Starting anew.

Sage descended from the skies of ACDC Net, dancing on a gentle downdraft in an elegant suit. A thin mustache and goatee adorned his face as he spun downwards, obviously taking his time....

...Suddenly, a sound not unlike a whip cracking later, Sage morphed into a heavy iron safe and instantly hit terminal, plummeting the rest of the rather far drop to firm ground. He hit terra firma with a tremendous crash, miraculously not damaging the ground in the slightest. Suddenly the safe door popped open, and Sage, in his normal attire stepped out of it as if nothing had happened. The safe mysteriously vanished behind the eccentric Navi as he took out his coffee mug and took a long drink from it. When he'd finished, he offhandedly looked to his side, where Ryouta had opened a window and watched the entry with mild amusement. "So what now?" Sage asked, taking another sip of his coffee.

"Hunt for viruses. You shouldn't have too much trouble with that; they have a habit of showing up," Ryouta said. Sage tipped his fedora in his Operator's direction and took a casual stroll in a random direction. Every so often his mind would wander and he's morph into something random, but that was nothing new.

<(BATTLE 1.)>
The sound and vibration of the impact catches the attention of some of the local viruses, and two Metools and a Bunny head over to investigate. They stop about a dozen feet away from the Navi, checking him over curiously. The right most metool decides the Navi is a threat, and pulls out its pickaxe. Busting time!

Viruses Identified!

MetoolA: 40HP
MetoolB: 40HP
Bunny: 50HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Sage.EXE: 100HP

<(Battle #1: A new beginning! Ready, Fight!)>