Virus Busting is a Dish Best Served Alone

Arma appeared in the dark desolate void that was the Net. He materialized just above the ground and fell about a foot once he was fully materialized. The sound of his feet hitting the ground echoed across the landscape. It was so quiet that each one of Arma's footsteps seemed much louder than they actually were.

Arma suddenly stopped. He heard something behind him. Arma swurved around quickly. Nothing. Then he turned back around and found himself face to face with virii.

HP: 100

Bring it on!
Yarr, virus attack.

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Armagohma.exe: 100 HP

((another? would it be okay if i fought some different virii? Or at least four of them instead of three? I want to feel progressive...))
((No. Deal with it.))
Arma decided to start things out with a bang. Or to be more specific, a shot.

"Shotgun me," Arma said.

Logan whipped out the chip and slipped it in the PET.

"Fire away," Logan replied.

Arma's arm opened into a large gun. Arma took the shot at MetoolB. The gun made a loud sound as the single powerful shot rocketed towards his foes. After the shot had been taken, Arma's arm morphed back into the usually electric sword. He then charged at MetoolA and executed a swift sideways swipe. After that he swung around and sliced MetoolC.

HP: 100
1. Battlechip: Shotgun > MetoolB (50) + Spread > Metool C (1)
2. Buster Slash > MetoolA (8)
3. Buster Swipe > MetoolC (8)
((Shotgun does 50))

Arma takes out one Metool, and slices the rest. A Metool retaliates by whacking him with a pickaxe.

MetoolA: 32 HP
MetoolC: 32 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Armagohma.exe: 90 HP
Arma stood thinking of his options. This battle is a cakewalk, Arma thought.

"Let's try something new," Arma said with a smirk.

"Like what?" Logan asked.

"Why not try out Rageclaw?"

"Sure why not."

Logan slipped in the chip. Arma's hand transformed into a bear claw. Arma then immediately lunged at MetoolA. He went in to a slash and then spun around and attempted to slash again. Then he jumped back.


Logan immediately responded by putting the chip into the PET. As the cannon materialized, Arma aimed and shot at the other Metool, MetoolC.

1. Rageclaw > Slash > MetoolA (40)
2. Rageclaw > Slash > MetoolA (40)
3. Cannon > MetoolC (40)

((Or do the two rageclaw attacks count as one?))
(You can either do 40 to one, or 20 to two with a single action of a rageclaw. You're thinking, it seems, that the rageclaw can punch an enemy into a second for 20 damage. In actuality, what might serve you best is using the second action for a second 40 damage slash, or using both actions to toss one of the viruses at the other twice. Either way does 40 damage to both.)
((thanks. I don't think I really need to strategize considering how well off I am in this battle. I edited a bit though.))
(I mean, change your summary. The rageclaw is wrong. It's not a matter of strategizing, it's a matter of mechanics.)
SLASH BOOM BANG. Armagohma finally defeats those pesky little hatted foes. All of, what, two turns?


Terrain: 100% Normal

Armagohma.exe: 90 HP


Prize: 200z

(Also, the tabs in your signature in relation to the chips seem to be broken. Cannon triggers another one to go, as do the others. Remember, if you make a second set of tabs using Drakim's tab wizard, change the name in the box "your name" to avoid multiple tabs activating at once.)