Mechaman's Travels

In a fancy display of lights and sounds, the Net Navi known as Mechman solidified in the net. The transfer from the PET to the net was an almost instantaneous and entirely painless.

Mechaman looked rather gallant, standing in his master's home page. The page itself was constructed in a peculiar way. The panels that made up the ground of the page were actually panels taken from very famous mangas. The majority of these panels were taking directly from mecha manga's, Ken's favorite.

The page itself was constructed like a miniature museum. A single winding path led from the jack in port of Ken's computer to the warp point to the internet. Along this path, there were several pictures of Mechaman on display. Each picture showed Mech in a heroic pose, performing some sort of heroic deed.

Only three of the twelve pictures were actual screen shots of virus busting sessions that Ken and Mechaman had taken part in. The other nine portraits were photo-shopped renders done by Ken or one of his internet allies.

As the net navi strolled the path that highlighted his existence, he began to notice something was amiss. Some of the picture frames were crooked, and two of them were out right broken. Suspicions began to arise in the net-navi's processor, and when he turned the final corner that led to the entrance of the net, his suspicions were confirmed.

"Viruses Detected Sir!"

"Engage!" Ken shouted back, excited at the chance to bust some viruses on his very own homepage. He would be sure to capture a screen shot of this.

[Battle Request 1]
The three vandals turn towards Mechaman, their large expressionless eyes staring at the Navi. They ready their pickaxes and prepare to attack. One lets out a fierce battle cry!

Viruses Identified!

MetoolA: 40HP
MetoolB: 40HP
MetoolC: 40HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Mechaman: 100HP

<(Battle #1: Unwanted Guests. Ready, Fight!)>
"Meep you!" Ken yelled out to the virus that obviously couldn't hear him. He quickly reached into his pocket, producing one of his three chips. He hadn't even looked at it before he inserted it into his PET.

As soon as the chip entered the PET, Mechaman's arm began to change and transform. The arm that was normally a simplistic fist suddenly doubled, if not tripled in size. A giant gaping hole could be found where the fingers used to be. Mechaman's arm had changed into a cannon.

"Blast them, then follow up with a shotgun and some evasive action!" Ken commanded from his end of the PET, feeling the rush of adrenaline.

Mech himself was beginning to enjoy himself as well. He hadn't had a chance to exercise in a while, and these Metool's would be the perfect warm up. Without much more than a thought and a flick of his wrist, the cannon was brought up into the air, pointed directly at the first virus.

The sound of the cannon being fired echoed down the hallway and back again as a large blast was fired at the Metool. Yet the net navi did not stop there. As his hand began to change back to its original state, he broke towards a different virus. Dashing up to it, hoping he would catch it before he attacked, he swung his fist out towards its face.

As the attack was sent, Ken quickly inserted the next chip into his PET. Yet again Mechman's arm changed its shape. The large canon that was once there seemed to shrink in seconds and soon his arm was back to its normal size. However where his fist was, there was now a large gap. His hand had become the barrel of a shotgun, which he quickly turned to aim at the second Metool.

Ken and Mech both hoped that the spread effect of the shotgun would hit the remaining metool, if in fact it hit its original target in the first place.

[Canon > MetoolA [40DMG]]
[ Shotgun > MetB, Spread > MetC [50 DMG + Spread1]]
MechaMan's ranged attack hit the first Metool slightly off center. It did delete it, with a clipping blow.

The next attack burst forth from his arm following a swift dash towards the next Metool. This point blank attack caught the puny Met off guard, deleting him with a face full of shotgun. The wide ranged spread of the shotgun attack managed to hit the other Metool, too, conveniently enough.

MechaMan had won his first battle in very little time. With the deletion of these three viruses, would the mysteriously vain homepage be clean once more?

Battle Summary:

MechaMan.EXE: 100 HP

RewardData: 150 Zenny, Guard1 chip
"Sucess Master. Viruses deleted!" Mechaman said triumphantly. A few of the programs that the young Ken had manged to create for the web page slowly began to come out of hiding as the viruses became nothing more than fragments of money and chip information.

Thus while Ken ran off to the other room in order to grab a blank chip which he could use to copy the chip data, Mechaman talked with the programs.

"Thank you so much sir!" One said, overjoyed.

"We had feared for the worst..." The second second, looking to still be rather shaken by the whole ordeal. Mecha simply noded his head in acknowledgement before he spoke up.

"There is no need to worry little ones. I shall protect you as you are property of my master." The Navi said reassuringly as he looked about the webpage. The damage that had been done was not to bad, and a quick anti-virus check and a quick refresh would be all the page needed.

"Don't refrain from sending me a message if such an occurance were to happen again." The andriod said sincerely just as his master returned.

Overjoyed at the loot that he was to posses from the battle, Ken eagerly plugged a fresh chip into his PET, downloading the Guard information. Within seconds the chip popped back out, fresly labeled. "Sweet."

Then after accessing the money and adding it to the PET as well, Ken issued his next order. "Let's blow this joint." In a flash of light Mechaman was gone, having walked onto the access point for the internet. However it seemed only more viruses awaited him.

[Battle Request 2]
Mechaman is soon met with more resistance. Three Oldstoves hobble about the area, breathing out smoke. Along with them, two Cannondumbs sit side by side in the center of the field.

OldstoveA: 50
OldstoveB: 50
OldstoveC: 50
CannondumbA: 50
CannondumbB: 50

Terrain: 100% Normal

Mechaman: 100

Battle 2 Begin
"Sir we have more virii. This time the battle may not be as easy as it had been before." Mechman said as he identified the virii. Ken was busy doing the same thing, busily opening links on his computer as he tried to research the virii he was up against. He was not used to the net monsters, usually never venturing further than his own webpage with his netnavi. After all if Mechaman was deleted, he would not know what to do with himelf.

"Pfft these little things, don't worry about them!" The child exclaimed, a false sense of excitement kicking into his voice in order to cheer up his navi. Mechaman merely nodded his head in acknowledgement, knowing full well that Ken was actually scared and worried, not excited and ready for battle. Regardless the two would have to move past this if they ever wanted to be anything on the Net.

Calmly, Ken selected the first battle chip to be used, the shotgun. Just like in the last battle, Mechman's arm quickly began its metamorphasis as it changed from a normal hand to the muzzle of a shotgun. As the gun came into digital reality, the navi raised it and set the central Oldstove in his sights. Then all at once the piercing bang of the shotgun erupted from the navi's hand.

As the burst of bullets flew through the air towards the first Oldstove, Mecha secretly hoped that the pellets would strike an additional enemy. That would certainly make his job easier.

"Give those canons a taste of their own medicine!" Ken yelled as he inserted the next battle chip, a canon. The Cust-Arm was once again surrounded by a near blinding light as it changed into the large buster of a canon. As if in resonance with the light of his arm, the rest of Mechaman's body began to glow. Then all at once all the light faded off of his body, seemingly released in the single shot of the canon which sailed towards the first Cannondumb.

"Alright, time to try this shield out..." Ken said, fear hinted in his voice now. He was trusted the protection of his net navi to the new chip that the two had acquired only moments before. As the chip was slotted in and its information downloaded to the navi, Mecha's arm changed once more. His arm grew and expanded, turning yellow in color. As it grew bigger a green cross was seen, making the shield look very much like the Metool's helmet. As the shield fulled manifested, Mechaman hid behind it, while Ken silently hoped it would hold out.

[ Shotgun > OldstoveA, Spread > MetB[50 DMG + Spread1]]
[Canon > Cannondumb A[40DMG] + Untaped Power [+5 damage] 45 damage]
[Guard One on Incoming Attack]
Mechaman blasts a spray of bullets toward the Oldstoves, catching two in his shot. The third one looked quite angry as it slowly moved toward the mechanoid.

Keeping up with the pace, Mechaman infused the Cannon with some of his energy and shot it at one of the Cannondumbs, who, couldn't move, got a facefull of its own attack.

The Oldstove had come in Melee Range of Mechaman, and proceeded to spurt a stream of flame from its mouth. Quickly, the purple mechanoid activated his Guard and blocked the attack. Shoving against the brunt of the force, the navi reflected the flames back on the Oldstove, pushing it back a bit. The super heat had cracked the panels in front of Mechaman, so he might want to watch his step.

OldstoveA: DELETED
OldstoveB: DELETED
OldstoveC: 35
CannondumbA: 5
CannondumbB: 50

Terrain: 97% Normal, 3% Cracked (Directly in Front of Mechaman)

Mechaman: 100
"Alright Mech, watch where you step!" Ken warned his partner as he grabbed the last of his available battle chips and slotted it in. As the chip as inserted to the PET, it immediately began to take effect.

The net navi's left hand swelled up, almost doubling in size as the chip activated. His fist clenching as it changed sizes, it soon took on the appearance of a beasts hand. Then as the transformation finished, Mech uncurled his fingers to reveal a set of razor sharp claws, just itching to slash up some Virii.

And that is exactly what happened. As the claw materialized, the net navi quickly took over, stepping to the side in order to evade the broken tile. As he ran forward in a burst of speed, Mecha extended his left hand and attempted to rake the newly formed claw across the Oldstove's body.

Not bothering to see if the virus had been deleted or not, Mechaman changed directions and dashed towards the second cannondumb. While running Ken ordered him to use evasive actions so that the cannon virus would be unable to get a lock on him and fire a blast.

The plan seemed to succeed because has got closer to the target without much of a problem. As the gab began to close, the netnavi's right arm began to open up, gathering a odd white color as it seemed to gather energy. Just as Mechaman reached the cannondomb, ready to attack, he leaped into the air.Turning his body around in the air, mid-jump, Mecha aimed the rage claw at the weaker of the two cannondumb virii. With a quick popping sound the first was launched, ripping though the air towards the cannon.

Then on his decent back to the ground, Ken gave the final orders. "Use the Havok Cannon!" The navi was quick to complete, unleashing the full power of his signature attack upon the cannon virus. He could only hope that the Havok Cannon wouldn't glitch and do something stupid like heal him this time.

[Rage Claw >Oldstove C> 40 Damage + Slash]
[Rage Claw >Cannondumb A> 20 Damage+ Impact]
[Havok Cannon> Cannondumb B > Sig Attack]

Mechaman rushed at the Oldstove, but accidentally stepped on a cracked panel. Unable to sustain the mechanoid's weight, the floor shattered and Mechaman began falling into the dark abyss. Screaming in rage, he clawed his way across the Oldstove before he was EJO'd, trying to bring one of the bastards with him. He did well.

Just Kidding.

The panel did break in the process, however. He should really take more "time" to avoid those panels.

The purple mecha dashed toward the first Cannondumb, who panicked and fired a shot at him, blowing up on his shoulder. Undettered, Mechaman tried to whack the Cannondumb into the other, but its immobile status rendered it too heavy to move. So it just died.

Now, for his final attack came the Havok Cannon. What would it reveal? It's.. It's...

a heal. Well, at least it repaired the damage taken from that Cannondumb attack.

The last remaining virus decided to shoot Mechaman anyway. Ouch.

OldstoveA: DELETED
OldstoveB: DELETED
OldstoveC: DELETED
CannondumbA: DELETED
CannondumbB: 50

Terrain: 97% Normal, 2% Cracked, 1% Hole

Mechaman: 80 [Rageclaw]
"Well this should be easy enough." Ken said as ease began to set in. He no longer had to worry about his navi getting deleted, and in all actuality he felt quiet proud of what he had helped his friend accomplish. The child had never dreamed that they could have taken out this many internet virii by themselves. Yet here they were with only one virus left and the rage claw still activated.

"Rip em to shreds!" Ken said, a hint of sadism creeping into his voice. Then again these thing were virii, so they was no reason to feel compassion for them. Instead he only felt the satisfaction of a job well done.

Mechaman must have felt equally badass as he brought his upper body lower to the ground before rising up in the motion of a rising uppercut which dominatly featured the rage claw. Then as he came down from the sweeping blow, he brought the claw back down upon the cannon, finally finishing off by spinning on his heels, extending the claw so that it was allowed to shred a path across the front of the cannon.

The two both believed that the cannon would be hard pressed to survive this potential onslaught.

[Rage Claw >CannondumbB> 40 Damage + Slash]
[Rage Claw >CannondumbB> 40 Damage + Slash]
[Rage Claw >CannondumbB> 40 Damage + Slash]
Mechaman decimates the Cannondumb with a flurry of slashes, then he ASPLODES BECAUSE HE CAN'T HANDLE HOW EPIC HE IS, LOL.

Er- anyway, joking aside, he gets rewards.

OldstoveA: DELETED
OldstoveB: DELETED
OldstoveC: DELETED
CannondumbA: DELETED
CannondumbB: DELETED

Terrain: 97% Normal, 2% Cracked, 1% Hole

Mechaman: 80

Get: Cannon, 300z
"How was that Mecha?" Ken asked as pride filled his voice. He had been sure to grab a few extra blank chips when he had left the room the first time, after all it was not advisable to leave your net navi unattended on the net.

Thus it took little time for the operator to download the new cannon data, along with the zenny. Over all the totally haul of the day was looking pretty good, but Ken had begun to get cocky, thinking that it would be possible to venture further into the net.

"I don't know if that is advisable sir. I believe we should jack-out now and not risk deletion" Mechaman said in response to Ken's brashness.

"Bah don't worry about it, we got this Mecha" Ken replied, nonchalantly. He was almost one hundred percent certain that there would not be any virii in the area that would be able to take them down. Not without a fight at least.

[Battle Request 3]
Two swordys and Champu come into sight as Mechaman walks on. They kind of look like they're saying, "Put 'em up!" Well, the Champu's do at least. The Swordys look kind of bored as they sigh and swing their swords around to get into practice.

It's a challenge then.

SwordyA: 60 HP
SwordyB: 60 HP
ChampuA: 60 HP
ChampuB: 60 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Mechaman.exe: 80 HP

"Four opponents...This shouldn't be to tough!" Ken said with excited as his net navi had rounded the corner and come face to face with a new set of virii. Obviously these opponents where going to be much much more difficult to defeat that than the Metool's. But the duo was up for the challenge.

"Looks like it time to do some damage." Mechaman almost instantaneously knew which chip would be slotted in just, seeing as how it had become a staple of their combat maneuvers. Just like the two times before, Mecha's arm began to change radically. It elongated near the first, growing longer and skinner before it took on the appearance of a shotgun muzzle.

Then as the net navi lined up his shot, he began to glow with a bright color. Then the color seemed to concentrate itself into the barrel of the gun which exploded towards the first swordy.

With the swordy's potentially being wounded or taken care of with the shotgun shot, Mecha turned his attention towards the first of the two Champu's.

"Give me a cannon and a shield Sir." The navi recommended. His operator was only happy to comply to his wish, slotting the cannon in first as he knew exactly what his navi would do. The buster materialized into reality, was lined up and fired towards the Champu, and then the cannon faded back into non-existence.

Next up with the guard chip which was slotted just as the cannon chip's effect wore off. This time it was the navi's left arm that began to bulge and grow until it formed a large yellow shield. Mechaman would be sure to use the guard to defend against whatever attack came his way.

[ Shotgun > SwordyA, Spread > SwordyB[50 DMG + Spread1] + Untaped Power = 55 Damage]
[Cannon > ChampuA - 40 Damage]
[Guard1 > Reflect > 60 Damage]
Mechaman opens up on the viruses, blasting a pair of Swordy's with a shotgun blast and hitting a Champu with a cannon. One of the Swordy's attack, but its attack is reflected back and deletes it. While one of the Champus recovers from the cannon blast, the second streaks in and hits Mechaman with two fiery punches.

SwordyA: 5 HP
ChampuA: 20 HP
ChampuB: 60 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Mechaman.exe: 60 HP
"Well, we have a chance to finish this off now! Are you ready for that Mecha?" Ken half asked, half commanded as he grabbed his second, and recently obtained, cannon chip. He knew full well that Mechaman would comply to his wishes, and he was also fairly confident that he would be able to take down the remaining virii with his help.

"Ok, first thing's first. Take down that last swordy with a buster shot." Ken ordered. Mechaman's Cust-Arm was happy to comply to the command as it began to change before the words were even out of his mouth. The normal fist that created the second hand of Mechaman seemed to pop out and then spread apart, leaving a large hole in the navi's arm. This was his buster.

The shot took only moments to line up, and soon bullet was away, however the net navi had little time to worry about it now. Instead his attention had shifted to the first of the two champu's, the one that he had weakened.

"Cannon chip in." Ken called as a warning to his partner as he plugged the chip into the PET. Soon a canon stood in place of the normal buster, appearing to be several times larger than the original buster. This larger cannon was raised up and leveled off with the Champu without a second thought.

"Now to try that attack of yours again..." Ken knew that this part of the plan would be crucial but he wasn't sure if he would succeed in getting the Havok Arm to attack. It might malfunction again and do something unpredictable. But then again that was half the fun of using the attack.

"Use your Havok Arm!" Ken cried out. As if response the net navi took off, running towards the unhit Champu. Pieces of metal all along his arm began to open up, and an odd light began to pour out of the center of his arm. Then in a flash of light the net navi jumped at the virus. Only time would be able to tell the final outcome.

[Buster>SwordA>8 damage]
[Cannon>ChampuA>40 Damage]
[Havok Arm[Sig Attack]>ChampuB> [60 damage melee/60 damage ranged/40 heal]
Mechaman wipes the last Swordy out with his buster and then moves on to the next Champu, who sees his attack and teleports... toward him. Yeah, not a good idea. It dies, suffice to say. But not before landing a single punch on him.
Running in, the purple mechanoid lets out a war cry, activating his Havok Arm signature, and...
punches the last Champu, deleting it.


Terrain: 100% Normal

Mechaman.exe: 50 HP

Get: Sword