With a burst of digital light, or whatever one might call such a thing, Shizuka erupted into the networld of ACDC town. Being an oddly designed navi by a deceased relative of Emosawa's, she stood out greatly from the rest of the navis that were around. But hey, screw what they thought; if they wanted to poke fun at her appearance, they'd be feeling her right hand's strength, no doubt.

"Hm! Alright! Hey, Lien! Keep a look out for any viruses that I can rip into!"

"Ah, alright! I'll do my best." came the reply. In the realworld, Emosawa already had his battlechips on his desk if necessary.

Shizuka exploded on the pathway many had taken before her, leaping great bounds and hungering for easy prey. This was the time for battle.
Soon enough, the navi came upon three Metools, all congregating about something. They soon noticed the new warrior and took up their pickaxes to fight her.
Data will be spilled. But who's first?

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Shizuka.exe: 100 HP


((For epic battling help, read the following.))
"Hahahahahahahahahahahahah! Alriiiiight! Let's get this party started!"

"Ah, mm, let's do our-"
"Lien! Cannon chip!"

Without a word, Emosawa sheepishly slotted in the chip as commanded. She didn't like it when Shizuka cut her off like that, but there was little she could do.

Back in the net, the Cannon digitized around her left hand. Wasting absolutely no time, she pointed it at the Metool farthest from her, and fired at it, hardly affected by the recoil. Draw first blood... As the weapon dissolved with it's use, Shizuka charged up along the broadside of the other two, intending to line them up in a row.

A wicked grin adorned her childish face. "She who strikes fiiiiiiirst~!" she began, almost screaming the words. Picking up on the cue, Emosawa slotted in the Shotgun chip, not bothering to distract her partner with trivial matters.

Grasping the weapon in her monstrous right hand, she planted her feet in the ground, whipped it out level at the Metools, and fired. It was an odd sight, as her huge arm absorbed most of the backwards force the shot created, making it seem like she wasn't even fazed by the recoil.

1. Cannon -> MetoolA [40]
2. Strategic manuever
3. Shotgun -> Metool B+C [50]
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Shizuka hurried into the fight, blasting a Cannon shot at the furthest Metool, who meeped in surprise as it was deleted. Notified of their ally's doom, the other viruses reacted quickly with defensive-ish postures, whereupon one was deleted, and the other hid under its helmet, avoiding the shrapnel of the Shotgun attack.
Two down...

MetoolC: 40 HP (Under Helmet)

Terrain: 100% Normal

Shizuka.exe: 100 HP
"I... think you may have scared it, Shizuka."

"Hahahah! Interesting! So the bastard wants to play a game of hide-and-seek with me, huh? Well, thankfully, I see him under that goddamn hat of his, and it aint jack compaired to my toys!"

"Err, um... I uh, I think that... that's what you'd called 'Peakaboo', not 'Hide-and-Seek', Shizuka."

The net-navi let out an obnoxious snort. "Pfah! Whatever! Details like that don't matter!"

Shizuka extended her right arm outwards fully in front of her. (And despite what one may think, wasn't in danger of falling over). The large fingers and thumb of her hand seemed to flex outwards for a moment, before the whole hand seemed to seperate into strips. The strips folded outwards, and before long, a half-foot-long barrel was formed, locking into place with her arm with a loud click.

"And heeeeeeeeeeeeeere's why~!" she roared with a grin. From the wide barrel erupted a sphere of blackish energy, directed towards slamming into the remaining Metool.

1. Big Bang -> MetoolC [40;Break]
Shizuka's blast of power smashes through the met's helmet. The met is then deleted once the attack connects with its actual body, leaving Shizuka alone.


Terrain: 100% Normal

Shizuka.exe: 100 HP

Rewards: Guard1, 50z
"Ah... good job on defeating them, Shizuka."

"Fuh, they weren't even all that tough," Shizuka replied, making no attempt to sound particularly pleased with herself. "What did we get out of it?"

"Let's see... it looks like some zenny and a Guard1 battleschip."

"Whaaaaaat?" she almost whined. She was certainly not pleased, anyway. "A worthless chip like that? You should just toss it, or something. Who needs to 'guard' when you can just blow your enemies away!?"

Emosawa found himself without much of a response. Without one that would earn him a verbal berrating, anyway.

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Shizuka grumbles about her crappy rewards and goes on to find more weak viruses to trash.
Soon enough, she comes upon two Shrubby viruses who freak out at the sight of her and hide behind immobile Canondumbs for protection.
Well, won't this be boring?

CanondumbA: 50 HP
CanondumbB: 50 HP
CanondumbC: 50 HP
ShrubbyA: 50 HP (behind CDA)
ShrubbyB: 50 HP (behind CDB)

Terrain: 100% Normal

Shizuka.exe: 100 HP

"They... appear to be scared of you, Shizuka."

Shizuka laughed, her mania making for the only sound in that particular area. "Well well! Isn't that interesting... and very cowardly! It sure seems to be a common trait among you weaker viruses to be like that, huh?"

"Shizuka... I, um... I... don't think that you-"
"Lien! Shotgun, Cannon, now!"

An audible breath escaped Emosawa's lips as he slotted in the chips in succession. He almost wished he hadn't let it escape, but he figured that his chances of not having Shizuka pick it up in the state that she was in were pretty good. So he hoped, anyway.

Back in the networld, Shizuka was nice and set to go. The cannon formed around her extended left hand, and she grasped the bulky shotgun in her right. "Cowardly viruses like you who do nothing but hide really piss me off!" she roared, letting loose a blast from each. They were aimed at the two Canondumbs that the Shrubbies her hiding behind. But if they thought that was going to save them, one of them was in for quite a surprise...

1. Cannon+Untapped Power -> CDA [50]
2. Shotgun -> CDB+ShrubbyB [50]
3. Nothing (Dodge by default I guess?)
Shizuka lets out a low laugh as she lays waste to a Cannondumb with some of its own medicine, only boosted a little, before wiping out A Shrubby and a Canondumb with one very scary Shotgun blast. Seeing no other protection, the remaining Shrubby cowered behind the remaining Canondumb, which let loose a round of cannon fire at Shizuka who simply side-stepped out of the way.

CanondumbA: MEDICINE'D
CanondumbC: 50 HP
ShrubbyA: 50 HP (behind CDC)

Terrain: 100% Normal

Shizuka.exe: 100 HP
Sensing the impending attack, Shizuka shifted all of her weight to the left, and snapped her head in that direction. The shot whizzed past her face, the digital wind pushed by it's momentum causing her ponytails to whip around. Shizuka herself remained fairly motionless after that, not even bothering to put her other foot down, for a moment.

Suddenly, said foot slammed down. "That was it!? Come on! I didn't come virus busting to deal with some pansy assholes that do nothing but hide and shoot every so often! I came for a god damn fight!!"

"Um... that virus appears to be hiding again, behind the final Canondumb.

Shizuka frowned angrily. "This crap's gone on long enough. Seriously. Aren't viruses supposed to be friggin' malicious? It's time to move on, already!"

Sprinting forward, Shizuka expected the Canondumb would try to fire at her. Having a general idea of what to expect, in mid-run, she began jumping slightly with each step, from side-to-side. Essentially, at the expense of some forward speed, she was zig-zagging up towards it, with the intent of throwing off it's chances of hitting her.


She felt the data load already, and grinned. As soon as she got up close to it, she stopped, planting her feet solidly in front of it. It was risky, but she knew that by being so close, the virus was sure to shoot. She wouldn't be able to react in time, but if she timed it right...


She held up her left hand, and, hoping the near-instantaneous summoning of the chip would be instantaneous enough to reflect the attack she knew was going to come, loaded the data. The yellow shield formed in front of her, hopefully in time for the Canondumb's attack to strike it and explode in its own face. Regardless, there was no time to waste. From there, she flipped over it (or perhaps it's data, anyway), hoping what would come next would come in time.

And, as it happened, it was to happen as planned - Emosawa had taken the que, and slotted in the Rage Claw chip that she now felt the data of. Forming her large right hand into the equally-sized bear-hand, she grinned. With an animalistic - perhaps bear-like - roar, she swiped downwards, hoping to take out the cowardly Shrubby.

1. Strategic Movement
2. Guard1 -> CanondumbC (expected attack) [60]
3. Rage Claw+Untapped Power -> ShrubbyA [40+10]
Shizuka moves in close and then puts up a shield. Of course, the Canodumb, being slow witted and downright stupid, doesn't immediately react to the immediate threat. Finally taking the hint, it fires just as Shizuka leaps over the shield and the shot fires back, hitting the Canodumb just as her feet touch back on the ground. Of course, its own attack isn't strong enough to kill it, so when Shizuka tries to punch the Shrubby, the rageclaw connects with the canondumb instead, finally taking it out. The Shrubby then starts freaking out, running around in small circles.

CanondumbA: MEDICINE'D
ShrubbyA: 50 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Shizuka.exe: 100 HP