Casual Busting

A beam of light descended from the sky. Where it struck there remained nothing of significance, just an unsymmetrical navi With a grimace on his face.

"Alright Chad, if we are going to improve me might as well see how far we have come" Splitman said, the words directed at is semi-present operator "5 battles then we are done. lets not screw this one up" Split walked toward his soon-to-be foes. Let the game begin.
A trio approaches him. The met stands in the front, while the stoves slightly behind, on either side.

Metool: 40
OldstoveA: 50
OldstoveB: 50

Splitman: 120

Terrain: Normal, all of it

Battle 1 Start
Splitman glanced casually at the enemies before him, gradually increasing his pace. Just before reaching the Met he leap, shallow and fast, over the tiny opponent and between the two menacing old stoves. He heard a chip list go by in the corner of his mind before summoning two swift arcs of flame to his right and left, aiming to cut down the stoves before they had time to act.

Before the flames had time to die down he had begun pivoting backwards, his left arm already transformed into a viscous claw. Unfortunately he had advanced too far when attacking the other foes and would not be able to reach the remaining virus. Cursing himself slightly he summoned his remaining chip, a minibomb, and hurled it at the Met with entirely undue force.

0: Advanced Mobility: Jump between Oldstoves
1:FireHit1(60, fire): OldstoveA
2:FireHit1(60, fire): OldstoveB
3+4:Hurl Minibomb(60) with RageClaw at Metool
Splitman descends mercilessly between the Oldstoves, giving them what-for! He then hurls a Minibomb at the Metool, destroying it completely! THERE ISN'T A SCRAP LEFT.
Oh, and then rewards come.

OldstoveA: WHAT
OldstoveB: FOR

Splitman: 120

Terrain: Normal, all of it

Get: 300z
Splitman dusted himself off as the smoke cleared from the area around him. It was a start. "We have a mission yet or-" Splitman began
"No" Chad interupted

The gray navi sighed slightly then readjusted him arm before continuing down the path, looking for more things and/or time to kill.
Splitman, horribly bored, traverses onward, itching for something to do.
However, whatever he seems to come across are viruses upon viruses, how boring, let's just pick a group... how about this one? and deal with it.

ChampuA: 60 HP
ChampuB: 60 HP
SwordyA: 60 HP
SwordyB: 60 HP
SpookyA: 30 HP
SpookyB: 30 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Splitman.exe: 120 HP

Splitman stepped forward lazily, his body bobbing slightly from side to side as though he had given up on standing upright. Slowly he eyed the group of virii as his eye made a high pitch whining sound. A virtual HUD appeared before him as a indicator moved over the first opponent. The green targeting reticule hovered over the first enemy for a moment before rapidly switching between each of the foes, each success followed by a distinct clicking sound and the text 'target locked' scrolling through his vision.

As the last target lock clicked into place a sadistic grin slowly began to wash over Split's face. "Kill" He said quietly as he clenched his left fist tightly, his entire arm beginning to tremble. "Kill" he said again as he ripped his left arm from his body and began twirling it at his side. "I'm going to kill you bastards" He shouted once more before charging the group.

His arm raised above his head and swung down, summoning a massive wooden log that dropped towards the ground. Before the log hit the ground Split leapt onto the side, pointed the muzzle of a gun into it, and fired before jumping off again. The resulting conflagration shot forward towards the group of enemies.

Not waiting for it to hit, Split charged in behind the attack, swinging his detached arm like some sort of horrible flail. The make-shift weapon buckled under the strain of his attacks, his own arm effectively buckling and snapping under the strain of seven consecutive blows.

Looking upon the aftermath of his attack, he just stood there panting. A single broken arm dangled at his side.

Target Lock(8 Instances of Take Aim, 2 TCD): one per enemy 2 on Champus
RingLog1(50 Wood + Ground Attack + Wide Attack) Advanced Mobility(Free Move)+Heatshot1(40 Fire+Spread)
Hurl Log, jump off to speed up, use heatshot to ignite/detonate:Champus+Swordys
RedOut(7x50 buster attacks, buster crash): 1 to all, 1 at any stragglers.
Splitman, flying into a fit of rage, was remarkably efficient.

Running at his clearly highlighted enemies, He lept and dropped a log upon them from the skies. Before it could connect, it burst into flames, and fell successfully onto both Swordies and a Champu.

He then flung his arm around erratically. he first smashed down the remaining Champu, who was hit but survived. Then he targeted one of the spookies, deleting it, too, instantly. The other, who had been mysteriously unaccounted for, reappeared now behind Splitman. The Navi swung quickly in reaction to this, and the poor thing was deleted before it could even lick him.

His attacks continues, striking each virus that had been already smashed by the flaming log.

His last attack, targeted once more at the first Champu, was a narrow miss.

As he stood panting, broken arm at his side, the Champu quickly closed in and struck him twice with a fiery vengeance. The hits landed squarely on the Navi's chest. Successful as they were, though, they left the weakened virus within arms reach of the less berserk Splitman.

ChampuA: 10 HP -Right in front of SplitMan-
ChampuB: -Deleted-
SwordyA: -Deleted-
SwordyB: -Deleted-
SpookyA: -Deleted-
SpookyB: -Deleted-

Splitman.exe: 100 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal
Splitman looked at the remaining Champu, turning his head to look at it sideways. 'Huh' he said, with a somewhat puzzled look. The dangling arm in Split's right hand transformed into a large gun and he fired three consecutive shots at the remaining foe. Split did not wait to watch the aftermath of the event before beginning to heal.
"We have a job in Yoka" Chad said on the link
Splitman rubbed his head, still holding the broken arm. "Alright, alright, I will get going there then..."

Minibomb(60/2 Conversion heal)
It dies.
Splitman then heals.

ChampuB: -Deleted-
SwordyA: -Deleted-
SwordyB: -Deleted-
SpookyA: -Deleted-
SpookyB: -Deleted-

Splitman.exe: 120 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Get: 600z
Splitman grabs the remaining data then runs of in a rush.