Looking for data

"ScytheMan," asked Ray, "Can you go find some flying virii? "They might have the data we need."
"I don't know," ScytheMan replied, "Random virii appear randomly."
"Then randomly find a random flying virus. Just kidding. Maybe we can fight until we find what we are looking for."
Virus Attack!

ChampuA: 60
ChampuB: 60
Elecogre: 120

Scytheman: 100

Battle 1 Start!
"This might be easier than those other battles," ScytheMan said to himself.
"I think you may be right," Ray agreed. "Sending RageClaw."
Transforming his right hand into a RageClaw, ScytheMan charged at the enemies, front-flipped over them, and backhand slashed at them in a wide arc. He then gestured with his claw to come attack him. "Get over here. I'm ready for anything you've got."
"...ScytheMan," Ray said, "I don't think you should be this arrogant."
"Don't worry. I'm having fun for the first time in a while. Besides, I know what I'm doing..."

1) Battlechip - Rageclaw[40] to ChampuA
2) Battlechip - Rageclaw[40] to ChampuB
3) Battlechip - Rageclaw[40] to ElecOgre
3 1/2) (not really a move) Taunted at the virii
The attacks mostly hit, but the ogre is missed. The virii all retaliate, tearing into scytheman.

ChampuA: 20
ChampuB: 20
Elecogre: 120

Scytheman: 50
Recovering from the impact, ScytheMan then quickly slashes at the Champu virii. Then, at the last moment, he timed his dodging to the enemy attack. His timing was perfect - but was his dodging?
1) Battlechip - RageClaw[40] at ChampuA
2) Battlechip - RageClaw[40] at ChampuB
3) Attempt to dodge
Both Champus are struck down, although the ogre zaps him.

Elecogre: 120

Scytheman: 20
ScytheMan growled in pain. "Hold in there," Ray told him. "The RageClaw looks like it has one good slash left in it. Use that, then I'll send you a Cannon chip.
"I thought I was better at dodging at that," ScytheMan complained. Nevertheless, he was still capable of thrusting his claw at the ElecOgre. Right after this, Ray uploaded the Cannon chip and ScytheMan fired it - charged and at point blank range.
"Very good. Now dodge," Ray told ScytheMan.
"I don't think so," he replied. He then swung his TriScythe at the ElecOgre, opened up a dark gateway beneath it, and a beam burst forth, closing the hole.
"If all of my attacks hit, the ElecOgre will be deleted with an excess damage amount totaling 15 HP. I don't know why, master, but I feel like destroying this virus with everything I have.
1) BattleChip - RageClaw[40] to ElecOgre
2) BattleChip - Cannon[40 + 5 from Untapped Power] to ElecOgre
3) Signature attack: StunSlash[[color=red]30[/color]+20+Stun] to ElecOgre
Scytheman gives the ogre a good slash before pulling out a cannon and blasting its grinning mug. The final hit ends the battle.

Elecogre: DELETED!

Scytheman: 20

Rewards: 300z