Working on Sync.

Dove Landed with a big *Clang* onto the net floor.

"Whew! I can't wait to try out that new strategy we came up with! you as pumped as I am Johnny-boy?"Asked Dove as his fists beat the air.

"Well yeah,... But I do hope we get can get some Zenny, and a chip or two while we're at it. I don't have many chips at all."

"Aw... but who needs chips when you've got a great strategy?" inquired Dove as he polished his fist with his dirty old coat.

"Are you saying we shouldn't be trying to become less helpless against viruses? You were just telling me about how you couldn't fight them off in the junkyard because of you had no operator to feed you chips?" answered John with a confident smirk.

"Well, whatever, if you've got a goal, then you'l fight much better, this way I'll be able to get used to much easier you as my operator. It's been too long since I fought with an Operator. Lets look for a virus to delete."
It didn't take long for Dove to encounter a few viruses, ripe for deleting.

He suddenly spotted a little Bunny Viruses just ahead of him. Unfortunately, it seems to have spotted him, too.

As it began hopping around erratically, he noticed another two viruses just beyond where it had been. These were two timid looking Metools, who peeked out at him from under their helms. They seemed ready to defend themselves, though they seemed like they may just be ready to drop under their hats and try the "If I can't see you you can't delete me" strategy.

BunnyA: 50 HP
MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP

Johnny's Troops
Dove.EXE: 100 HP

100% Normal


((OOC: You should place a place to store your zenny total in your Signature, outside of your tabs. I know you don't have any yet, ut it should still say that if you can manage it. Just "Zenny: 0" should be fine. Also, though this is less important, it would be nice if you had a "Sat" tab or turned Dove's link into a tab that also contained a link. It's easier for moderators if they can just look in your sig and see, for example, your signature attacks, or what your speed is. But other than those obscure few minor details, you're doing great. Keep it up.))
(( Thanks Lux! You`ve been a great friend here so far!))
((I`ll battle later. I came home for lunch and I`ve gotta run in two minutes))
((OOC: Very nice, and thanks. I've got two quick things, though.
1: You're only level 0 to begin with, actually. It's somewhat strange, but that's how it works.
2: You only start out with 3 Actions. As a result, I'd probably say that your speed should say "3" not "4".
Otherwise the addition looks good.))
"Wow! That was fast!" admitted Dove as he raised his arms close to his chest in a fighting stance.

"Yeah, I was expecting it to take a while longer. I guess they allow more here so people like us can train. Alright, lets go for it!"

"Kay! Send me a battle chip or two, and command me for a while. I'll handle the battle after that. I want to test something out on my own. But don't you dare stop feeding in those chips."

"What chips?! We have like... (one), (two), (thre-) THREE! Three battle chips! We've gotta survive with our tactics until we get some more."

"Alright! Alright! Tell me what to do quick! They're getting closer!" Dove said urgently, pointing at the bunny hopping towards him. "I rebuilt myself in a way that would be a little weak against water making me a fire navi now, so I take double damage to water, but less damage to grass. We'll have no problem here. I hope you keep that in mind."

As Dove explained things to John, he thought of a plan that would help them both.

"Dove! Use the space to your advantage! Run around the foe so that you're behind them, aim "2nd" towards the bunny and I'll feed you a chip!" Explained John, as he held the chip in his hand.

As soon as he said "Bunny", He had already jumped to the side and soon after he began to run. He kept his fist closed and pointed towards the Bunny as he ran. the Metools watched him, and the bunny hopped after him. When he was parallel to where he was before, John quickly threw his chip into his PET. Dove's fist turned green, and changed shape. A sleek, shiny, green Cannon was now his hand. He braced his arm with his left hand, and said: "FIRE!!" as he shot at The bunny, which did not stop hopping.

2:Aim at BunnyA
3Fire Cannon at BunnyA
((Am I set? Are there any other problems with my account etc?))

Your set up and signatures, etc. are all good. However, you're doing a minor amount of godmoding here. Godmoding, in case you don't know, is taking control of the enemy, like calling your hits or giving them actions.

For example, saying that the metools watched isn't that bad, as I can just say that they watched while doing something. However, saying the the Bunny was hopping towards him, or that it hopped over him, isn't ok. This is because you're now somewhat in control of the enemy, which is generally left entirely to the mod.

Basically, nice job, but try to avoid the minor godmoding, and you should be golden.

Since it's your first time and what not, and you've been waiting forever, I'll mod you anyways. Just watch out for minor mistakes like this in the future.))

The erratically hopping Bunny, while Dove chatted, hopped and hopped some more, and then shot some sort of ring of electricity at him.

Dove gracefully dodged it, and went on with his plan. He ran in, and reaching the Bunny, he fired a point-blank cannon shot at it. It hit successfully, dealing a good amount of damage.

He was still much closer to the enemies.

BunnyA: 10 HP
MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP

Johnny's Troops
Dove.EXE: 100 HP

100% Normal
((My apologies. I didn't mean to do that, so I'll make sure from now on.))

"What?!" John exclaimed, "It's still not dead yet!?"

"That chip wasn't even close to strong enough! How about I attack normally with my buster so that we can get rid of the Bunny?" Suggested Dove.

"That's fine with me! Before you get at it, I'll send you another chip. Now, quickly!"

As John sent the battle chip to him, Dove sprinted towards the Metools, keeping his hand by his chest, and his other hand out, getting it ready before the chip changed it. His hand started to glow again, but this time, a blade like claw was the thing that replaced his hand. He ran in between the Metools and held out his arm in an attempt to hit the one to his right. After running past them, he curved around to the side of them, bracing his arm as it formed back into his good new old fist, and sprinted towards the Bunny. He halted to a stop, brought his arm back and launched his fist at the bunny.

1. Rageclaw @ MetoolA
2. Curve run (Dodge)
3. Regular attack. @ BunnyA

((Do I call it my Regular attack, or my buster shot?))
((Buster attack is preferable. To calculate it, it's your Attack Buster Stat x Rapid Buster Stat x2, so for you it's 2x2x2 =8))

Dove came at the Metool and cut it neatly in half, then moved around a shockwave that the second fired at him, and punched the Bunny for good measure. Much to his surprise
the virus still wasn't dead, and promptly zapped him with a Zapring. Looks like he can't move for a bit.

BunnyA: 2 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP

Johnny's Troops
Dove.EXE: 80 HP (Stun! -1 Action)

100% Normal
"STILL NOT DEAD?!?!?" John was worried something was wrong with Dove at this point.

"Hehe, I guess my buster's not as strong as I thought it was. I am using a different Navi-cust. The basic one you installed. It's alright though, we managed to get one of them down." Dove suddenly started to shake, a bolt of electricity bounced all over his body. He fell to the ground with a big "Clang". "Shoot, I think I'm stunned! That last attack must've done it!"

"Alright alright, take it easy. After you wait it out, I'll send you another chip and you should try killing off that bunny once and for all."

"That's what I like to hear!"

"What? kill off that bunny?"

"Ye- wait. NO! I am a good Navi! I do not enjoy killing things, but it is my duty!"

"Are you sure you didn't replace your brain when you were in the junkyard."

"Uh- I'm pretty sure."

"Alright! Enough chatter! Can you move?"

"I think it's wearing off, yeah."

"Alright, do your stuff! Here's our last chip!"

Dove Slowly stood up, and watched his hand as it reformed into a buster like shotgun. "Our last chip" he thought, "I can't let this go to waste."
He observed the area, saw the last metool, and Open-fired.
The smoke was heavy, so he couldn''t tell if he hit it or not, but he assumed he did.
He wasted no time as he ran towards the Bunny, hoping to destroy it once and for all.
He Lunged himself at the bunny, and launched his fist directly at the bunny.

1.Shotgun @ MetoolB
2.Buster attack @ BunnyA
Dove gets knocked back by another shockwave while he's stunned, but he immediately counters with a Shotgun, blasting the Metool to bits. He then punches the Bunny, ending the battle with manliness, because we all know real men fight with their fists!


Johnny's Troops
Dove.EXE: 70 HP

100% Normal

Get: Zapring1
"Hey! We got a chip Dove!"

"I know. I was there."

"I hope this'll help us with our training. It's a little weak, but it stuns, so I guess that makes up for it."

"Alright, now about our sync... I'd say you should try to control more of the chip feeding rather than telling me where to move, because making a strategy that involves me moving where an attack may be headed could be a problem. After all this time fighting by myself, I'd prefer if I chose where I'd be moving, and maybe once you see the way I move, you can control me a bit. I think it would be better that way. You don't have as much experience as I d-"

John butted in,
"So you want me to do nothing but feed you chips."

"Something like that."


"Wha- why? We were crap in that last battle!"

"Like you said, I don't have as much experience, and you've gotten used to fighting on your own. I want to change that. You think I'm stupid or something? I thought about this from the start! No way we're gonna change any of our tactics. Practice makes perfect. We have to be a team, just like you were with Ken. Actually, @#$% that! Our teamwork's gonna be better than yours was with ken, which is why we're gonna practice until we've got enough chips to make entire folders with! GOT THAT?!"


(Acting to convince dove): " DID YOU HEAR ME?

"YES JOHN I HEARD YOU!" Dove screamed. He thought to himself: "I found the right operator." and said, "I'm sorry I even suggested that plan... I just wanna win really bad, but I want to be your friend even more right now. Ken was the best friend I'd ever had, and I've developed bad habits while not having an operator. I'm sorry for being so self centered." Dove pounded his metal chest, " Now lest bust som'ore Virii until we've got an entire FOLDER!


((Battle 2 Pour~favor. And I hope people actually read this stuff, cause it takes a whole lot of time.))
Dove and Johnny bicker a bit before continuing on. Ahead, they spot more viruses ripe for their training purposes. They seem to be a conglomerate of close-range fighters, but that's probably not all they have up their sleeves.

ChampuA: 60 HP
ChampuB: 60 HP
SwordyA: 60 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Dove.exe: 70 HP

"Awright! Lets get this show on the road! Dove, we need to get your health back up a little! Start off with a little Flame Drain!"

"Deal. This time though, give me most of our chips first thing."

"Alright, seeing as these are all close range Viruses, move around a whole lot, alright?"

"Sure thing! Roger that."

Dove Blasted himself across the net floor, all the way to the Swordy. As he ran, he opened the tube in his back that connected the fuel in his tanks to move to his hand. He skidded to a sudden halt and quickly placed his right arm in front of him and braced it with his left. With no time to lost, he opened his hand and released a large amount of fire from it. He could feel the heat travel though his arm, but it was in no way painful.
"I am such a good mechanic!" Dove thought to himself.
Once he thought Swordy had been inflamed, his hand Swallowed it's fire vomit back up into it's hole, and Dove's wounds began to heal a bit.
Before he could even say a word, Dove bolted away from the swordy, made a sudden stop and waited for a chip.
"Lets finish it off qucik! I'm sending you Shotgun and Zapring1!" said John as he fed the chips to Dove.
Once again, Dove's hand changed with a bright glow, aiming for the Swordy, he fired a [shotgun] shot from his deformed buster arm, and instead of changing back into his regular fist, it changed into something new.

"Hey! This was the kind of thing that was on that bunny's head!" Dove stated, looking at the electrical plug that was now half of his arm."

Without bracing it this time, he held his right arm out and fired a ring of electricity at ChampuA.

"Lets see how this works out." John thought with a smile.

1. Flame Drain (30 drain) @ SwordyA
2. Shotgun @ Swordy A
3. Zapring1 @ ChampuA
Dove ran in and quickly lit the Swordy on fire. This was successful, restoring Dove's energy and harming the Swordy a good deal. he then immediately followed it up by shooting it with a shotgun chip. This attack also connected, and deleted the Swordy.

Dove then fired a Zapring at one of the Champus. It hit its target, stunning the fighter in addition to the damage it was dealt. Its ally, however, wasn't stunned and zipped in to deal two fiery punches to Dove, both landing solidly.

SwordyA: -DELETED-
ChampuA: 20 HP [Was Stunned]
ChampuB: 60 HP

Junkyard Navi:
Dove: 80 HP

100% Normal
"Alright, lets just see if we can finish this off with our last two chips" John suggested.

"Deal. Rageclaw hits enemies around the one you hit as well as the thing you attack right?"

"Yes, but it only does half the amount of damage."

"Good enough for me!"

Dove ran quickly, despite the fact that his legs had heavy armor protecting them, straight towards the two viruses. He took the time to figure out where the rageclaw would hit both of them, and when he found the perfect spot, he yelled out: "JOHN! RAGECLAW!"
John was already a step ahead of him. He too saw the spot, and had already fed the chips to Dove. "Listen! I sent you both! Use the rage claw first then turn around and use the other one."

Before dove could answer, he had already taken off. As the Claw formed on his hand, he took a deep breath and slashed One of the Champus with it. There was a little shockwave that also came from the attack that Dove noticed, and he hoped it made it's way to the other Champu.

After his little show, he jumped back, seeing that his hand was now a cannon, looked carefully towards the enemy, and fired saying: "BOOM! HEADSHOT!"

"Hold up!" John said.
"What is it?" Dove replied.
"You can't say Headshot, you don't know if you've hit the virus yet!"
"But I just fired a high speed blast from my hand! I should kno-"
"Listen, believe it or not, even though you've attacked, you've gotta wait for a moderator on a forum to tell you whether you hit or not. This can even take days!"
"Oh John, that's crazy talk!"
"Oh man, now that I think about it, you're right..."

1:Rage Claw (40) @ ChampuB (20) @ Champu A
2.Aim by looking at enemies.
3.Cannon (40) @ ChampuB
((For Rageclaws, the attack can either do 40 to just one opponent or 20 to two by attempting to throw the first into the second. Just gonna assume that you would want the second option, because that would let you kill them evenly and it won't drag things out in an annoying fashion.))

Dove slaps the rageclaw into the side of the champu, sending it skidding off, into its still stunned ally, deleting it. Dove then pulls out a cannon and fires it at the last virus. It is indeed a headshot, due to the majority of its mass being its head. Woot.

SwordyA: -DELETED-

Junkyard Navi:
Dove: 80 HP

100% Normal

Rewards: 200z
((Alright, thanks. I'll keep that In mind.))

"That was WAY better than the last one." Stated John.

"That's what she said!"

"Say wah-?"

"You know,.. that's what SHE said!" Dove said as he began to laugh.

"Can navis even, you know,...."

"The answer is no, because we're made by humans, and we don't reproduce. Though I heard a rumor that there's a program that lest you-"

"Uh, how about we fight at least three more rounds of viruses, and get a few more chips, and maybe even some money!" John exclaimed.

"Alright, we can have navi sex ed class later."

And with that, dove began to walk through ACDC net looking for more foes.

((Battle 3 PLZ))