Blazeman's Mission Request

Ok, seriously this time. I need a mission. I do not want missions that are hard, I do not want a mission with a cruddy reward (Six hundred zennys..pfft. Can get that much from three virus battles.), and I would like a battlechip as a reward. And also, please don't get me involved with those Spikeys and Mettaurs from hell. PLEASE.
~Cole Isei~

Please, listen to what my operator says. I have been on three virus battlings, and I have never gotten to the fifth battle.
[[b]So... you wish to reap more significant rewards from battle? You believe you are that strong? Perfect. I want you to come to ACDCNet, and if you find me, your rewards shall be grand. If you fail, no harm, no foul. However; if you succeed, the power you shall find will be beyond imagination.

I look forward to meeting you, Blazeman...

-[name not given]

((Mod: Grim))
I am SO IN!!!
~Cole Isei~

Cole, I think this is a bad idea. First off, hes not giving his name. Second, he looks like one of the NetMafia..But he said cool rewards in ACDCNet and no harm, and power..But it may be a trap. But im in.