Jacked in

A streak of red-gold flame flew out of the sky. Crashing into the ground, Phoenix was revealed.

"Well, you know the drill. Look around for virii," Silas said, still searching the Internet for information on the level system.

Without a word, Phoenix was off, searching for something to barbeque.

"Hey, wait, wait!" Silas exclaimed.

"Umm, hello? Looking for something to BBQ, here."

"No, no, this is much better! Look at this!" Silas said, sending a link to Phoenix.

Searching the link, Phoenix nodded, then closed the link, resuming his search, but not before posting a little message on the board Silas had sent him.

<(BATTLE 1)>
<(Do you want a fight?)>
<(Whoops, let me edit. Also, I made a mistake in my post, I never jacked out.)>
Phoenix find a small group of enemies!

KabutankA 80HP
KabutankB 80HP
ChampuA 60HP
ChampuB 60HP

Phoenix 120HP

"Alright, Silas, I found some!" Phoenix exclaimed, flaring up.

"Here, I'll send you the Sword and Guard. Make it quick, will you? I got the directions to the site with the packages, and we should get there ASAP," Silas replied. Slotting in the two chips, he watched and waited.

Phoenix flicked his right wrist, coating his right arm from the elbow down in the Sword chip's soft blue glow. Preparing to sprint, he locked his sight on his first prey: the right Kabutank. "Man, I just live for these moments, don't I?" Phoenix said to himself, as he burned his adrenaline closing the distance to the first Kabutank. Claws at the read, he attacked the Kabutank with a muscle-packed downward sweep of his hand. He wished his claws were as powerful as that sword alone, so he could feel data gush over his hands whenever he made a swipe.

Standing to his full, height, Phoenix looked at his Sword'd hand, and sighed. At first, nothing happened, but gradually, the blue started to seep its way through the red-gold, turning Phoenix blue.

"Wha'" was all that Silas could manage.

"No, I'm still my red-gold, I'm just improvising with my chips," Phoenix explained, smiling mischieviously.

Flapping his wings, the newly Sword-Phoenix rose into the air. Floating backwards for a bit, the wind suddenly acted up, making Phoenix shoot forwards, towards the other Kabutank. He was going so fast that Phoenix had to squint. He could still see, but not that well. Vibrating, he collided with something solid, causing a massive shockwave and shattering the blue aura around Phoenix. The shock overpowered the momentum, sending him flying backwards, onto his stomach.

"Guess I overdid that one a bit...." Phoenix muttered, trailing off.

"Dang it, you idiot! Guard already!" Silas shouted, whacking the PET.

"...Wha'? Oh yeah, Guarding!" Phoenix exclaimed. Activating the data, a grey flame surrounded Phoenix, shielding him from harm.

1. Sword - Claw style to KabutankA (80)

2. Sword - Dash style to KabutankB (80)

3. Guard (???, reflective)
The sword tears down the viruses as the champu attack, one getting reflected, the other hitting!

ChampuA 60HP
ChampuB 50HP

Phoenix 110HP
As the first Champu sauntered up to take a punch at the Guard'd Phoenix, he activated the reflect program. Punching the barrier, the Champu was surprised to see the grey flame turn into an extension of Phoenix's arm, who quickly uppercut him away. He extinguished the grey fire, only to see a second Champu right in his face, readying a punch of its own.


Caught off-guard by the uppercut, Phoenix was propelled backwards. Wiping a bit of blood off his face, he said, "So, you like punching, then? I'll show you punching." Raising his voice, he called "Silas, I'll be needin' the Firehit right about now!"

"Already done. Sit-rep?" Silas asked.

"Well, it looks like one of these little suckers want to have a boxing match. So, I'm about to heed its desire."

Eyeing the Champu that had slugged him with a menacing look on his face, Phoenix activated the Firehit program. Another layer of fire appeared on his arm, making the Navi seem quite off-balance. For a second, he merely stood there, one arm burning stronger than the other, but then he appeared to disappear. Really, he was running top speed, with the wind at his back, but nevertheless, one way or another, he was somehow behind the back of the Champu he'd targeted. Winding back his right arm, he let loose a mighty, spine-breaking punch.

Jumping away from the hopefully crippled Champu (it's hard to tell with viruses) Phoenix prepared his next move: the Golden Wing. Curling up into a ball midair, he grew more and more ball-like until he finally split into seven firey birds of flame.

Wait, seven firey birds of flame?

The mental weblike link between the six and the new one spread, so that the new bird was included. Then, after a mental shrug, they all attacked.

At first, they flew in V-formation: the new one at front and center, the rest trailing behind him in a V-shape. Then, the center bird broke off, spiraling high into the air. The rest turned into a new formation: Spiral formation. Spiraling towards their target, they collided with a firey explosion, just as the lone one attacked the other Champu. Their jobs done, the silver ashes floated to the ground, reforming as Phoenix.

0. Use Gust for speed boost during turn 1

1. Gust-assisted dash towards ChampuA

2. Firehit1 to ChampuA (55)

3. Golden Wing to Champus (60 to B, 10 to A, 2-turn CD)
Pheonix pops the champu in its face with is fist, then finishes off the firey opponents with his small minions.


Phoenix 110HP

Rewards: 500z
"Gotten co-ordinates of where we're supposed to go yet?" Phoenix asked, scooping the zenny up and waiting impatiently.

"'Matter o' fact, I fact. We need to get to Electric Town's Net," Silas replied. "I'm sending you to the NetSquare. I'll send you a copy of the map program so you know where to go. I'm heading back to the apartment," he added.

Phoenix felt something in his head which he knew was the map program. Heading to the nearest portal to NetSquare, he soared in.

<(Gone to ElecTown Net)>