Operation: Search and Destroy Grace!

Somewhere within the Network, a rift in the dataspace opens, dropping a white/gold Navi onto its walkways. Raising up from its kneel position from the landing, the Navi does a slight sweep of it's "dirtied" leg.

"Honestly, Lady Charlotte, you can act so rash at times."

"Quiet, FencerMan! You have your orders! I'm not logging you out until it's done, understood!?"

"Lady Charlotte, even if it were possible that I could reach Cynettica from this Network, deleting Grace is something the both of us know could not be done. Furthermore, we would be hunted as criminals if we were to do so. Please reconsider the situation, Lady Charlotte."

"Hmph! Very well, then. Because of your cowardice, just remain in there until you are deleted then!"

"Lady Charlotte!?"

Amidst the banter between the two of whether this was to be a suicide or martyr mission, trouble creeps up upon the two.

Indeed, viruses appear.

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

FencerMan.exe: 100 HP


((Do not autohit or godmode, you've been warned. Now, kick some ass!))
From the corner of his eye, FencerMan noticed a glint of something small and yellow slowly approaching. Out of instinct, he makes a smooth, slightly boosted circle-pivot away from any oncoming sneak attacks. Turning towards their direction, his right hand materializes his weapon of choice, his saber 'Luminous Protector'. "We will discuss this matter later, young lady!" he sternly scoffs out. "At the moment, we have a few guests to entertain." Charlotte noticed the few Metools pop up on her screen and snapped out of her tantrum to prepare to assist. Fencer prepares himself as well, readying his fighting stance - facing forward from a profile with his saber slightly off-hip, pointing towards his enemy - to face off against the sneaky foes.

"Be on your guard!"

"Even though they're lowly Mets, I'm still sending you a few chips to rid them easier!" Charlotte says in a concerned manner, a 360-degree attitude change compared to a few moments prior, all the while digging through her bag to find her pouch she stores Fencer's battlechips in. "Umm, just give me moment... it's here somewhere..." Too impatient to wait for further orders, Fencer focuses his sights on the Met sitting the closest to him loafing around. Without warning, Fencer brings his saber across his chest and continues on with a booster-propelled dash towards his target. Within melee range, Fencer lunges his sword at the Met for his swiftest strike: Hummer Lunge!

"Found it!" Charlotte cheers, her voice echoing through Fencer's helmet. "Now, let's hit them hard with a.... EHHH!?" Her alarming tone transferred into Fencer himself, who propels himself quickly a safe distance away from his targets. With his saber once again crossing his chest in his defensive stance, he responds to the cry. "What is the matter, Lady Charlotte?" "All of... I mean... When did this...?" Charlotte stammers out, still in shock from whatever happened on her end.

"Lady Charlotte, please! Compose yourself!" he says, trying to calm her. Even though the enemies were weak, the last thing he knew he needed was to work with a delirious operator as well. "FencerMan, this day just keeps getting worse!" Charlotte words started to sound a bit choked up, as if she were already on the verge of tears. "We have been raided!" "Raided? What do you mean?" Keeping his stance, as well as his eyes on the remaining oncoming enemies, within his helmet Fencer could hear the sniffles of his operator.

"Our entire collect we worked so hard to obtain...sniff...we only have 3 battlechips now..."

FencerMan could only place his hand over his mask and shake his head.

- Summary -
1. Dodge @ incoming enemies
2. Attack - Hummer Lunge [Aim + 50dmg] @ MetoolB
3. Dodge -> Facepalm
Fencerman deletes a Metool with no problem. Nothing else happens afterwards. Maybe they're scared of you.

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

FencerMan.exe: 100 HP
The situation has become a bit unorthodox in FencerMan's eyes. On one hand, he has to remain focused on his remaining Metool enemies, both of which seem to be more interested in challenging him to a "Shine Off Beauty Pageant" - their polished, yellow hardhats versus his lustrous gold and white chassis - rather than a real battle. On the other hand, he must attend to His Lady's sudden disheartened state. Without the threat of... well, without a threat, he decides on the best course of action. "Uh, you said there are only three chips, correct, Lady Charlotte? Perhaps they may be helpful in this engagement." "sniffle ...yeah," Charlotte replies, still fighting back tears brought on by her current mood swing.

"Only a Cannon, Shotgun, and... what is this? A 'RageClaw' chip?" Another instantaneous mood swing replaces the waterworks on her face with a look of confusion. "Umm, FencerMan? Do you remember when we obtained this chip?" "I can not say that I have, Lady Charlotte? Shall we proceed and see what it does?" FencerMan quickly became a bit relieved that Charlotte wasn't sniveling anymore and was ready to start acting like an operator. "But, you can delete those two with just the Sho-" "SEND THE DARN CHIP, YOUNG LADY!!" Fencer barked, putting a stop to Charlotte's input. Just who was the operator in this duo again...? "Very well, then, FencerMan. Just know that if whatever this chip does doesn't help, I'm sending in the Shotgun chip next! Got it?" Charlotte responded, her words only being met by a silent nod from her Navi. "Then let's do it, FencerMan! RageClaw IN!"

"I apologize for the delay," Fencer says to his enemies with a slight bow followed by his fighting stance. "Let's continue, shall we?" During his conversation with Charlotte, Fencer's eyes never left his enemies... who had somehow moved onto the swimsuit segment of their contest... regardless, it's then when he starts to notice the changes the new chip causes to his body. His free arm starts to lengthen, his fingers as well, morphing into feral talons. "What an undignified look for you, FencerMan..." Charlotte scoffs out in disgust, sounding a bit regretful for turning her prim & proper Navi into this... thing. Fencer doesn't respond, at least not verbally. Instead, the beast-like arm seemed to have a mind of its on as it takes a huge swipe at one of the loafing Mets, the follow-through barring enough force to smack it into the other Met.

What an interesting attack... While Fencer muses at 'his' work, looking rather puzzled at the now retracting arm, another morphing glow occurs right before his eyes. His arm returns to normal size, but not back to its normal form; rather it changes into a thin cylinder shape. "That did look rather cool," Charlotte's voice echoes through Fencer's helmet. "..But you failed to end the match, FencerMan. Unacceptable! Shotgun IN!" Fencer recognized the shape and immediately dropped his arm in a huffed manner. "Young Lady, what is the meaning of this!?" "I told you, if you didn't finish the duel with that one chip I was sending in the Shotgun chip, which we should have done in the first place." Charlotte's smugness rang clear as a bell though Fencer's receptors ticking him off further. "I know you hate using gun chips, but try to endure it for now and finish this fight!"

Silently groaning to himself, Fencer reluctantly raises the gunned arm and wave-dashes within range of the remaining target before unleashing burst-shot goodness their way.

- Summary -
1. RageClaw [Slash - 40dmg] @ MetoolA
2. RageClaw [Impact - 20dmg] @MetoolA,MetoolC
3. Shotgun @ [remaining targets]

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((FFTA? Yeah... pretty addicting.))



Terrain: 100% Normal

FencerMan.exe: 100 HP

Get: Guard1
"See? Now that was not so bad, now was it, FencerMan?"

Standing in the aftermath of his battle, FencerMan watches as his arm shape back into the one he was built with; Charlotte could just feel the silent grin and clenched jaws creep across his face underneath the mask while watching this. "Please do not send such barbaric chips next time, Lady Charlotte," Fencer retorts once the metamorphosis was done. Charlotte knew that FencerMan, being a Sword and melee combat type Navi, strongly disliked using cannon type chips for some odd reason, regardless of how quickly he could end a match if he'd just cooperate and use them. This had been the first time in a long time he was forced into using one. Charlotte felt pretty accomplished by him doing so in such a tame situation.

"Oh, stop your griping, FencerMan. Not only did we destroy those viruses in no time, thanks to that chip, we even got a new chip to add to our collection." Charlotte reminded herself of the Guard1 chip the two just received when saying this, and promptly placed it into the folder.

-[Added 'Guard1' to folder]-

"Regardless, Lady Charlotte, you have had your fun. Now, about releasing me...?" The original agenda - mindlessly trekking to a distant, unreachable network in order to assault a Head Official there only because of a displeased debutant disliked her current dwelling and decreed it - was disregarded, or at least, that what he was hoping for.


"NOPE!? What do you mean, 'Nope!'?"

"Granted, aimlessly wandering around to return back to Cynettica might not be the best thing to do right now." In Fencer's mind, it really wasn't the best thing to do, it was damn near impossible. Given a regular NetOp's decision, it would've been left at that, but dealing with Charlotte since his creation, he knew another task was in the works. He just had to wait for the right conjunction word to come along to bring about more anguish.


Ah, there it is...

"...we could not possible defeat Grace without the proper arsenal, which we currently lack. At the moment, it looks as though we need to earn money the hard way. So FencerMan, I'm not letting you out until we have restored our collection back to its full glory. Understood?"

Fencer, after simple bowing to acknowledge the new mission, continued on the ACDC Net walkways, taking in all the scenery of this new network's landscape. She is not giving up on defeating Grace, but at least the task at hand is a bit more attainable. More importantly, he kept an eye out for any idle viruses to attack. This was not the proper way for a gentleman to behave, but those are the breaks.


((Yeah, remember to state what battle number you're on when requesting a battle.))

More viruses!

CanondumbA: 50 HP
CanondumbB: 50 HP
ShrubbyA: 50 HP (behind CDA)
ShrubbyB: 50 HP (behind CDB)

Terrain: 100% Normal

Fencerman.exe: 100 HP

"Be on your guard!" Fencer speaks while reading himself for the next encounter, lining up in order not to be spotted by the Canon's laser sights. Without so much a warning, his free hand starts to glow, signifying it was about to shape into another form of attack.

"Let's end this quickly, FencerMan! We have other places to visit! Shotgun IN! RageClaw IN! Cannon IN!" Charlotte's voice rang out as the arm finished its transition into the cylinder shaped shotgun. Staring at it with what seemed like a look of pure disgust pouring through his mesh mask, FencerMan finally aimed forward and fired it... away from the targeted foes.

"FENCERMAN, WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU DOING!!??" FencerMan was blown off his feet in pure comical fashion by Charlotte's screech. "That was a perfect shot, and these are stationary viruses! How could you have missed that!?" "Quite simple, Lady Charlotte," Fencer replies while quickly getting back onto his feet and bracing himself into his defensive stance. "I was not at the proper range to use such an inaccurate chip, so it is not at all incomprehensible that I would miss using it!" Charlotte is frozen is shock by this poor excuse of an explanation. Fencer purposely fired it in a totally opposite direction!

The second chip inserted, the RageClaw, started to take its effect on Fencer's free arm, morphing it the length of his body and his hands into talons. Last time this chip was used, it took both Charlotte and Fencer by surprised, suddenly attacking without any sign of warning. Now that Fencer knows what it's capable of, he seems to be in better sync with it as he examines it from palm to backhand. "Just like last time, FencerMan. It will not delete anything, but let's put a hurting on those Shrubbys," Charlotte commands, for no other reason than to keep Fencer from repeating what he just did with the Shotgun chip. "As long as we stay out of that Canon's line of sight, neither it nor the Shrubby will attack." "As you command, Lady Charlotte."

Fencer immediately boosts himself a bit of ways away from the targeted Canon, yet strafes within its field of vision purposely. Hopefully, if I can cause it to misfire, the claw should take the beat without a problem. Finishing off his maneuver, he violent throws the clawed arm straight for the Canon's barrel in hopes of scoring an exceptional double hit of both the Canondumb and Shrubby, as well as a temporal feint of the cannon's fire by using the RageClaw itself as an interceptor. One can only dream of such luck...

"If there's one thing about you," Charlotte's voice echoes within Fencer's helmet, pleased at the plan he just put together. "You excel at thinking on your toes!" "Now is not the time for pleasantries, Lady Charlotte." Fencer retorts as he dashes back out of the remaining enemy's line of sight once more. "There are plenty of opponents left."

"And I wonder just whose mistake is that, FencerMan?"

"We will discuss that later."

Fencer replied at the exact moment his free arm transformed for the third time this battle. Looking at his arm with dread, he then remembered what was coming next in the order of chips. "If you waste that Cannon chip as well, I will have Father deleted and remake you from scratch to follow my EVERY order! Understood?" Feeling her authority wouldn't be tested this time around, Charlotte laid down her command sternly. There are only so many of Charlotte's antics Fencer could rebel against if he saw it necessary to do so, but any moment Mr. Reigns was brought into a threat, it really did become "Do or Die" time for him. Reluctantly, Fencer holds up the cannoned arm parallel to his head. "Very well, Lady Charlotte..." he sighs out, eyeing one of the Shrubbys peeking out from behind the leftmost Canondumb.

"...just waiting for the right moment..."

- Summary -
1. Shotgun @ Deliberate miss
2. Tactful Movement ->RageClaw [Impact -20dmg] @ CannondumbA,ShrubbyA
3. Take Aim @ ShrubbyA
Fencerman wastes his first shot, odd...
He then whacks the Canondumb and Shrubby against each other. Causing their allies to jump (if a stationary cannon turret could jump) in alarm and fire upon Fencerman who was AIMING at something else.

CanondumbA: 30 HP
CanondumbB: 50 HP
ShrubbyA: 30 HP (behind CDA)
ShrubbyB: 50 HP (behind CDB)

Terrain: 100% Normal

Fencerman.exe: 80 HP [Rageclaw]
"FencerMan, what are you planning? The other viruses are weaker now."

Through the screen, Charlotte could see FencerMan targeting the unharmed Shrubby rather than the ones he just smacked around last action. One thing she knows Fencer was capable of was tactful planning, but couldn't see how this would be useful in any way. Hmm, tactful planning... Charlotte eyes widened when she realized the "plan" Fencer had just mentally cooked up. He wouldn't be... no... "DISENGAGE THAT TARGET THIS INSTANT!" Charlotte's sudden screech caused Fencer to not only lose his concentrated aim, but clank the cannon against his helmet as if trying to cover his receptors from the noise. "Lady Charlotte, what is the mea-" "I see what you're planning to do! I COMMAND YOU TO FIRE AT THE CANONDUMB YOU JUST ATTACKED!"

"...As you command, Lady Charlotte," sighed FencerMan, more remorseful than surprised that his plan was so easily seen through. Fencer immediately turned his sights to the toppled Canondumb that was tossed by his RageClaw prior. Firing a lackluster shot at it, he replies with an even more lackluster sounding "I apologize for the irony..."

"You have got some nerve planning to inadvertently disobey me, FencerMan!"

"You only commanded me not to waste the chip. You never commanded me to delete a virus with it. I was simply following the basis of your decree, Lady Charlotte."

"Damn you and your over-analysis! Deleting a virus should already be established, I should not have to order it to be done!" During the bickering, Charlotte angrily slots in her final chip in her folder. "It seems you are too untrustworthy at the moment to finish this battle on your own! Guard1 IN! If we bait the Canon to fire, it will take out both the hidden Shrubby and itself with the reflected damage. Then use that for the last virus! Understood?"

Without a reply, Fencer simply boosted into the other Canondumb's line of sight, only this time around instead of throwing a claw as a pseudo-shield, he actually possessed a real one this time around. Waiting for the booming sound of cannon fire, Fencer simply extends his arm, palm first, blocking his line of sight with a large, yellow oval just a little beyond his open hand. At the same time, he readied his other hand's grip on his saber. As soon as a ricochet sounded, Fencer would immediately disengage the shield and boost his way towards the lone Shrubby, taking in any and all possible escape possibilities for the things in the short moments of the dash. Within range, Fencer thrusts his saber forward, angled downwards in order to pierce the short Shrubby.

- Summary -
1. Cannon [40 dmg] @ CanondumbA
2. Guard1 @ CanondumbB,ShrubbyB
3. Hummer Lunge [Aim + 50dmg] @ ShrubbyA
Fencerman fires his Cannon, and... takes the first kill of the battle.
He then whips up a shield that reflects an attack back at a Canondumb who fired upon him.
He then slammed down a Shrubby with due force, deleting it.

CanondumbA: DELETED
CanondumbB: 30 HP
ShrubbyB: 50 HP (behind CDB)

Terrain: 100% Normal

Fencerman.exe: 80 HP [Rageclaw]
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