[Mission]Better Rewards,Simple Battles

As a beam of light appeared over ACDC Net, Blazeman appeared on the streets of dark ACDC.

"Strange, it looks dark here."
"Weird! Its still daytime. Maybe it has to do with the mission?"
"Maybe. Lets just hope this won't be an ambush."
"Ok, just stay on guard, Blazeman! I don't want you to be deleted."
"Don't worry, I will make sure nothing attacks me."
"Just for safety reasons, can you pull out your Shadow Flare Sword?"
"Fine, sometimes you act like a bit of a wimp.."

As Blazeman's shadow flares turned into a blazing sword, he walked around the streets of ACDC Net, looking for the mysterious navi. He always kept his eye out for viruses. Even if he got an ambush, he would be prepared.
The Network did indeed look slightly different to the Navi; however, it may have been more due to nerves than actual lighting/atmosphere. Blazeman continued forward with his weapon drawn as he attempted to locate the Navi who contacted him. As he moved deeper into the network, he was spotted by a small group of viruses, 3 metools surrounding a single Champu virus.

One of the mets alerted the Champu of Blazeman's presence, and he turned his group towards the incoming Navi.

Viruses Identified!

MetoolA: 40HP
MetoolB: 40HP
MetoolC: 40HP
Champu: 60HP [Surrounded by Metools]

Terrain: 100% Normal

Blazeman.EXE: 120HP

-(Battle #1: Punches and Pickaxes! Ready, Fight!)-
"Well, it did look simple until I saw the Champu. I wonder how it tactics its powers."
"Your usually the one telling me about the viruses!"
"Oh..right. But still.."
"Fine. The Champys are Fire Types.."
"I think I can notice that, Captain Obvious."
"Shut up, I'm not finished! Since they are fire types, they will hate battlechips like our AquaNeedle1. They attack by throwing a punch at you."
"But they are so far away! How can they hit us?"
"If they can see you, they will be able to teleport in front of you, and throw a punch at you. A good way to avoid this is to move back or left or right, and then when the Champu is done with the punching, go in front, and swing a melee attack at it!"
"But we don't have any melee attacks, you sold our RageClaw for the Aquaneedle, moron."
"Oh shut up and take these chips. AquaNeedle1 and Guard1 IN! I think you can learn what to do with them."
"Yeah yeah.."

Blazeman waited for a perfect time to attack. He waited for the Champu to teleport in front of him. When it did, hopefully before it threw a punch at him, he did a back-flip out of range of the punch. Quickly, he downloaded the AquaNeedles, and threw two of them in the air. He pointed at the Champu and the first Metool. Two of the AquaNeedles were directed to wound them. He then threw the last one, and pointed at the second Metool to wound it. Then he downloaded his famous Metool-Hat shield, and then he guarded with the shield, waiting for the results of battle.

Action 1: Wait for the Champu to teleport in front of him. When the Champu teleports in front of him, do a back flip out of range of the punch.
Action 2: AquaNeedle1 (Targets: 1 needle at Champu, 1 needle at the first Metool, and the last needle at the second Metool) (-20 Damage at the Metools, -40 Damage to the Champu due to weakness)
Action 3: Guard1 (Reflect up to 60 damage) (One Use Only)
24 hour and 1 minute bump. ._.
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Blazeman guessed correctly, and as the Champy charged in to punch, he flipped away without a scratch. He then threw a trio of needles that damaged several of the Viruses, but not fatally. He then shielded himself with a protective yellow Guard, which caused one of the Metool's retaliatory shockwaves to bounce back and damage itself. A second shockwave found its mark and struck Blazeman, but the last Metool was slightly intimidated by the attack and ducked under it's protective helmet.

MetoolA: 10HP
MetoolB: 20HP
MetoolC: 40HP [Under Helmet]
Champu: 20HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Blazeman.EXE: 110HP
(Sorry about that. No more First Metool or Last Metool or whatever for me.)

Blazeman shook off the scratch that was caused by one of the metools. He then looked at the third Metool, which was hiding under its shield.
"Im surprised the Champu let that metool in its group. It looks like a wussy chicken."
"It IS a wussy chicken, Blazeman. Now, take this Shot.."
"NO. Leave this one to me, Cole. I think I know what to do."
"Fine. You just do what you want while I read some comic books."
"Sometimes, I am ashamed to be the navi of a lazy operator.."
"What was that, Blazeman!?"

As Blazeman threw a Drain Flare at the possibly hopeless MetoolA, he then kept running around in a circle, dodging the punches from the Champu and the shockwaves from the Metools. He then stopped. Then he punched the ground, making lava shoots appear from the ground. He waited for his next results.

Action 1: Activate Drain Flare (Target: MetoolA) (-15 Drain Damage)
Action 2: Dodge by running around in a wide circle and stop when out of range of Metools and Champu
Action 3: Activate SetLava
Blazeman's draining fire attack hit its mark and deleted the Met as it slightly rejuvenated his energy. He successfully dodged another assault by the Champu, and one of the shockwaves sent out by the Metool before he stopped and changed the area around him to lava. The lava spread out quickly, but he was too far away from the Metools to affect them. The Champu hovered over the lava with no ill effect, it actually rather enjoyed the heat of the molten data below.

The final Metool lifted its helmet just a hair off the floor to see what was going on, and decided to shift to offense. The Met materialized a pickaxe and slammed it into the ground, which fired a rather weak shockwave towards Blazeman, which almost made him lose his footing.

MetoolB: 20HP
MetoolC: 40HP
Champu: 20HP [Lava]

Terrain: 55% Normal, 45% Lava

Blazeman.EXE: 110HP [Lava]
"When Blazeman opens his eyes, I better make sure he can kill that Champu. And maybe those other Metools. Shotgun, in."
Cole inserted a basic Cannon chip. But before inserting it, he looked at it, thinking "Why don't I just trade this?". He then slotted it in. He took out his Shotgun chip and slotted that one in too. Blazeman then suddenly woke up, brushed his leg, and caught his eyes on the Metool.
"STOP STOP STOP!! Calm down, Blazeman! Your almost finished with these losers!"
"Yes, Blazeman. It would be better if we got rid of the punching artillery first. Otherwise he could get in the way of your fire. Then we should take care of the non chicken metool."
"Alright. ShadowFlare Sword, GO!"
Blazeman grinned at the Champu, while readying his sword. He waited for the Champu to teleport in front of him to give him a FALCON PUNCH, so he could slash the Champu. When the Champu DID teleport, he slashed immediately, hoping it would hit.
"Next, take care of Metool B."
Blazeman's flare sword disappeared, and turned into a red arm cannon. He took aim, then fired out a round of his Shotgun blast at a metool. He then blew on the smoke that came out of it.
"Alright, NOW use the Cannon."
"I dunno Cole, I'm pretty tired of battling.."
"Your almost done with these punks, now FIRE!"
Blazeman fired a basic shot from his arm cannon at the Metool. He was gasping for air, because he just took out a lot of energy by all the attacking.
"Good job, Blazeman!"
"Yeah yeah, lets just hope im done with these jerks and hope that mysterious Navi comes."

Action 1: ShadowFlare Sword (Target: Champu) (-30 Null Damage)
Action 2: Shotgun (Target: MetoolB) (-50 Splash Damage)
Action 3: Cannon (Target: MetoolC) (-40 Knockback Damage)
24 Hour Bump.
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Blazeman was quick to swing his sword at the incoming Champu, but the virus was faster; a flaming punch grazed Blazeman's cheek before the Navi's blade felled the virus. The metools were not as quick, and were shortly destroyed by a volley of shotgun and cannon fire launched by Blazeman.



Terrain: 55% Normal, 45% Lava

Blazeman.EXE: 100HP [Lava]
Reward: 200z
"Oh no, not this again.."
"Shut up! We got 200 zenny, so BE HAPPY!"
"Then what are we gonna do?! Are you gonna complain or are we going to find that mysterious navi and claim our reward thats gonna involve awesome money and battlechips!?"
"You make a good point..But still..what if its a trap? I don't want you to be deleted."
"I promise I won't be deleted. I will fight him off if he is a trap."
"Fine..but keep that promise."
So Blazeman wandered around the dark streets of ACDC Net, in search of the mysterious navi. He hoped that he would get a pile of battlechips and money as a reward to shut Cole up about the battlechips.
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Blazeman continued forward into the network, and ventured deeper into the area. The area was a bit more open, and in general there was less activity. However, there were still wandering droves of viruses, and one particular patrol crossed paths with the Navi. This group was slow moving, due to the generally sloth-like nature of the OldStove viruses in the group. One Kabutank followed each of the two OldStoves, and the pairs started to separate slowly, as if they wanted to flank the incoming Navi.

Viruses Identified!

OldStoveA: 50HP
KabutankA: 80HP

OldStoveB: 50HP
KabutankB: 80HP

Terrain: 90% Normal 10% Broken [2 trails behind the Oldstoves]

Blazeman: 100HP

-(Battle #2: Firebombing! Ready, Fight!)-
"So, its fire bombs vs shadow fire? Pretty good, but better luck next time!"
"Yeah, they look pretty weak!"
"Remember, we must never let our guard down, even for some metools."
"But these are Kabutanks and Oldstoves!"
"Still, you must never let your guard down."
"Alrighty then, Blazeman.
"Cole, please send in a AquaNeedle1."
"Sure, Blazeman! AQUANEEDLE1, IN!!!"
As three Aqua Needles appeared in Blazeman's hand, he prepared for throwing. He tossed them into the air, while pointing at the OldStoves. Two of the aqua needles went at the OldStoves, probably going to deal some super damage. Blazeman then pointed at KabutankA. The AquaNeedle suddenly when for an attack at the Kabutank. After that, Blazeman punched the ground to make lava shoots come up from the ground. Then he started to run around in a wide circle while avoiding the broken panels. It made him dizzy, but at least its better then getting hit.

Action 1: AquaNeedle1 (Targets: OldStoveA, OldStoveB, and KabutankA) (-40 to the OldStoves, -20 to the Kabutank)
Action 2: SetLava
Action 3: Dodge by running around in a large circle, and when in contact with a Broken Panel, run past it.
Blazeman hastily threw a trio of needles towards the viruses, which fell through the air like lawn darts. However, though impressive the attack seemed, the viruses continued to move move on their current courses, and all three needles impacted without hitting a single virus. One came close, but not enough to do any damage.

He continued his attack by creating a glowing blanket of lava over the immediate area, which spread underneath the feet of one of the Kabutanks, and an OldStove. The Kabutank winced in pain as it fired a shell from its cannon, but the shot went wide. The OldStove was indifferent to the lava, and shot a line of fire that hit him in the legs. The Navi then started to run around the viruses, and successfully avoided both attacks by the other two viruses.

OldStoveA: 50HP
KabutankA: 75HP [Lava]

OldStoveB: 50HP [Lava]
KabutankB: 80HP

Terrain: 60% Normal 30% Lava 10% Broken [2 trails behind the Oldstoves]

Blazeman.EXE: 85HP
"You. Suck. At. Aiming. Blazeman." Cole scolded his navi as he was angry.
"Shut up! Its not my fault!" Blazeman shouted while in anger.
"Then who does the throwing?"
"Oh for the love of..Just send me a battlechip!"
"Fine, Mr. I Can't Even Aim An Aquaneedle Right." Cole joked.
"I. SAID. SHUT. UP!!!!" Blazeman shouted. He looked as if he wanted to kill Cole.
"Ugh. Guard1, in."
"Drain Flare, Activate."

Blazeman waited for OldStove B to stop and fire a line of fire at him, and then he opened a compartment in his wrist. He took out a fiery bomb and threw it at the OldStove to do some damage and give him some life hopefully. After doing a raspberry at the OldStove he attempted to hit, he then ran around in a large circle for a while dodging the broken panels to get away from the fire and bombs. He then stopped, and pulled out a Metool-hat as a shield for him, and hid behind it, hoping the viruses would hit him so they would get hit back.

Action 1: Drain Flare (Target: OldStoveB) (-15 Damage) (+15 Drain)
Action 2: Run around in a circle and dodge any broken panels that he is close to.
Action 3: Guard1 (Reflect up to 60 Damage)
Blazeman retaliated by throwing a ball of fire at the OldStove, which did minimal damage, but sent regenerative energy back to Blazeman. The two OldStoves counterattacked, but Blazeman had started to run around the viruses, making their attacks useless. The Kabutanks waited for Blazeman to stop before they opened fire with their cannons. The first hit was absorbed by Blazeman's protective shield and was sent back to the Kabutank, while the second landed just next to him and caught him in the small blast area.

OldStoveA: 35HP
KabutankA: 40HP [Lava]

OldStoveB: 50HP [Lava]
KabutankB: 80HP

Terrain: 60% Normal 30% Lava 10% Broken [2 trails behind the Oldstoves]

Blazeman.EXE: 70HP
"Ow! My head! It really hurts badly!" Blazeman said while whimpering and holding his head.
"Really? I thought the big strong Blazeman didn't care about a 30 HP hit." Cole said, mocking Blazeman.
"Don't insult my headache! It really hurts!"
"Alright. Sheesh. Shotgun, IN!"
"Execute....oww..my head.."

Blazeman rubbed his poor head, and then took out his arm cannon. After stuttering for a bit, he finally took aim and fired at the OldStove to attempt to deal some damage. He then crouched down with an "Ow!" as he struggled in pain.

"That must have been some real serious damage. Are you OK?" Cole said while attempting to comfort Blazeman.
"Yeah..More damage then I normally took."
"If you can try to run, try running in a circle again." Cole said, trying to give Blazeman some advice.
"I know. Don't worry, I can run easily. Its my head that hurts."

Blazeman then ran around in a large circle to dodge the bombs and fire. He continued this for a long time, while jumping over the broken panels. It made him dizzy, but what would he take? Another bomb on the head, or defensive tactics? I think we will all know the answer.

Action 1: Shotgun (Target: OldStoveB and hoping to splash onto KabutankB) (-50 Splash Damage)
Action 2 and 3: Dodge: Run around in a big circle avoiding the broken panels.
Blazeman tried to get over his headache and fired a shotgun at one of the pairs of Viruses. The shotgun strike was effective and deleted an OldStove, while the accompanying Kabutank was sprayed with shrapnel. Blazeman took off running, but after using the same tactic for the 3rd time consecutively, the viruses started to learn. The injured Kabutank fired twice, while the other fired once. Two of the shots zipped over Blazeman's head, but the third struck the ground right in front of him and caught him in the rather powerful blast. The remaining Oldstove slowly advanced, but was too far out of range to attack Blazeman.

OldStoveA: 35HP
KabutankA: 35HP [Lava]

KabutankB: 30HP

Terrain: 60% Normal 30% Lava 10% Broken [2 trails behind the Oldstoves]

Blazeman.EXE: 40HP
"I'm hurt very badly...Please Cole..promise me.." Blazeman said, looking very bad in shape."
"What do you need, Blazeman!? Please tell me you won't be EJOed!"
"I won't..but promise me to use a MiniEnergy on me after the fight..Two if neccesary.."
"Alright Blazeman. Come on, you can do this!" Cole said, trying to cheer Blazeman up.
"For some reason, I don't think I can.." Blazeman whispered, while wincing in pain.
"Yes you can! Just believe in yourself!"
"Alright..I will do it..!" Blazeman said. He then got up with courage.
"YEAH!! Lets finish them! ZAPRING1, IN!" Cole said while inserting the battlechip with courage and happiness.
"DRAIN FLARE, ACTIVATE!!! EXECUTE!!!!" Blazeman said while getting ready to fire.

Blazeman first held out his arm, which was still loading the Zap Ring. He then pulled out a fiery bomb out of a compartment in his arm cannon. He then threw it at the OldStove which wasn't deleted yet. His arm cannon made a "DING" sound, and Blazeman then took aim. He then fired a ring of electricity at a Kabutank. After bleeding a bit, he then got up, and kept side stepping up.

Action 1: Drain Flare (Target: OldStoveA) (-15 Damage) (+15 to Blazeman.)
Action 2: ZapRing1 (Target: KabutankB) (-40 Elec Damage) (Stun Effect)
Action 3: Keep side stepping up to avoid the bombs and fire.
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Blazeman continued his assault as he hurled a ball of flame at the slow-moving OldStove. The attack connected and drained the virus of it's energy, and Blazeman raised his buster and fired a Zapring towards the Kabutank. The walking tank just wasn't fast enough to dodge the ring and was deleted in a shower of sparks.

However; as Blazeman engaged the virus with his Zapring, the OldStove countered by launching a line of fire at the Navi. Blazeman was torched by the flames, but quickly sidestepped away before he was completely burned to a crisp. The final injured Kabutank fired a pair of explosive shells at the dodging Navi, which exploded around him. The first round hit him in the side, which caused him to fall off to the side and luckily dodge the second blast.

OldStoveA: 20HP
KabutankA: 25HP [Lava]

KabutankB: DELETED

Terrain: 60% Normal 30% Lava 10% Broken [2 trails behind the Oldstoves]

Blazeman.EXE: 10HP