge of quitting this whole busting sequence, and go to some tougher area, dumping this failure of an operator for the time being. Its not like he is any help aside from sending that occasional sword chip time to time.

- You see, I bought this upgrade... but I'm seriously having doubts. So much money could've been spent on my comfort...
- Your point? I'm getting annoyed.
- Show me it was worth it! I'll install the upgrade now. Beat the next group of virii you encounter without my help and you can keep it. If you fail, I'll take this back and spend the money to sleep in a bed for a change.
- ... this is probably the most idiotic gamble I have ever heard. Yer on! Prepare to sleep under the starry sky, partner.
- We seem to have such a wonderful evening anyway.

Valkyrie could feel that someone was messing around inside her the pet that was containing her. Her vision went blurry for a moment, while heard a panging voice, as if a string snapped inside her skull. Her mouth went dry (which was something she was yet to experience; a navi programs rarely contain thirst), but aside from that,she felt alright.

- Areyousurethisthingworked?
-Erm, one moment...

Her senses returning to normal, Val was finally able to continue slaughte....
cleaning the net of harmful viruses.

[battle3 por favor]
KabutankA: 80 HP
KabutankB: 80 HP
KabutankC: 80 HP
KabutankD: 80 HP
KabutankE: 80 HP
KabutankF: 80 HP
KabutankG: 80 HP
KabutankH: 80 HP

Valkyrie:120 HP
- Thats... quite some group...
- Ha! There is only eight of them.
- You sure about this? I could really use a bed with a few pillows for a change...
- You bet!
Valkyrie closed her eyes and held the lance in front of herself, as if praying to the weapon. She was focusing, gathering power to charge at the virii and take them out in one blow. When she opened her eyes, it was glowing with an eerie white light. She smiled; she didn't even have to use any of her own abilities in the last fight. This time however, its time to show just how much a lone navi can do.
- This was getting far too monotonous for my taste anyway.

She charged at the viruses letting out bone chilling warcry. Holding the lance in both hands, pulling it to the side, slightly pointing above her head, she took the last few steps. Finally, she let the energy to flow right into her arms, boosting the power of her strike higher than what most navi can ever achieve without the help of battlechips. The lance slashed through air, letting out a metallic *boink* when it reached its destination.

'No problems here' she thought. 'Lets see if he screwed this one up'. Of course, instant power comes at a price. The pain was getting more easy to endure however, as time passed. Right now, she was merely on the verge of frothing. But the sensation of getting filled with energy was also present; the price was well worth paying.

While using the sacrifice, Valkyrie didn't pause even for a split second. She was already lunging to reach another one of the tanks when the power was stable enough to be used. And so she did; the lance was aimed at the virus, as she was trying to bathe its tip in it.

1. Charge
2. Charge
3. Charge attack (attack*charge*8=120) at KabutankA
+ Skogul's sacrifice (self dmg: 15 hp)
4 Charge attack (120) at KabutankB
+ Sword dance dodge.

((I was unsure on if the healing was at the beginning of the turn, or the end... so if it was at the beginning, let me know.))

Valkyrie's charges managed to take out two of the tanks. But when most of them began to counter attack... about out of the four shots that rang out... two of them hit.

KabutankA: dead
KabutankB: dead
KabutankC: 80 HP
KabutankD: 80 HP
KabutankE: 80 HP
KabutankF: 80 HP
KabutankG: 80 HP
KabutankH: 80 HP

Valkyrie:80 HP
- Annoying heap of scrap!

The shots caused her to flinch only for a moment, as her armor absorbed most of the shock. There were 6 of them, still, only 4 fired, and out of those, only 2 hit. Weak. How could that brat even think about testing her abilities with such worthless opponents? She was, however, getting warmed up. Even if it's just a minor one, this is a fight; unlike those prior, which were pretty much beatings. The fire started flickering.

She was holding the lance in a manner that suggested it was more like a giant bat than a delicate piercing weapon; and in a world where physics were only secondary, it was indeed just as good as an oversized platinum baseball bat, only more stylish. With a loud growl she gathered some strength and swung the lance in a wide horizontal arc, smashing the first thing it hit. She did a quick spin, while tapping into her core for some more power, to finish this fight as soon as possible. Spitting out some curse words on a language that probably very few human understood nowdays, she attacked again, ferociously striking at the first virii in sight.

If there was one thing she liked about these battles, it's that they are crowded.

1. Charge
2. Charge
3. Charge attack (attack*charge*8=120) at KabutankC
+ Skogul's sacrifice (self dmg: 15 hp)
4 Charge attack (120) at KabutankD
+ Sword dance dodge.
15 self heal at the end of the turn.
It seems like more of the Tank horde has fallen to the charging of the Norse Angel... Who gets a bomb to the face after three tried to attack her.
KabutankA: dead
KabutankB: dead
KabutankC: dead
KabutankD: dead
KabutankE: 80 HP
KabutankF: 80 HP
KabutankG: 80 HP
KabutankH: 80 HP

Valkyrie:60 HP
- At least you put up a good fight...

Another shot landed, but it didn't matter. She had wounds greater than what most can survive, covering her from head to toe, one more is almost nothing. Of course they couldn't be seen; the armor and the dark suit, her second skin was covering almost all of her body, masking the scars that were accumulated during her reckless brawls. And no one could see them anyway, as the various GMOs, the real skin of a navi, bend the shapes and colors whilst covering the user; letting others see what the creator wanted, not what there really is. But she knew they were there; and is there anyone else in this world who matters? Well maybe...

The thought that unconsciously rose from the depths of her mind instantly filled her with rage. And as soon as it came it faded; the power of wrath that filled her with strength also swept it out, as it reminded what the first instinctive ideals that made up here core were. "I am responsible for none but my self. My trust lies in none but me. The only law I abide by is mine!."

The lance skewered through air, as she jumped at one of the remaining virii. From this range, its almost impossible dodge the strike, even for skilled fighters, so for these low level virii...

- The weak perish...
- ...and the strong shall live forever.

She was trying so hard to forget that voice... and in the heat of battle, she truly could for some time. A nuisance, she told herself. Garbage. Trash. A weight holding me back. But... there was just something... Turning around, she glared the remaining viruses.

- Do you want something?
- I admit defeat. Finish this quick and lets move on.

As simple as that, he sent a sword to aid Valkyrie. An aid she wasn't asking for, but an outside help none the less. Which means that while she did defeat him, she didn't actually win. If this guy knows something, its how to insult her. She told herself that now is not the time to start yelling at him. She had to do that a lot more frequently nowdays.

But foes must not be left unslain, same as how ripe fruits must not be left to rot. And she reaped; cutting and gashing, and slicing through the virii, not stopping for a moments notice, the warrior fought with ferocious grim. It isn't fun any other way.

Charged attack (120) to KabutankE
Sword(80) to KabutankF
Sword(80) to KabutankG
Sword(80) to KabutankH

((sorry for the sword spammery >.> I want to finish this quick and get my sigs))