Help the new kid

As Blackblade jacked into his new HP he noticed it had no back ground "We need a new background here master" he reported in a grown up voice."Well come on then"he said as his new companion appeared.The funny thing was some new virus were already on his turf.When he first saw them he tried jumping over them to get a cheap shot then tried to cut a slash in its back followed by a long stare.
((wrong. dude you really have to read ALL the rules and some examples of battles before you start...))
Sorry, what?
Did you just create a virus to kill, for yourself? I hope that was simply an RP element, because otherwise, you seriously need to read the rules. But in general, please try to refrain from deleting enemies by godmoding it out of battle. In special cases, such as events, it might be acceptable as fluff. Just keep that in mind. Thanks!
Also, put your stats, links to your operator and navi's profile pages, zenny, and battlechips into your sig. Put the stats, battlechips. and links in Drakim's signature tabs, a link to which is provided in the Suggestions and Questions forum, but please keep the zennies out of the tabs.
Thanks again, and welcome to RERN!)
(mod please come and select actions for the virus)
((you have to edit ur sig, edit your post, and read the goddamn rules first...ugh))
No, not now, you have to edit your initial post to just say you jacked in and felt like an itch for battle or something. YOU DO NOT INITIALLY CREATE YOUR OWN VIRUSES AND ATTACK THEM. ONLY THE MODERATOR CAN SEND OUT VIRUSES.
((okay im done. read the rules before you jump into things so quickly dude. later.))