Shop Stop

A red beam crashed into the ground in ACDC net, near the coordinates that the netpolice provided him with. The red beam disappeared as rash as it came and Enchanter was standing in its place. He looked around tiptoe. It was his first time in the ACDC network.

-Let's finish this as fast as we can, okay?
-Fine by me. There's only one thing what I'm worried about.
-What is it?
-If we really need to fight with him, what kind of chips might he have? I mean he's an illegal dealer and he can buy very dangerous chips in the black market...
-You worry too much, if he would be that dangerous they would send someone stronger than us.
-Yeah, you're right.

Enchanter started to stroll towards the supposed location of the illegal shop, intending to have a little chat with its owner.
Enchanter and timothy would find that the place seemed to be very empty.

That made it incredibly easy to spot their target.

The Navi was a purple normal Navi in a tattered brown poncho, sitting on top of a brown spread which featured various little trinkets, upgrades, and objects.

It all looked real enough, which would figure, seeing as he continued business and has fooled people.

It appears that he may have noticed Enchanter, but didn't really take it as anything important, instead continuing to await business.

He seemed to have no idea what Enchanter had planned, and that was a good thing. It should make it all the easier for the approaching Navi, or possibly even allow for a surprise attack.

Enchanter was standing not far away from the Navi in the tattered brown poncho.

-Okay! It looks like he didn't notice us yet. Now we can approach him and make an ambush.
-Tim it looks like there's something what you don't understand. - as Enchanter said that, he started to walk towards the purple navi.
-We can't ambush him. He's not a virii, he's a navi. If we do something lowly like that then we're .... We're.... We can't do something like that!!
-Okay, okay I understand, you're right. We gonna talk with him and if that doesn't work, than we will make him to close this illegal shop of his by force if necessary.
-Now that's what I'm talking about!

Enchanter eyes glowed for a moment and he finally reached the shop.

-Hey! Do you have a moment? There is something what I want to speak to you about
"Hey there." The navi said, sitting on his cloth. "Can I help you with something?"

Enchanter then said he's like to speak with the navi. He looked around quickly. Having realized that there wasn't anyone else around anyway, so it was unlikely he'd be losing business, he responded.

"Sure thing, pal. Whad'ya want?"

The navi was still sitting, still not apparently hostile, and still not apparently a threat.

He was also still selling his wares, so the mission was far from complete.

- I don't want to trouble you, but there are a few things that I would like to ask. My name is Enchanter.exe and the Netpolice sent me here. There were some complaints about a Navi who's set up a shop on the Net, selling faulty and illegal warez. Do you know anything about this troublemaker? - asked Enchanter politely.

- For the love of God, you were too straight forward! - cried out Tim.
A tense flickering in the navis eyes showed that he was unhappy with the mention of the NetPolice, but it had long since passed when Enchanter had finished speaking.

"Oh, is that why you're here?" The navi said. "Well, I do know." The navi on the mat gave Enchanter a crafty smile. "You see, I'm a legitimate salesman here. But I know the guy you're talking about. He comes around here every so often selling his stuff and ripping people off, and it interferes with my entirely legitimate business too. But uh . . ." he looked around quickly before continuing. "As you can see, I'm the only one here today. He'll probably be back sometime next week, so you should come back then and take him down for me, ok?"

He gave one more pleasant smile before becoming completely serious once more. "So now why don't you beat it and allow me to return to my business."

He didn't look too angry but those weren't quite kind words. And he didn't seem too honest or friendly either. The story was hard to believe, but the navi wasn't attacking so . . .
-Okay. Thanks, see you then. -said Enchanter and almost left the salesman when Tims shouting made him tremble.

-Whaaaat? NO! At least ask for his trading license and where did he get his wares from, he must be the culprit. I can't believe that you don't find him suspicious.

-Every good tradesman is suspicious, but oh well... - He stopped mid turn to ask one more question. Almost like Columbo.

-I'm sorry, but there are still a few things I would like to ask, and seeing that nobody's around I highly doubt that you have better things to do. So first of all, would you be kind enough to show me your trading license? And after that, if you'd be so kind as to identify the origin of your wares as well... - asked Enchanter still politely, but much more sternly this time.
"I don't think I need to show you that." He said. His face was rather serious.

"And I don't think the origins of my wares are any of your business either." He was more curt now, almost demanding.

"Now, I'd like it very much if you'd leave."

The shady man didn't look very friendly at all, anymore.
-Is that so? - Enchanter yellow eyes started to glow. It gave a ... rather unfriendly feeling.
-Tim get ready...

Tim took out all of his chips from his pocket and put them on the table so he can use them easily.

-If you can't PROVE that you're legitimate, then I must assume that you're the one whose I'm looking for. I must ask you to leave this place once and for all, unless you have the necessary documents.

Enchanter stepped back and a red flaming circle burst out from the ground around him. The wind created from the flames made his hair dance in the air. His eyes were bright and gave the impression that he's planning something, like the eyes of a predator who's watching it's prey and thinking how to approach him efficiently. The runes on his gloves started to smolder.

-Oh and one more thing, I've got permission to use force if necessary. - It sounded more like a threat than a ... well it was clearly a threat.

Enchanter Battle Mode On
"Damn, I didn't want to have to do this." The purple navi said, as he quickly lept off his mat and hefted the thing, as a sac, over his shoulder. "Guess I'll have to defend myself, huh?"

he hadn't taken long at all to assemble his belongings and already the observant would note the purple dagger that was now gripped tightly in his right hand. In addition to this new dagger, he glared a few at Enchanter as he prepared for battle.

"So much for innocent until proven guilty, ya'bully." he exhaled.


Enchanter.EXE: 140 HP

ShadyMerchant.EXE: 140 HP

100% Normal [Everywhere]
-Your actions are more than enough evidence of your guilt. - Said Enchanter while he was getting ready for the first strike.
-Lets put some space between the two of you first.- Tim said, slotting the cannon chip.

As the data arrived it manifested as a glowing orb, with faint red light in enchanters palm. The fire navi aimed and then shot the orb towards his enemy. While sending off the shot, he has jumped back trying to utilize the knock back. The landing was kind of hard, but luckily he didn't lose his balance.

-Don't lose focus, here comes the next shot. - Tim said while the shotgun chip was already being sent.

Now a new orb was created, but this time its looked more like a glass ball than energy. It broke the light up into its constituent spectral colors like a prism, making it look magnificent. Enchanter sent the orb flying towards the shady merchant with a flick of the wrist. As the colorful sphere traveled through the air it split into smaller ones. After the two consecutive attacks, Enhcanter took a defensive stance.

- It was a good idea. Now it's harder for him to use his dagger, but still something isn't right, I feel worried.
- Yeah I don't know why, but me too. - Answered the Navi, waiting patiently for the right time to dodge the enemy's counter.


1. Cannon(40 + Knockback): ShadyMerchant.EXE
2. Shotgun(50 + Spread 1): ShadyMerchant.EXE
3. Dodge
- Bump -

Quote (Magneto)

- Bump -

- Bump -

Quote (Magneto)

Quote (Magneto)

- Bump -

- Bump -

- Bump -
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And so the fight began. Enchanter fought with much more style, grace, and flare than the ShadyMerchant. The latter fought fairly plainly, almost crudely.

However, sometimes even the prettiest attacks can't make up for terrible, terrible luck. This was just one of those moments, when nothing seemed to go right. Enchanter fired his red orb at the opponent, and missed by a long shot.

Said opponent then ran in, closing the distance between the two.

Enchanter fired another shot, this one split into two colorful spectrums, and, even at this close range, missed terribly once again.

After this string of terrible luck, the one good thing that could be said for Ecnhanter was that the bad luck seemed contagious. The ShadyMerchant's knife split into three prongs, and he sliced it at the navi as quickly as he could. Yet, all the same, he missed by a long shot.

No one was doing a good job hitting today. Enchanter took to a defensive stance. The opponent slid behind him, planning to catch him by surprise. He pulled his knife up and made a pull in hoping to catch the navi by the throat.

Enchanter was too quick, though, and ducked out of the move, before quickly stepping forward out of danger.

So, no blows had yet been exchanged.

Enchanter was left standing a few steps ahead of his opponent, who had been left grabbing at air for a moment, surprised to see his attacks failing. "Yer a slippery one. . . " he muttered.


Enchanter.EXE: 140 HP

ShadyMerchant.EXE: 140 HP

100% Normal [Everywhere]