American vs. Other Things

American beamed down, the red, white, and blue beam hitting the ground with a loud crash. American appeared on his side, he had hit the ground with his shoulder and wasn't totally sure if he had broken something or just hurt himself. He didn't care, he pushed himself up and then brushed off his side that had hit the ground. He drew his musket and let it drop to his side while still in his arm, he was ready for the battle and they all knew that.

((Battle 1))

MarkcannonA: 60 HP
MarkcannonB: 60 HP
MarkcannonC: 60 HP
KabutankA: 80 HP
KabutankB: 80 HP

American: 140 HP

"BO, COME ON DOWN. IT'S YOUR TURN TO PLAY, AMERICAN IS RIGHT! I'm looking for a price on that Boomerang, and two shotguns."

American said as the virii were stalled infront of him and his patriotic goodness, he couldn't believe that he had found virii so quickly and that the quantity was just what he was looking for. He wondered if the virii knew that he was looking for them, or that he was even in the same area as them.

"Your a dumbass American, but I guess thats why we go so good together. Heres your damn chips man."

Bo said as he slotted in all three of the chips that American had asked for in the weirdest fashion in the past moment. He was not one to deny American what he wants, especially because if he doesn't he may just as well be blamed for the deletion of his navi as his navi's skills were. He pushed the download button and sent the data to American to ready him for the battle to ensue.

American felt the boomerang form in his right hand, it was closed. Both sides touching instead of the normal angle it was at when it appeared. He flipped one side out, and then prepared his arm to throw the boomerang at his enemies. He swung his arm as hard as he could and sent the boomerang flying towards his foes who were opposing him at the moment. The boomerang quickly made it's path and then took it's return back to American's hand, he caught it and then folded it back together. It faded back into the thin air where it appeared from and American then quickly drew his Shotgun from off his back.

Slipping his hand into the pouch, he drew two shotgun shells from it and then began to load them into the guns barrel. He was preparing himself and was ready to fire off the shells at a moments notice, he wasn't going to fire them right away and was going to take this time to dodge the virii's attacks.

1_ Boomerang (60dmg) MarkcannonA-C
1+_ Snipe (Add accuracy) Boomerang
3-4_ Dodge
Taking down the Markcannons with a well aimed Boomerang, American then dodges the Kabutank bombs.

MarkcannonA: DELETED
MarkcannonB: DELETED
MarkcannonC: DELETED
KabutankA: 80 HP
KabutankB: 80 HP

American: 140 HP
"Shouldn't waste too much time on fighting these things, may miss my call. Bo, I want both Upgrades unlocked now, it's all part of a bigger plan."

"Alright pushy, whats with you? You don't let me do anything to help you in battle, you keep me around to do what you can't. Let me at least suggest something to you before you go gallavanting off to kill the horde."

"One word Bo, no. Next words, give me my attacks now."

"Fine, but don't suspect me to listen so closely next time."

Bo quickly tapped the small digital keyboard with his index finger, putting in the combination to unlock the attacks that American wanted to use. He wasn't sure what American was going for if he actually was able to pull off what he was going to do. He'd still have something left to kill and more then likely was going to use his buster to finish off whatever was left. He knew American was capable of doing what he was going to do now, but after that he wasn't quite so sure. Finally he tapped the last button and then sent the data to American by pushing the download button.

American unsnapped the button of his coat, and threw the sides back to reveal his two six-shooters that he kept on his belt. He unhooked the one on his left side and held it with his left. Raising his arm so the gun was pointed at the enemy, he readied to unleash the four bullets all into the virii's cranium, or whatever he had close to it. He pulled the trigger four times unleashing the four bullets kept in the chamber of the pistol. Finally he lowered the pistol and placed it back onto his belt. Wrapping his coat back around, and redoing the button to keep it in place.

American after readjusting his coat so that it hid his revolvers once again, took out his bazooka from off his back and began to mount it upon his shoulder once more. He opened up the targeting system and took aim on the second Kabutank. He was caressing the trigger, moving his finger up and down it until he found the perfect oppurtunity to lightly squeeze the trigger sending the rocket flying with it's long red and white tail flowing through as the rocket flew. American then threw the bazooka back up and it flipped over his shoulder back to it's place on his back.

American slipped his hand into his pouch and pulled one musket bullet from it, and quickly drew his musket from it's careful resting spot on his back. He placed the bullet into the musket and then placed his other hand under it. Aiming carefully he found his target and readied to fire off the bullet. Finally he squeezed the trigger and let the bullet explode from the musket barrel and towards the Kabutank.

1_ Red, White, and Blue (20x4dmg) KabutankA
2_ Rocket's Red Glare (75dmg) KabutankB
3_ Normal Shot (12dmg) KabutankB
4_ Dodge

MarkcannonA: DELETED
MarkcannonB: DELETED
MarkcannonC: DELETED
KabutankA: DELETED
KabutankB: DELETED

American: 140 HP

Prizes: Markcannon1, 300z
"Well I guess this was a nice haul, I think were done here American."

Bones said while he pulled the cord from the port bringing American out of his battle and back to the PET. He then began to look around for something to do for some time.

((Jacked out))