Requesting a GMO mission

Chris here, just looking for a GMO mission, this'll be our first one. We just have some purchases to make, and some minor coding, and then we'll be ready to go.
-Chris Harper, operator of Nitro.exe
((Wooo...Sudden inspiration.))

Mr. Harper,

We apologize for the late reply, but we've had more volunteers than requests lately. Luckily for you, something had just come in. A Navi client by the name of ForeMan.Exe has sent in a request for a test pilot for a newly developed vehicle. If you would like to participate in this trial run, we would be happy to provide you with a GMO for your use. If you accept, the coordinates for meeting with the client will be sent to you.

Nitro here, Chris is busy doing some coding, but in the mean time, consider us on board! Just tell us where we're to meet this ForeMan.exe and we'll help him out.

-Nitro.exe, Net Navi of Chris Harper
Good, good. I'm sure the client will be happy to hear of your acceptance. The trial will be held in Electown Net. The exact coordinates will be sent to your PET. ForeMan.Exe will meet you there with the particulars of your role in the trial.


[Attached: Trial Coordinates]
Alright, we're ready to go! Coding was taking longer than expected, but it just has to load, so we can help this guy out while we wait.

-Chris Harper
Nitro here. We've finished the job, the thing's a beaut. We had a minor problem with some viruses and a metal Navi, but they were dealt with fairly quickly.

Good, good. We've already received a report from ForeMan.Exe. We'd like to thank you for your cooperation. Here is the GMO file you requested. Remember, we almost always have jobs available so please feel free to return if you have time.


[Attached: GMO File]
Thanks! We'll definately return sometime.

-Chris Harper & Nitro.EXE