- ACDC? The HELL am I doing here?
- What? What's the problem with it?

It is general knowledge that ACDC is the weakest of the nets, considering the overall strenght of virii. Noone really knows why its like this; maybe it is because of the netpolice, their officers working ever so hard to keep the area clean of any threat. Or maybe its just ACDC being one of the towns that has the most net dwelling youth, any virii dumb enough to wander in to the area is likely to face sophisticated, well equipped, and above all, bored navis that are ready for some "fun" with outnumbered, cornered, and above all, unluckyvirii. Only the most brainded of the viral family don't try to avoid the areas with more traffic, and even the outskirts are only home for very low class threats.

Valkyrie, of course, knew this. And while being bored and well equipped (
one who feels brave enough could say that "in more than one way"... then again, noone knows how would Val react, as such bravery she had not encounterd so far) , she would rather call herself barbaric than sophisticated. Of course, if anyone else did that, she'd bash in their skulls, but thats besides the point. The weak opponents in this area won't be any challange to her, that she was certain about.

- Do you seriously think this place holds any merit for us?
- Actually, I was just thinking about earning some spare change... not to mention the guard1 chips dropped here seem to be hot on the market.
- Hopeless... Fine, if thats what you want, I'll slaughter whatever we encounter, no matter how pathetic it will be. But know this: I'm not pleased.
- Like you ever are...

Valkyrie decided not to answer, setting out to find something that she can crush instead.

[Ready for battle 1]
Virus Attack!

SpookyA: 50 HP
SpookyB: 50 HP
SpookyC: 50 HP
SpookyD: 50 HP
SpookyE: 50 HP

Valkyrie.exe: 120 HP

-Spookies. I hate spookies.
- Well, I don't think they like you either...
- Oh yeah? Than whats with all the licking?
-... you are saying that you thought they seeked affection and you still killed them?
- May I get on with deleting this bunch of failiure?
-Please do so.

There was one more thing that Valkyrie disliked in ACDC. Smaller virii (and weaklings in general, she noted sorely to herself) were always coming in swarms. The problem with that, is that her attack power was focused, capable of taking out even a strong foe pretty fast, but with weak opponents like this... Damn it! She wasn't built for this kind of thing! Then again she could always just...

- Hey, Sieg! I feel like slashing some ghosts today.
- One sword, coming up.

Of course, it felt a bit unfair. But at least the sword was more personal than just staying back and pulling the trigger. Even though she sometimes wondered just why she wanted to get personal with these... things.

Regardless, she charged at them; even if her opponent was a cybeast, it was very likely that she'd charge the same way she does now. She leaned forward, her hands almost sweeping the ground, as the boosters on her back spew flames, scorching the very air behind her.

The problem with armor is movement. Although the boosters took care of the initial problem of "not moving too fast", once she actually started to move, the new problem of "not being able to stop" became apparent. It put enormous strain on her body to stop as abruptly as she usually does; unless she channels the force of motion into somewhere else; like...

She stopped in front of the middle virii, stomping down her leg right before the... lack of leg that the spooky did not possess. Fueled by the remaining power of the charge, Valkyrie did a full turn, while bringing the sword around for a wide cut to split the ghastly opponent in half. She didn't stop yet; like a balerina that slipped on a banana peel, but decided that falling on the face was not an option, she rolled over to the next virii. Arriving in kneeling position, she stabbed forward, aiming to impale another foe on the sword. She tried to remember the last time she fought a spooky... it wasn't so long ago actually. These bastards attack by...

Valkyrie dived to the side before even finishing the thought. Not wasting a second, she slashed the way she was standing just a moment ago; the ghost virii are prone to teleport and surprise attack an unsuspecting foe, and she didn't want to fail for that again. Getting licked by these.. things was bad enough the first time.

1.Ride of the Valkyrie (teleport+impact and break for the next attack) next to the ghosts
2. Sword (80) SpookyC: 50 HP
3. Sword (80) SpookyD: 50 HP
+ Sword Dance Dodge
4. Sword (80) SpookyE: 50 HP

... sorry for the intense spammage and my grammar, not at a comp that has spell check right now :P]
((You could always copypasta in Word. :'D))
Ghosts die! Then they come to attack! Valkyrie avoided SpookyB's Lick!

SpookyA: 50 HP
SpookyB: 50 HP
SpookyD: DICED

Valkyrie.exe: 120 HP [Sword]
((There is no Word on this comp either XD))

- Hey girl, I think you got a secret admirer.

Valkyrie stood up and turned to face the both of the remaining Spooky.
- What?
- Someone is searching for you. Some Polonius... ah, I think he is the operator of DNR.

The viral ghosts have probably accepted their fate. Or perhaps, they were just not capable of running away in the first place, being uncapable to comprehend the meaning of death, or just not having any will other than to destroy. The possibility of this really upset her. Its not just like fighting weak enemies, its like fighting dolls. Regardless, only 2 of these wretched creatures remain, and she didn't even break a sweat so far. She measured the distance...

- What? DNR?- She thought a bit about the name. From the depth of her memory, an image rose to surface. - The annoying little twerp?
- Well, I'd say thats a pretty fitting description.

Lunging forward, she thrust the blade of her sword in the way of the unlucky Spooky, then abruptly stopped and did a quick uppercut, changing the stabbing motion into a rising swipe. A basic feint, but its not like these virii were any expert on that.

- Hmph, I wanted to face him again any way. Ask him what he wants or something...
- He is looking for that teeth guy too... no wait, he found him.
- This might be interesting...

Valkyrie dismissed the sword, returning to her trustworthy lance. She concentrated, focusing her powers into her arm, her hand, and through that her lance. There was a white aura surrounding the weapon and the limb holding it.

She moved fast, almost as fast as when the charge was aided by the boosters. Rapidly closing the gap, she took a final step, then jumped up high, majestically floating in the air for a moment. Holding the spear now in both hands, she slammed down to the ground, almost shattering the panel she landed; the same one where the Spooky was.

- I just can't wait to see them again.


1 Sword (80) Spooky A
2 Charge
3 Charge
4 Charge attack (4*5*8=160) Spooky B

SpookyD: DICED

Valkyrie.exe: 120 HP [Sword]

Get: Recov10, 200z
- It will be like a family reunion. Just "demolitionists" instead of family. Do you think someone brings a brick of the hospital, as a reminder of the good old days?

Valkyrie thought about it for a bit. Her memory of the events, especially what happened before the explosion was messy. She remembered perfectly that, at one point of the fight, she turned on her... teammates. She could still feel some lingering hatred towards them, but that wouldn't be enough reason for such an act. There was this unshakable feeling that she did something very wrong and owned someone an apology. That of course, just made it worse.

- Let it be. I'll play around a bit more here. Go and ask them whats with the sudden interest or something.
- I love it when you ask so nicely. Whatever, its not like I have anything to do anyway.

[Bring on the next group plz]

CanodumbA: 50 HP
CanodumbB: 50 HP
CanodumbC: 50 HP
CanodumbD: 50 HP
SpikeyA: 90 HP
SpikeyB: 90 HP

Valkyrie: 120 HP

Valkyrie always thought there was something novel about Spikeys. Maybe its just that they resembled wolves, proud predators of the wild, or the power to engulf the battlefield in flames (there was something about flames that always caught her attention; perhaps its the dance of the light, although, its more likely that the tendency for devouring everything while growing bigger and bigger, and in the end, leaving behind nothing but ashes was what made fire so interesting).

It is really only whims like this. She could've took it slowly and chopped the cannons first. Or dash in with her signature Ride and take them before they can even realise what hit 'em.

Instead, she charged at the spikey by foot. And incidentally, the time to get there was just enough for her to finish charging up... Of course power comes at a price. The price could be time, but she decided to pay with something she had far more of at the moment. She wondered sometimes why do navis feel pain. Its gotta be to make things more interesting.

She didn't stop for a moment though. There is a fairly good chance that if a landmine blew off her legs, she'd be crawling on the bloody bits till she can get her hands on something to kill for that nasty trick.

Finally letting go of the force that piled up in her, the lance pierced with the destructive charges that she was storing.

- Very nice. Now, if you are done wasting your resources, would kindly move on to the cannons? They won't slay themselves you know..

Of course, Sieg had a point. Cannons are immobile, weak opponents with moderate attack power. All it takes is one swing of the sword... By the time she finished the thought, the weapon was shining in her hands. When you do dirty work, you might as well get over it fast.

One of the cannons was in reach, so she started with that one. Shes lashed at the cannon, while moving onwards to the next one. Keep moving is the rule against virii. Always keep moving,never stop for a moment, because if you do, well, you'll be forced to move, by a healthy blast of viral ammo.

Upon reaching the another cannon, she slashed again,this time bringing the sword down with a vertical strike. She started to think about this little adventure as training; since that is something people do not like to do, but must, in order to get stronger. Well, there aren't many left to try out things on.

1. Skoguls' (15 hp sacrifice for 2 buster charges)
2. Charge attack at SpikeyA
3. Sword Cannon A
+ Sword dance dodge
4. Sword CannonB
((Right, your charge shot is at 160 right now Knight, keep that in mind to post the damage.))
Valkyrie weakens herself a bit before skewering the first Spikey on her lance. Tossing the wolf's corpse aside, she rushes at the Canondumbs with her sword, elegantly slashing them in half as she passed by.

CanodumbA: DELETED
CanodumbB: DELETED
CanodumbC: 50 HP
CanodumbD: 50 HP
SpikeyB: 90 HP

Valkyrie: 105 HP
((and I also forgot the regen... dammit, I really need to get back in shape :P))

- Bad..

Valkyrie pulled the lance back, holding it at the side of her head with her free hand firmly gripping its handle. She took a few steps forward while pointing the instrument at the next target, the remaining (probably not for too long) Spikey. Turning around abruptly, the weapon was brought down in after being spun once above the head of the warrior.

- ...doggie!
- Mental note: If you can't find a newspaper, a 6 feet long heavy lance will work.

She liked the sound the weapon made while being swinged, followed by the clang of the panel beneath. Grandiouse moves like this might seem to be a waste of time, but they help focusing on that one strike, increasing the power of the blow tremendously.

Then again, she doubted that most of her foes are worth the time. It is a good excersise none the less. Speaking of which... the leftover cannons were far away; farther than what she would like to run in plain sight against their aim. However, that does not mean they are out of her range. This time raising the sword she was holding in her other hand, she took a half step, giving a momentum to the swing then let the blade go, flinging it across the field to hit one of the immobile turrets.

1. Charge
2. Charge
3. Charge Attack (160) To spikeyB
4. Throw Sword (80) at CanodumbC

Regen 4*6=24 points of health.
They die, but hey! One's still there, and... it shoots you!

CanodumbA: DELETED
CanodumbB: DELETED
CanodumbC: DELETED
CanodumbD: 50 HP

Valkyrie: 109 HP
- Did you... did you just get shot... by a canodumb?
- Yes...
- I mean, the most pathetic of all viriii? The definition of cannonfodder?
- Would you shut the hell up?
- I have to tell this to my frie... well, I don't really have those, but I do have to tell someone... Hey, mister!

Valkyrie grit her teeth. It was bad enough being hit (although it was nothing mre than what one could call a scratch) without the remarks of this asshole. The fact that from the background she could hear him telling a random bypasser that a cannon hit his girl, did not make it any better either.

She walked slowly to the cannon, recovering the sword from the pile of rubbish the other one left behind. Reading the targeting of the virus, she made sure to step aside whenever it locked in on her. Once she was in reach, she stabbed. She was wishing it had a face that she could stare into, but...

1-3 move/dodge to da canodumb
4 Sword (80) CanodumbD

Regen 4*6=24 points of health.
((Er, didn't you THROW your sword at the previous Canondumb, and it looks to me that you only have one sword, so I don't think you have a sword equipped right now...))
((Thats why I picked it up from the remains of the other canodumb >.> Well, if killing it with a charge attack instead of a sword works better for you, it is not like I have to change it around too much :P))
((...I would think the sword would disappear after it was deattached from the main body...You know what, I'll let you off THIS time, but be sure not to pull crap like that again.))


CanodumbA: DELETED
CanodumbB: DELETED
CanodumbC: DELETED
CanodumbD: DELETED

Valkyrie: 133 HP

Get: 400z
- So boring...
-Hey, I'll go and setup an e-mail for us. Be a good girl and play around a bit.
- You wouldn't dare to leave me alone in this dump, you little... Sieg?

Silence. It was a lack of sound that carried a very-very well defined meaning.
- Why you...

Trapped in the nets, Valkyrie swore once again, that one day, one day she'd, she'd... do something painful to the kid. Everyone needs "one day". Till that day comes though, she might as well go around and hit random stuff when frustrated. It is the next best thing to hitting that brat.

(( Right, I'll try to behave... my max hp is still only 120 though XD Next group por favor!))
((Right, Right.))
Valkyrie encounters lesser denizens of the net.
Or in layman's terms, viruses.

BandcoonA: 50 HP
BandcoonB: 50 HP
BunnyA: 50 HP
BunnyB: 50 HP
BunnyB: 50 HP
ShrubbyA: 50 HP
ShrubbyB: 50 HP
Spikey: 90 HP

Valkyrie.exe: 120 HP

Worms. Worms crawling all over the place. Disgusting little creatures that know nothing of their insignificance, and devour whatever its around them, with no purpose just to breed. Valkyrie felt disgusted whenever she had to look at a disgusting swarm like this. Bunnies, some bush things, and racoons... What, is this some kind of saturday morning show for kids?

On the flip side, she is in the mood to smash things, and behold, fluffy scum come out of nowhere. If this is some kind of conspiration, she'd probably like to take part in it.

- I had enough of the likes of YOU!

She decided to take it easy and pick them off one by one. Let terror sink into their bones. (Metaphorically speaking. Virii probably don't have bones, but that doesn't matter because this is a figure of speech, as some people would say. And putting that aside, it is still a lovely idea.)

She decided that the first target will be the spikey. It looked so out of place in this chibi festival that she was feeling like doing a favor for "it". She charged at the best head first, aiming to pierce the wolf virii, deleting it in one blow.

After the attack, she stopped, looking around, silently counting the remaining virii. She strafed sideways, circling around so that they block the view of each other. Oh yes. This will be "fun".

1. Sacrifice (15 self dmg, 2 charge)
2. Ride (teleport effect and break+impact attribute added to next attack
3. Charge attack (4*5*8= 160) SpikeyA
4. Dodge
Therefore, you get MOD JUSTICE.))

Valkyrie misses, horribly, she falls face first onto the ground, her butt sticking up in an uncomfortable position. Nothing happens afterwards.

BandcoonA: 50 HP
BandcoonB: 50 HP
BunnyA: 50 HP
BunnyB: 50 HP
BunnyB: 50 HP
ShrubbyA: 50 HP
ShrubbyB: 50 HP
Spikey: 90 HP

Valkyrie.exe: 120 HP