Thumb Twiddling

Ergo appeared in the Net lobby of the internet provider whose waiting room Nik was currently sitting in. A sterile and boring corner on the 'Net, Ergo didn't stay there long. Finding the exit into the actual Sci Lab network, he trotted the short distance between him and it and stepped through the link, finding himself in a much more lively network than he imagined. He began wandering down the main path, scouting around for a likely place to find some viruses. After walking for a bit, he noticed an interesting looking outcropping of 'Netscape. He did a quick sweep of his surroundings to see if anyone was watching, then hopped the barrier lining the portion of road he was on and began making his way to the protrusion.
Virus Attack!

StarfishA: 60
StarfishB: 60
DBLCubeL: 200 <R>

Ergo: 150

Battle 1 Start!
((Hooray for midterms!))

This was exactly what Ergo had hoped for. Sure, the group was small, but the fact that they appeared near the outcropping had confirmed the reaseon he headed in that direction to begin with. "Well, let's get down to business..." the Navi muttered, flexing thick fingers before closing them around a fresly created halberd. "Nik?" he called.

"Gotcha. Chip data on the way," Nik replied, rifling through his store of chips. Assuming that the starfish carried thier biological counterpart's affinity for the water, a Magbomb would serve nicely in taking one out. Figuring that Ergo could be counted on for another kill, he also sent along a Guard. That cubic virus didn't seem active, but it was better to play it safe and be prepared.

Ergo felt the chips enter his data stream as an exhilarating rush of energy. Holding out a hand, he allowed the Magbomb to appear, floating above his palm before it fell with a solid smack into his open grasp. Deciding to be playful, they were, after all, just wasting time here, Ergo threw the sphere straight up into the air. Bringing his halberd back over his shoulder in a two handed grip, he traced its progression through the air and, when it fell right in front of him, slammed the flat of his blade into it, batting it straight for one of the Starfish. Attempting to catch the otherone off guard, he sprinted towards it just as the bomb detonated, hoping that it would be too preoccupied with a giant ball of electrical discharge to notice the Navi charging it. Holding his halberd in front of him like a lance, the blade started spinning once again. Riding the disturbance the blade was creating in the air, he ran his weapon straight at the virus and kept on going, burying the head of the halberd in the ground moments later, virus and all. Wary of the ominous glowing red cube still sitting on the battlefield, he activated the Guard, placing it between him and the virus.

((Turn order:
Magbomb1 to StarfishA (30 * 2 damage, possible stun)
Drilling Strike to StarfishB (60 damage)
The first fish is electrocuted while the second gets drilled. The cube fires a beam which bounces back, changing its color.

StarfishA: DELETED!
StarfishB: DELETED!
DBLCubeL: 180 <B>

Ergo: 150
((I'm still here, just being consumed by WoW at the present moment.))

"Geez!" Ergo yelped, shaking the arm that had housed the shield a moment before. Though he hadn't technically been hit, the force of the beam, and what felt like an electric current, had made his arm go numb. Wait.... an electric current? he thought, eying the floating cube suspiciously. As he watched, a small arc of electricity leaped from one surface of the cube to another before disappearing. A smirk spread across Ergo's face under his mask. "Nik, send the RiskyHoney and Cactball chips," he said, a spark in his eye.

"Right. Sending chip data," Nik said, finding the two chips and slotting them in. Ergo, feeling the odd sensation of foreign data entering his own data stream, activated the first chip he could. A fleshy ball of plant and needles appeared in one of his hands. Holding the spheroid at arm's length, he tossed it into the air above him, then, balling up one of his gauntleted fists, spiked it in the direction of the cube. It hit the ground a bit aways from the virus and began moving in a rolling, bouncing sort of way towards its target. Bringing another fist to bear at the virus, he activated the second data. A giant honeycomb appeared where his fist should be, the forearm melting seamlessly into it. Not knowing exactly how to use this thing, he gave it a little shake to try and get some kind of action out of it. Instantly a huge swarm of bees exploded out of it, searching for their hive's attacker. As they began to circle around Ergo, a bead of sweat rolled down his cheek. However, seeing as he was a "part" of their hive, the bees did little more than fly around his head. That was when they noticed the DBLCube. In an angered frenzy, the swarmed around it, expending their attacks, then disappearing as their energy was drained in the process. Once they were gone, Ergo shook his arm again, deactivating the chip as he did so.

"Come on, buddy! Show me what you've got!" he jeered, activating a Guard that Nik had just sent his way. Sure, being cocky was one thing, but it still didn't account for being unprepared.

((Turn Order: Cactball1 ((3 * 20) * 2 damage to DBLCube)
RiskyHoney ((5 * 10) * 2 damage to DBLCube)

Oh, and Ergo only has 140 HP))
Ergo's luck runs pretty well, as the cactus ball hits twice. Before the cube had a chance to heal, however, the swarm of bees devoured it completely...


GET: DblBeamx1
"Right on!" Nik whooped through the PET's microphone, causing a woman just entering the waiting room in his world to look at him with a peculiar stare. Ergo, shaking his head in an embarrassed manner, picked up the new chip data and transmitted it to the PET. He was about to continue on his way when Nik's voice suddenly crackled in his helmet speaker, "It's time to go. They just called us up to the front desk."

"Roger." Ergo replied, closing his eyes as he was bathed in a white brilliance, then disappeared from the 'Net.