Twilight in SciLabs?

An orb of pure darkness descended from the skies of the SciLabs Netscape. The darkness seemed to swirl within the orb, crimson waves of energy rippling outwards from the center of the darkness. As the orb touched the ground, it expanded to form a large semi-circle that stood as high as a man. Crimson energy crackled throughout the dome seconds before the darkness vanished, revealing an incredibly plain, beige NormalNavi of average height and design.

"Bah," Chaos cursed. "This form takes all the fun out of impaling weaklings with my claws."

"Especially since you don't have any claws at the moment." Rayth commented.

"Go to hell."

"You mean I am not already there?"

"I can make your life much harder, Rayth Ayori. I know your secrets."

"I wish I knew yours..." Rayth mumbled.

"What was that?"

"I said: "Let's finish these chores." Meaning, let's hurry up and find this supposed NetCriminal and finish this mission. I dislike working with the NetPolice."

"As well you should. Arsonists and murderers rarely have a perfect relationship with the law. Still, I agree. I want to determine the truth of these rumors so that I can continue on with my true goals."

"Yeah...Whatever. Lead on NaviMan!"

"Sure thing...U.N."

The NormalNavi began his trek into the SciLabs Net, searching for any clues to the whereabouts of the Nevi that claimed to have a Twilight BattleChip.
<(I'm confused, do you want viruses, and do you want to use chaos?)>
(GMO mission. Gotta wait form whomever gave me the mission to mod. And yeah, NaviMan is Chaos' current disguise.))
But before he could find any HeelNavi, it seemed some viruses were going to take their shot at Chaos!

BoomerA: 60
BoomerB: 60
BoomerC: 60
ChampuA: 60
ChampuB: 60
ChampuC: 60

Chaos: 140

Chaos grinned under his beige mask as he watched the large group of virii advance. One set was comprised of creatures that resembled clasps with boomerangs lodged within them. The other set looked like ridiculous, viral caricatures of the Navi known as MeleeMan, all flames and fists. The beige Navi chuckled softly as the virii advanced; this wasn't the Twilight Navi, but it did have the potential to be an enjoyable experience.

"Well then," he called to the virii. "Who wants to die first?"

"Don't get cocky." Rayth warned. "These guys look tough and there are a lot of them. Be on your toes."

"Just shut up and send me some BattleChips. ShotGun, now!"

Rayth sighed and slipped a hand into his Chip Case, pulling out a trio of BattleChips. Two were the requested ShotGuns and the third was the IceWave1 that they had earned in their battle with the two HeelNavi. The NetOp slotted the BattleChips into the PET and tapped the transmit button.

Chaos could feel the surge of energy that signified the BattleChips being uploaded into his systems. The Disguise.GMO fluctuated, his hand slipping into his arm to form a beige cannon that elongated and split into twin barrels. Chaos strode toward the virii, shotgun held at waist level, his other arm keeping the weapon steady. His eyes locked onto one of the Boomers and he turned, mentally pulling the trigger on his weapon.

An explosion sounded and a wave of shrapnel ripped through the air. The spray of iron pellets shot in the direction of two of the Boomers, but Chaos didn't bother to wait and see if his attacks him. He pivoted to his right, drawing the shotgun to bare on a pair of the flaming Champu. He fired the weapon once again, hoping to wound the virii and prevent them from mounting a successful counter attack.

It's ammo depleted, the ShotGun shattered, reforming as a beige hand. A crystalline ball formed in Chaos' hand, a perfect sphere of ice. Chaos took aim at another Champu and tossed the ball to the ground a few feet from the flaming virus. The sphere exploded as it hit the ground, forming a wave of ice and snow that engulfed the virus. Chaos' vision was obscured by the wave of snow, so he could not verify the death of the flaming virus. He decided to take no chances, breaking into a sprint that had him circling the horde of virii.

1. ShotGun(50) to BoomerA with Spread(50) directed to BoomerB
2. ShotGun(50) to ChampuA with Spread(50) directed toward ChampuB
3. IceWave1(80x2) to ChampuC
4. Dodge
Chaos unleashed a gale of shot on the viruses, who flinched from the recoil, although it seemed that one Champu had teleported out of range to attack. Chaos easily dodge its punch, however, and tossed an Icewave that finished another Champu.

BoomerA: 10
BoomerB: 10
BoomerC: 60
ChampuA: 10
ChampuB: 60

Chaos: 140
"Tch..." Chaos spat. "Dodge will you?"

Crimson waves of energy rippled down his arm as a small sphere of darkness hovered inches from his fingertips. The crimson energy flowed into the sphere, the darkness pulsing with crimson light. Each pulse caused the orb to grow until it was about the size of a grapefruit. Chaos raised his arm, the sphere following his movements, and took aim at the Champu that had tried to attack him. He launched the sphere at the Champu, hoping to crush the virus and hold it in place.

Rayth inserted another BattleChip into the PET. The familiar surge greeted Chaos and he laughed wickedly as his beige fingers sprouted long talons, reminiscent of his bone claws. He charged toward the Champu that had been wounded by the ShotGun blast. The Navi pulled back his clawed arm and delivered a vicious swipe with the intent to smash the virus into one of the wounded Boomers.

Chaos continued his charge, sliding toward the other remaining Champu that he hoped was crushed within layers of gravity. The beige Navi dodged left and right, bringing his claws to bare once more. He batted at the Champu, hoping to toss the weakened virus into the other Boomer. It was a difficult strategy, but he hoped that he would be able to pull it off and finish off the majority of his enemies right now.

1. Gravitic Crush(40 + Stun) to ChampuB
2. RageClaw(20) to ChampuA and BoomerA
3. Dodge
4. RageClaw(20) to ChampuB and BoomerB
The Champu seemed to crumple as the gravity-affecting energy hit it. As its partner went in for a punch, Chaos grabbed it and sent it flying toward a Boomer, deleting the two. As he set up for a repeat, however, the enemy Boomer released a boomerang that deleted the incoming virus. It continued spiraling toward Chaos, but he managed to drift out of the way of both the travelling and returning blade.

BoomerB: 10
BoomerC: 60

Chaos: 140
"Heh..." Chaos laughed as he stalked toward the remaining two virii. "Did you honestly think that you had a chance against me? I'm am as a God compared to you pitiful virii."

Chaos dashed forward, RageClaw gleaming in the light. He zeroed in on the uninjured Boomer, deciding to end its threat before he took his time with the other, weakened virus. He charged straight at the virus, a deadly grace to his movements as his eyes were locked on those of the virus. He reached within inches of the virus, crimson energy cascading down his legs, and leaped. He sailed over the virus, pivoting quickly to deliver two quick slashes at the virus' back.

Chaos turned again, strolling toward the previously wounded Boomer with a casual ease. He held the RageClaw limp at his side, crimson droplets forming at the tips of the long talons. He smiled wickedly as he approached the virus, barely holding back the maniacal laughter that was welling up within him. It felt so good to kill, to extinguish the pathetic lives of the worthless. To feel their blood drip from his crimson stained claws.

"So..." He practically purred. "You are the last. Burn in hell."

Chaos slashed down a final time with the RageClaw. With any luck, the two virii would be slaughtered and he could continue on with his quest.

1. Dodge
2. RageClaw(40) to BoomerC
3. RageClaw(40) to BoomerC
4. RageClaw(40) to BoomerB
A boomer fired, but to no avail. Chaos was over the first in no time flat, and the second went down a moment after.


Chaos: 140

Rewards: Boomerang1, 500 zenny.
"Bah," Chaos spat as he gathered up the remaining data. "That was pathetic."

"Yes," Rayth agreed. "But at least we gained something useful. A Boomerang will come in handy, especially if we run into any electrical virii."

"Please, I have no use for elemental advantages when I can simply dominate these pathetic creatures with my sheer force of will."


"Are you questioning me?"

"No, not at all." The sarcasm was quite evident. "Let's continue on, shall we?"

"Yes. Fine. Let us continue the hunt."

The beige Navi wandered further into the Net, searching for any rumors of the Twilight Chip or the Navi thug.
Chaos soon runs upon more... viruses?

Uh oh. Something's not right here...

"Hey! You think you can move in on our turf?!" the Navi hears one of the viruses call out, before a suddenly hissing whisper from one of its allies makes it stop.


Scuttle?: 200 (100 barrier)
Scutz?: 200 (100 barrier)
Scuttler?: 200 (100 barrier)
Scuttzer?: 200 (100 barrier)

Chaos: 140

"What? Talking virii?" Chaos laughed. "One one of you seems to have a big mouth."

"Watch it," Rayth warned. "I don't know what those guys are. Who knows what kind of power they're packing."

"Ha! You expect me to run?"

"No, I expect you to be deleted if you don't play it safe."

"Bah, just send me a damn BattleChip."

Chaos hated hiding, but his Rayth did have a point. They did not know the nature of these supposed virii, nor what they were capable of. It would be best to stay on the defensive, no matter how irritating it may be, until he was about to discern a few truths about the bugs that were allied against him. Once he did know what the virii were capable of, then he would tear them limb from limb.

The all too familiar surge of energy flooded through his systems as Rayth slotted in two BattleChips. One was offensive, the IceWave1 that they had used in the previous battle. The other was something that he had never used before, the AreaGrab that he had gained from "helping" during the NetSquare conflict. Chaos had never used the chip before, but he had heard stories of it allowing Navi to teleport across the Net in the blink of an eye. The Dark Navi smiled at the thought, thinking about the cruel purposes that he could use such a chip for.

Chaos spied the four bug-like virii, his mind locking on to the area just behind them. He envisioned himself standing behind the virii, weapon in hand, as he activated the AreaGrab BattleChip. A pillar of darkness surrounded him and he was gone. His vision, clouded by the darkness, cleared to show him a new view of the battlefield, a view of the exposed rears of the four virii. Chaos drew back his beige hand, a small icy sphere materializing in his palm, and took aim at one of the virii. He hurled the sphere at the virus before leaping backwards to dodge any retaliation.

1. AreaGrab to teleport behind virii
2. IceWave1(80) to Scutz I guess.
3-4. Dodge
The viruses seemed to scuttle around in confusion as Chaos disappeared from vision. The Navi quickly appeared behind one and released a icy sphere, which hit the back of the virus he targeted and caused it to cry out in pain. Before they can finish turning, however, vulcan fire seems to rain upon them, deleting them all instantly! A heavy laugh seems to almost intentionally cover a faint mechanical voice that repeats its message four times before finishing as the viruses disappear.

"Haha! Foolish mortal!" the HeelNavi claims, pumping and showing off a dark purple vulcan gun that inhabits his arm. "See how I deleted those viruses in one attack? You're no match for the full power of my Twilight! Why don't you transfer some zenny into my account right now, and I'll let you go free?"

Scuttle?: DELETED?
Scutz?: DELETED?
Scuttler?: DELETED?
Scuttzer?: DELETED?

HeelNavi: 200

Chaos: 140
"This?" Chaos laughed aloud as he listened to the new arrival's threats. "This is the fool that has been terrorizing the Net? This is he who claims to have the power of Twilight?"

Chaos continued to laugh as crimson energy swirled along his arm. The waves of power pulsed erratically, lines of darkness merging with the crimson webs. The Dark Navi stared into the eyes of the HeelNavi, seeming to gage the worth of this newest opponent. The crimson pupils within the dark orbs pulsed in time with the energy cascading down his arm, an altogether unsettling sight. The Navi frowned as he came to his decision.

"Be gone!" Chaos waved his arm at the HeelNavi, the crimson energy dissipating as he did so.

Chaos channeled his will, manipulating gravity in the hopes of sending the HeelNavi spiraling through the air. With any luck, the pathetic thug would be disoriented and have no chance to hitting Chaos with whatever weapons he may have been hiding. Without waiting to see the affects of his powers, Chaos dashed toward the HeelNavi. His beige arm was already being overcome by the affects of another BattleChip. Chaos took aim at the HeelNavi, firing off a spray of iron buckshot from the shotgun that had replaced his hand. The Dark Navi dodged away after unleashing the shotgun blast, hoping to avoid any unexpected consequences.

1. Satellite Impact on HeelNavi(Lowers accuracy. Deals 80 damage as a free action next turn)
2. Dodge
3. Shotgun(50) to HeelNavi
4. Dodge
"W-what the-" the Navi began as he was lifted into the air. "Grah! You can't keep me from hitting you!" he shouted, spraying bullets everywhere with no chance of hitting. As he was nailed by the shotgun, the Navi let out a dry cough. "Bah... special measures may be necessary..." With that, a healing light covered him, seeming to restore some of his health. "I've got a good gig here, and I won't let a punk like you ruin it!"

Scuttle?: DELETED?
Scutz?: DELETED?
Scuttler?: DELETED?
Scuttzer?: DELETED?

HeelNavi: 180

Chaos: 140
"Oh?" Chaos asked simply. "I doubt that."

That Dark Navi smiled wickedly behind the beige mask. He reversed his control over gravity, causing the HeelNavi to plummet to the earth at high speeds. As he watched his victim fall, Chaos used his powers to form a small orb of gravity that hovered inches from his fingertips. Crimson energy swirled and cracked across the surface of the jet black orb, the sphere feeding on the gravitic energies to swell in size.

Chaos laughed, hurling the orb of gravity toward the HeelNavi. The orb hit the ground, inches from its target, and expanded to form a hemisphere of swirling darkness, crimson waves flashing across the surface like lightning. The HeelNavi should have been trapped within the blast, immobilized and being crushed by the sheer force of gravity within the dome.

Chaos raised his right arm, the beige appendage still being overridden by the shotgun. Another BattleChip loaded itself within the arm and Chaos took careful aim at the center of the darkened dome. He mentally pulled the trigger, an explosion of sound signaling the rush of iron buckshot that roared out of the shotgun and sailed into the dome.

"And now to finish this farce." Chaos spat. "Rayth, send me the Cannon."

As the NetOp slotted in the weakest of their BattleChips, the shotgun dispersed into a cloud of data, reforming as a bulkier version of the standard Navi buster arm. Chaos took careful aim once again, though he strafed around the dome just in case, before firing. A blast of light ripped out of the barrel of the cannon and soared into the jet black dome.

Free Action: HeelNavi crashes down(80DMG)
1. Gravitic Crush(50 + Stun) to HeelNavi
2. ShotGun(50) to HeelNavi
3. Dodge around dome
4. Cannon(40) to HeelNavi
The Navi's eyes widened as it was slammed against the floor. As it began to get up, Chaos noticed the barrel of the gun beginning to spin: as soon as the Gravitic Crush brought him slamming to the ground, the shots began to fire, a few grazing Chaos. Nonetheless, he managed to get his attacks in. The next shot alone finished him.

"W-what the... I thought you guys were providing backup!" the HeelNavi cried, as he vanished into the Net canopy.

As expected, no Twilight data remained.

Suddenly, however, the Scuttle virus reappeared, forming into another Navi, snatching the vulcan from the HeelNavi's arm, and wielding it himself! "Nyahaha! I finally got the Twilight the boss was always clinging onto! And to seal my position as the new head of this gang, I'm gonna destroy you!"

Scutz?: DELETED?
Scuttler?: DELETED?
Scuttzer?: DELETED?

HeelNavi: DELETED!
HeelNaviB: 100

Chaos: 110
"Heh," Chaos was still laughing despite the fact that he had been hit by several stray shots from the HeelNavi's weapon. "Do you honestly believe that is a Twilight BattleChip? You are a fool! And now you shall die like one!"

Chaos dashed forward at blinding speeds. He felt the familiar surge of data as a small glowing sphere appeared in his left hand. Rayth was on the same page as the Dark Navi, slotting in the perfect trick for such a feint. As Chaos neared the new HeelNavi, he fired a weak blast from his buster, the grayish laser launching from his buster at point blank range. He didn't really care if he hit, it was just a distraction to keep the HeelNavi from noticing the orb that he dropped at his feet.

Chaos dived to the side, making it look like he was dodging out of the HeelNavi's line of fire. He didn't want the fool to move, didn't want him to do anything but fire the "Twilight" chip at Chaos' dodging form.

1. Dodge
2. Buster the new Heel;Navi(4+5...So 9?)
3. Drop EnergyBomb(3x40) at HeelNavi's feet
4. Dodge
The Navi began firing, but despite the roar of the gun he still seemed concentrated enough to see the oncoming buster shot. He took it as a sign to keep strafing, and grazed Chaos with a few shots. The energybomb seemed to catch him heavily off guard: he just managed to avoid being killed by it. "G--grah... I will not let you ruin my chance!!"

Scutz?: DELETED?
Scuttler?: DELETED?
Scuttzer?: DELETED?

HeelNavi: DELETED!
HeelNaviB: 20

Chaos: 90