Heelnavis please?

Shadow logged in."The navi should be here somewhere." Jaden told him from Scilab."I hope that he doesn't take the peaceful way out." Shadow said. Searching the area.
He sees the heelnavi a bit away, but before he can reach him, viruses attack!

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP

Shadow: 100 HP

"Jaden, lets not waste our time." Shadow said. "Okay sending chips." Jaden replied as he slotted in Rageclaw, shotgun, and canon."Take them out one at a time." Jaden told him as he watched Shadow from Scilabs."Roger." Shadow quickly loped up to the MettC and slashed at him with rage claw.He then turned and shot the MettB at an angle so to cause the MettA damage, but shot the MettA with a canon just for overkill.

{Shotgun:50:MettB (possibly A as well)
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Heh. Completely taken out.


Shadow: 100 HP

Shadow continues towards the Heelnavi, but more viruses block his way!

MarkcannonA: 60 HP
MarkcannonB: 60 HP
MarkcannonC: 60 HP

Shadow sighed and stopped. He clenched his fists and brought his arms in front of him like an "X". A large emission of darkness escaped him and he was pushed back a few inches as a large dragon appeared in the darkness. The dragon had black scales and an aura of purple.It charged at the MrkcanonA. Shadow then turned and quickly morphed his arm into a shotgun.He took aim briefly and fired at the MrkcanonB.He then quickly sliced at the MrkcanonC.

{Darkness of the Dragon:70:MrkcanonA
{Renkai Bouyo Zhan:8:MrkcanonC

Quote (Spoiler)


Shadow takes down one of the markcannons, and severely damages another. Being too weak to attack, it has its comrade attack for it, who hits.

MarkcannonA: DELETED
MarkcannonB: 2 HP
MarkcannonC: 60 HP

Shadow: 80 HP
Shadow stops to aim his , he briefly fires at the MrkcanonC but then dashes forward and slices at MrkcanonB.

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Shadow hits the enemies, but once more they hit him.

MarkcannonA: DELETED
MarkcannonB: DELETED
MarkcannonC: 20 HP

Shadow: 60 HP
Shadow staggered, he lifted his arm to fire a shotgun blast but fell. "Get up!" Jaden urged." Shadow quickly tried to stand and immediatly fired at the MrkCan before falling again. He got up and started to stagger in a zig-zag motion.

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MarkcannonA: DELETED
MarkcannonB: DELETED
MarkcannonC: DELETED

Shadow: 60 HP

Prize: Markcannon1, 500z

The Heelnavi is just ahead! Approach, and try to negotiate!
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"There he is Shadow, you used up most of your Hp in the last battle so try to be friendly" Jaden says, stressing the "Friendly" "Roger that." Shadow says and approaches the navi cautiously. He walked forward, though his legs seemed to not want to move, and almost bumped into an elderly couple. He then stumbled forward, but recovered quickly enough to talk to the navi. "Will...you please....be peaceful towards this area?" The words came more easily like he automatically knew what to say. "There are many people who wish you harm, if you stop irritating people, they will have no reason to wish that fate upon you."
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"Other people wish harm on ME?" the Heelnavi laughed.
"You've got it wrong kid, whatever the NetPolice is telling you is some total lie," the Heelnavi spat. "So why don't you hand over some money and MAYBE I'll consider stopping." The Heelnavi grinned greedily while saying this.
"Don't you realize that you can stop and you won't have to face your charges?" Shadow asked incruediously. " If you stop now, no one will have to hurt, and you can make money without, having to live in the shadows." Shadow continued.
"Like someone like me cares about the law!" the Heelnavi exclaimed, clearly annoyed as he took out a sword.
"You've asked for it kid," the Heelnavi growled as he readied his blade, facing Shadow.

Heelnavi: 160 HP

Shadow: 60 HP
..."You asked for it." Shadow said as he brought a markcan1 up and fired it pretty much point blank. He then brought his other arm, which was transforming into a spreader, and fired that as well. His weapons transformed back into fists and he put them in front of him in an X. He stopped and a large dark purple dragon appeared from Shadow's chest and headed straight at the Healnavi!

{Darkness of the Dragon:70