Testing him out . . .

As the data was successfully sent to the Net, Mokusei appeared on the net out of no where. He stood motionless, save his eyes, awaiting a command from Rose while surveying his surroundings.

"Oh, so I guess you're waiting for me to give you the green light or something, right?" Rose said.

Mokusei continued looking around, "Yes, that would be right." he replied.

"Oh, okay. I guess you don't initiate anything on your own, do you?" she said, somewhat sarcastically. "Well, you can take this as permission to go ahead and find some viruses to battle."

"Yes, ma'am." Mokusei affirmed his compliance. Stupid kid. She's too talkative as it is, and she's making judgements about me already. Oh well, maybe she'll learn eventually. he thought to himself as he began searching for a battle.
Virus Attack!

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Mokusei.exe: 100 HP

As Mokusei noticed the three Metools ahead of him, he stopped. He looked around and checked out the battlefield. Alright, nothing interesting as far as the battlefield goes, and it seems as if I'm up against 3 rather simple enemies. I should be able to handle this easily. He knew he could win, he could see it clearly in his mind.

"So, now what?" Rose asked.

"Send me a chip." Mokusei suggested. Is she nervous, or has she really never done this before? Is she truly that incompetent?

"Thanks, I could've figured that. I meant which one." Rose replied. Does he really think I'm that stupid?

Mokusei quickly went through the library. Well, we have a Shotgun, Cannon, Rageclaw, Guard, and Ringlog at our disposal. That should be good enough for this battle. So, what to do, what to do. . . he pondered for a moment. "Ringlog."

Rose quickly went through the library, found the chip, and sent it. It was a chip that she hadn't yet seen used in battle, so she watched excitedly.

Mokusei moved quickly into action after the log appeared in front of him. He pictured the enemies and himself in his mind, and tried to find the best way to move the log so that he could hit not just one metool, but all 3. Rotating it slightly, he lined it up with the Metool in the middle and kicked the top of the center of the log, setting it in motion. I should attack again, with a shotgun this time. Mokusei plotted, soon after the log had began.

"Shotgun." Mokusei stated, observing the field and preparing to leap out of the way of oncoming shockwaves.

"What? A one word request? Does talking and fighting take up too much brainpower?" Rose teased, as she sent him the chip he had quickly requested.

This annoyed Mokusei. But, of course, this wasn't very clear. What? What was that snap for? he wondered, as he pulled the shotgun up to eye level. Oh yes, I was supposed to be more talkative, that's right. I'll have to remember that. He started to focus again. He closed one eye, and lined up the target point on the end of the barrel in the center of the aiming circle. He lined this target up between the eyes of the Metool to his right, using his natural abilities with ranged weaponry to help him. Pulling the trigger, he watched the bullet travel, hoping it would hit, as the shotgun disintigrated from his hands.

That ought to do it. Mokusei thought, satisfactorally. He wiped his hands, as if wiping them clean of this battlke, and turned his back on the battlefield.

1. Ringlog at MetoolB, also MetoolA, and MetoolC (50 + 5 Wood dmg)
2. Dodge
3. Shotgun at MetoolC (50 dmg, possible splash)
- - -Snipe on Shotgun attack
Death had fallen upon the battlefield.


Terrain: 100% Normal

Mokusei.exe: 100 HP

Get: Guard1
Well, he sure was a little cocky. Rose thought, with an eyebrow raised. "Great work. What did we get?" She asked. Whatever, I guess it was justified, so I'll let it go.

Mokusei smiled, imperceptibly, and sent her the reward data. Oh, yes, I'm supposed to be more personable. He looked up at her "Here, we got a Guard1 chip." he stated.

The data had not yet uploaded, so Rose was informed of what she won before she saw it. Great, thanks for ruining the surprise. she thought sarcastically, and rolled her eyes before she could prevent it.

What was that about? Mokusei wondered, seeing her roll her eyes. Was my attempt at being more talkative not good enough for her? Oh well, she'll have to deal with it. He turned away from her.

"So, why don't you continue on, and do a few more battles?" Rose advised.

"I will." Mokusei replied, and headed forward, looking for more Viruses.

[Battle 2]

More viruses.

CanondumbA: 50 HP
CanondumbB: 50 HP
CanondumbC: 50 HP
ShrubbyA: 50 HP (behind CDA)
ShrubbyB: 50 HP (behind CDB)

Terrain: 100% Normal

Mokusei.exe: 100 HP

Once again, upon finding another group of enemies, Mokusei stopprd to observe them. These enemies aren't as easy as the ones before. The Shrubbies are wood based, and use a log attack like the ringlog chip. The Canodumbs, on the other hand, shoot from afar. I think I shall deal with them first, as they're far easier. The Shrubbies are hiding behind them, anyways. Mokusei plotted.

Rose looked over the battlefield as well. Hm, well, those Shrubbies are probably wood type, since they look like little trees. And based of their appearnce and name, I'd say the Canodumbs aren't very strong, and attack from far away. The Cannons don't look very mobile, and the Shrubbies look like they may be inclined to hide behind them. I'll have to ask Makusei what he thinks. She thought to herself. "Mokusei, can those Cannon-guys move?" She questioned.

Mokusei quickly thought about it, looked at them, and made up his mind. "As far as I can tell, no." he answered.

"And do you believe that those Shrubbies will keep hiding behind them, as long as they're there?" Rose asked.

"It's possible . . ." Mokusei replied. Why is she asking me this, when we could be starting to fight? Mokusei wondered. Couldn't it wait?

"Okay then, I have a plan." Rose stated happily.

Aha, so that's what it was. Let's see what kind of strategist she is. Mokusei thought.

"Here's the deal, okay? I'll send you that Ringlog chip again, since it worked pretty well last time. Then, I want you to roll it at the Canodumbs, maybe with a bit of a bounce, so you knock them over. Once they're down, they wouldn't be able to attack very effectively, and the Shrubbies would have no place to hide!" She explained. She quickly accessed the library and sent Mokusei the ringlog.

Or better yet, it could flatten not just the Canodumbs, but the Shrubbies as well. Mokusei hoped that this would be the case, but knew that it was unlikely. As the log appeared on the ground infront of him, he examined it. Let's see, hhow do I get this log to knock down those Canodumbs? He quickly made up his mind. He bent down and lifted the log up, walking a little to his right to line himself up perfectly with the two Canodumbs that had Shrubbies behind them. After he was lined up, which took him a moment, as the log was in the way, he started his assualt.

He took his time to make sure that this attack would go just right. He made a short check roll on his fore arms to make sure the log would roll in the right direction. Then, he quickly threw his arms downwards, then suddenly jerked them back up and backwards, starting the log spinning up into the air, in the direction of the enemies. Mokusei, realizing that he had left himself open to attack by focusing for so long on that log, had regrets. This had better work. he thought.

Rose found herself chanting the same wish in her mind, over and over again, I hope it works, I hope it works . . . She would feel badly if Mokusei got injured and wasted an attack due to her attampt at a strategy. Mokuesie on the other hand, he'd probably just be annoted, but he would get over it. All the same, I hope it works. . . Rose said inside her mind.

1. Take Aim
2. Set up Bouncy roll
3. Attack with Ringlog1 (Hoping to knock down CanodumbsA & B, at least, and possibly flatten the Shrubbies. I don't know how close CanodumbC is, but if he's in rolling range, whatever. I don't really expect it to work as well as Rose wants it to.)
The log rolls true, bowling over the front row of viruses. However, this leaves Mokusei in a vulnerable position, and so he is attacked by both wood viruses, one of them missing.

CanondumbA: DELETED
CanondumbB: DELETED
CanondumbC: DELETED
ShrubbyA: 50 HP
ShrubbyB: 50 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Mokusei.exe: 90 HP

((Remember to state what the effects of the chips are.))
As the tactic succeeded in doing more than what what Rose had originally planned for, she let out a sigh of relief. "Yes, It worked!" She said excitedly. However, as Mokuesei went on to get struck by a log, she was less excited. As he fell back, before quickly recovering, she encouraged him. "That's okay Mokusei, its only one hit."

He exhamed audibly, shaking his head. Yeah, one hit that I can't recover until we jack out. However, thinking back over the plan, he had to admit that it had worked out rather well. "Thank you." He said, suddenly remembering that he was supposed to speak. Looking at the two remaining viiruses, a pair of Shrubbies, Monuksei estimated his distance, chance of hitting them, and what he should hit them with. "Shotgun." he said, making up his mind.

"She started to slot him in the chip, but then thought about it. "Isn't there something you're forgetting?" she asked, tauntingly.

Mokusei realised that this was delaying him. Why is she like this? Does sherealise that I'm a sitting duck right now? "Send me a shotgun." he said, making his request more wordy.

Rose smiled. He's not getting it. she thought. "Almost. You forgot the magic word."

This frustrated Mokusei even more. Darn it, I'm wasting time! Magic words, magic words . . . he quickly scanned his mind. Finally, he found it. "Please." he said, frustrated.

"Oh sure thing." Rose said, and immediately slotted the chip in.

Mokusei stared down the field at the two remaining Shrubbies. Alright, he thought, as he started moving, this gun can splash and hit enemies behind the target, too, he thought as he continued dashing, on an invisble circle with the enemies at its center. All I have to do is position myself so that the two Shrubs are in a line and I should be able to delete two shrubs with one shotgun. He had arrived. He and the two Viruses were now in a line, with Mokusei a good distance away from his enemies. Pulling up his gun, he lined up his aim with the Shrubby that he could see, since from his view one was directly behind the other, and used his talent with ranged weaponry to help him. He looked up at the target one last time, realligned his aim, and fired.

Rose watched all this in entertainment. Well, I might as well take a litle charge in this battle. Lets try a chip that we haven't used yet. She mused. Finding oone, she slotted it in. "Here, Mokusei, take this." She said, warning him of the incoming chip only moments before it appeared.

Mokusei stumbled for a moment under the sudden, unexpected weight of the Guard chip. It took the shape of a tall rectangulr shield, atleast a good head taller than he was, which seemed to curve inwards like a hemisphere. That was unexpected. Well, since this guard chip does reflect things, I might as well make use of it. he decided. Putting his arms inside the back of it, he lifted it up. Surprisingly, this isn't as heavy as it seems. However, before he could start his attack, he suddenly realised that he wasn't even sure if his enemies were left alive or not. And, based off my skill, chances are they're gone. Mokusei thought, arrogantly, with a smile. He decided to remain behind the guard, and wait for a status report from Rose.

Rose saw him smile, and became slightly annoyed. Does he think he's won already? I guess he really is cocky. She thought.

1. Run to line self up with ShrubbyA & ShrubbyB
2. Shotgun to SnrubbyB, Possible Splash to ShrubbyA (50 dmg, possible splash)
-----Snipe on Shotgun
3. Activate Guard1 (Blocks damage, Reflects up to 50 dmg)

((Sorry about that last turn. I'm usually pretty good at remembering to post damage, etc. ))

CanondumbA: DELETED
CanondumbB: DELETED
CanondumbC: DELETED

Terrain: 100% Normal

Mokusei.exe: 90 HP

Get: 350z
As Rose watched all the Viruses die, she felt a strange mixture of happiness and disappointment. Its great that we're doing so well, but I kind of wanted to see him get brought down a peg. she thought to herself. "Alright, great work Mokusei, It's all clear." Rose informed the ninja on the battlefield.

Mokuseu, who had already figured that out, replied with a quick "Thank you." Before moving onward to the reward data. As he sent it to Rose, he remembered to speak aain. "Here's the data." he said. Well, these battles have been pretty easy. We have also done rather well for rewards, and I haven't taken too much damage. Mokusei contemplated the situation.

As he thought, Rose acknowledged their most recent reward. Wow, first a new Guard chip and now 350 zenny, this is turning out to be a pretty profitable field. She thought, content. Then, it was as if a spark had been lit inside her, as the flame rose to her cheeks and eyes, and jumpstarted her mind and emotions. "This is great! Awesome work!" she had gotten rather noisy. It was almost as though all the adrenaline from the last 2 battles had decided to release itself then. "Alright, Mokusei." She said, now more calm, though her voice was determined. "It seems like you are doing pretty well. But if this is a test, we have to push harder. I mean, I won't know how strong you are until your pushed near your limit."she informed him. "And with that, I say we go on to another battle."

Mokusei looked ahead, thinking about how strange she had acted just a moment ago. Wow, what a strange child. he thought to himself. As he started heading forward, looking for yet another fight, he realised that he was half-smiling. Well, why not? he thought. I might as well enjoy this. She's not the only one that wants to see how far I can be pushed.

[Battle 3]
((Sorry, Bump))
OH NOEZ! GHOSTS! ((<shot by Twi>))
And some raccoon looking things.

SpookyA: 50 HP
SpookyB: 50 HP
SpookyC: 50 HP
SpookyD: 50 HP
SpookyE: 50 HP
BandcoonA: 50 HP
BandcoonB: 50 HP

Terrain: 25% Cracked (Scattered), 75% Normal

Mokusei.exe: 90 HP

[[I officially hate the Tab and Backspace buttons. I tried indenting in my summary, and then realized that it didn't work online, and just sends you to the next input field. However, before I remembered what the backspace key does when you aren't entering text, I hit it, and as a result, now get to re-enter my whole post. :angry: Sorry if the quality suffers , although my posting isn't all that high-quality to begin with . . .]]

As Mokusei approached this most recent group of enemies, he noted that this battle seemed like it would be much more challenging than the last two. This one has a slightly different terrain, as some of it is cracked, meaning that if I'm not careful when moving over it, I could cause it to break, and I could fall. I'll have to be careful about it. Both he and Rose noticed the high number of viruses. Mokusei quickly remembered what he knew about Spooky viruses, Well, they teleport approach their target, and when they get there, they attack by licking, and realized that he didn't know what the other kind of viruses, the BandCoons, did. Rose had her own theories on what they did, though she didn't give them much credit. Well, based off Raccoons, I'd say that they probably are either fast, sneaky, like to steal things, or give people rabies. However, I'm going to go ahead and say "No" to that last one. she thought.

Mokusei quickly strategized, and knowing that he didn't want to have to move much, and that he would have to be careful to conserve his chips, he decided that he would try starting the battle with a taunting attack followed by an attempt at a counter. "Rose, get a Guard1 ready." he ordered as he summoned his bow into his left hand.

"Alright." she said. I guess I can let him slide this once for ordering me around, since it doesn't seem like we can afford to fool around for this battle. she thought to herself. She did as he had told her, and found the chip. She selected it, but didn't send it to him, waiting for his OK.

Mokusei proceeded to turn sideways. He spread his feet shoulder-width, and summoned an arrow to his right hand. He then moved both the arrow and bow to their proper positions. Finally, he turned his head to face the Spooky in the center of the group, and started targeting it. Using his natural gift with his bow, he was easily able to properly line up his aim, and soon released a quick shot. Immediately after he released the arrow, he allowed the bow to fade out of resistance. As it faded he called to Rose.

"Now." was his to-the-point order, and she did as he said, sending him the chip. Now, whether the Spooky had planned to attack me yet or not, he should now, even if the attack missed. I just have to wait. And that was his plan.

Mokusei grabbed firmly onto the back of the guard. He scanned the area around him, paying close attention, and waiting for any sudden appearance of enemies. He planned to, should one appear, quickly turn on his heals to face it, and swing the shield with him, placing it between the Virus's tongue and himself. That should, with luck, cause the guard to activate and the Spooky to get its own attack reflected at it. he reviewed, and continued scanning.

Rose, by now, had guessed at his plan. Although she was as of yet unaware as to how the Spookies attacked, she assumed that he was preparing to counter an attack. And, as she watched him, she wished him a silent good luck.

1. Rapid Shot to SpookyC [8 dmg]
-----Snipe on Rapid Shot
2. Watch for enemies/prepare to counter
3. Guard1 [Block attack, Reflects 60 dmg]
The Spooky takes the hit. Then its companion attacks, where Mokusei flips up his Guard and reflects the attack back. This leaves him quite open, as he is attacked again. Looks like you'll have to wash off that tongue mucus later on.

SpookyA: 50 HP
SpookyB: 35 HP
SpookyC: 42 HP
SpookyD: 50 HP
SpookyE: 50 HP
BandcoonA: 50 HP
BandcoonB: 50 HP

Terrain: 25% Cracked (Scattered), 75% Normal

Mokusei.exe: 75 HP
As Mokusei's plan seemed to be working well, he and Rose watched the whole scene play out rather happily. However, as he ended his manuever and left himself open, and got licked, the both seemed to become a little less content with the move. "Okay, that's gross. But, whatever, don't let it bother you." Rose advised. She realised that she would have been left very bothered and freaked out by that attack.Whoah, that loos like it did a good amount of damage to Mokusei. This battle, it looks like it will be far more difficult than we expected. Will we even be able to win it? She wondered. but at this thought, she realised what she had been thinking and quickly recovered her resolve. No, I can't allow myself to think or say things like that, of course we will win. She decided

Mokusei, after beeing licked, did suddenly feel a good amount of pain, far more than attack like that looked like it should deal. I guess they're more powerful becuase they are spirits. he guessed. After quickly brushing himself off with the back of his hand, he realised that he would have to decide on what to do next. What should I do? I need to come up with some way to lessen the number of enemies. . . he thought.

Rose interrupted his thoughts, "Mokusei, why don't you try using the ringlog? It's been pretty effective up until this point?" she suggested, and got the chip ready.

Mokusei thought about this. "It may not work on the Spookies." He stated.

"Well then, used it on the BandCoons." She told him. And he decided that that wouldn't be that bad an idea. At least it will rid me of a few enemies, and I don't know what they do yet, so they could be major threats. he thought to himself.

He looked at the two bandcoons and decided to try and find a good location to attack them both from. Once sighted, he made his way there at a good speed, but no where near running, as he was careful to avoid cracked panels. Once he arrived, he carefully positioned himself so that the log, when summoned, wouldn't be on any cracked panels. It'll probably break a bunch of panels anyways, but at least, for not, the attack should still work. Mokusei thought, s he looked up at Rose. "Now, please." He ordered.

As the chip appeared, he carefully lined up his aim, and moved the log slightly to accomodate it. He used his talent for ranged attacks to help himself line up this attack, although he was sure it wouldn't be as accurate, as it wasn't exactly a projectile like he was used to. Then, kicking the top of the log, he sent it rolling, and turned around. Darn, those ghosts are probably going to lick me again. . . he thought to himself. And as a result, he baegan looking around, and identified his position. He made sure that there were safe tiles around for him to move to, and was prepared to jump onto them to avoid a Spooky attack if necessary.

Rose, forseeing the worst, but hoping for the best, started to plan out Mokusei's next move, to the best of her ability. Well, maybe . . . she began, as she started going through the chips.

1. Carefully get better position
2. Ringlog1 at BandCoonA and BandCoonB (50 dmg)
-------Snipe on Ringlog (it does count as ranged, doesn't it?)
3. Dodge Spooky Assualt
The Bandcoons die, end of story. Mokusei then dodges some Spooky licking. He, unfortunately, lands on a cracked panel. Better get off it! Quick!

SpookyA: 50 HP
SpookyB: 35 HP
SpookyC: 42 HP
SpookyD: 50 HP
SpookyE: 50 HP
BandcoonA: DELETED
BandcoonB: DELETED

Terrain: 25% Cracked (Scattered), 75% Normal

Mokusei.exe: 75 HP (Cracked)
Mokuesie executed his attack almopst flawlessly, taking out his targets and successfully dodging the attack of a Spooky. However, with this dodge, he landed hiself upon a cracked panel. That's not good, it's going to break! he realised.

"Mokusei, move it!" Rose advised him. And Mokusei attampted to do so. Due to his rush in movements and adrenaline, he stumbled, almost landing flat on his face as he made his way to a group of non-cracked panels. He was able to recover at the last second, and managed to not make a fool of himself.

That was a close one,but he made it. And I know just what we should do next. Rose thought to herself. "Here." She said, as she sent him their shotgun chip.

"Thank you." Mokusei replied as he gripped the gun. Okay, quickly, we need to conserve ships, so who to attack? he wondered, his thoughts racing. However, even before he could settle upon a target, Rose pointed out 2 of the Spookies closr to him. "You haven't hit either of them, and they are pretty close to eachother. You may be able to pull of a hit for each of them if you aim well enough." She advised.

"Yes. Thank you." Mokusei said once again. He headed Rose's advise, and made sure to line up his aim very carefully. He first knealt down to make himself more steady. He then made sure his body was lined up with the two Spookies. Bringing the shotgun up to eye level, he centered the circle on the viruses. Then, adjusting the gun slightly, he lined uo the pin with the Spooky's chest-area. Making sure he was lined up just right, which his experience helped him to do, he held his breath. Then, perfectly steady, he pulled the trigger and released the bullet.

"Good work, Mokusei, now take this." Rose said.

Mokusei stood as the shotgun dissolved, only to be soon replaced by the Guard that appeared in its place. With the shield in front of him, Mokusei had time to quickly think. Well, I guess having her is useful. I mean, she does have time to think while I'm attacking, and she seemes to be getting pretty good at slotting in chips. Atleast she has that much going for her. And with these thoughts, he smiled, though it wasn't noticed by anyone.

Mokusei tightened his grip on the large shield, prepared to turn with it, and hoping to block any more slimy tongue attacks from the remaining Spookies.

Rose, meanwhile was thinking abnout their next move as she watched Mokusei and his defensive position. Let's see, we've got a Cannon, and a Rageclaw left. What can I pull off with this? She was pressed for time, and wanted to make sure she had a plan when he needed his next chip.

1. Take Aim. . .
2. FIRE! Shotgun to SpookyE, and a possible splash to SpookyD (50 dmg, possible splash)
------Snipe Shotgun Blast
3. Guard 1 (Blocks Attack, Reflects up to 60 dmg)
Mokusei gets off the cracked panel and takes aim at the viruses. He then takes down two Spookys in one blow. He then throws up his Guard in time for a Spooky attack.

SpookyA: 35 HP
SpookyB: 35 HP
SpookyC: 42 HP
BandcoonA: DELETED
BandcoonB: DELETED

Terrain: 25% Cracked (Scattered), 75% Normal

Mokusei.exe: 75 HP
What great Luck! Rose thought as she saw the Shotgun take down bot Spookies. Now the management should be a little easier. It'll still be hard, but two chips across three enemies isn't all that bad.

Mokusei was just as excited abouut the successful doubleshot as Rose had been, though, of course, he didn't make it evident. It worked. Now just three more to go. he humoured.

"All right, great work Mokusei." Rose said. "Here, Cannon that strongest one." she said, sending Mokusei the cannon chip.

As the Large barreled pistol appeared in his hand, Mokusei thought about how well Rose was doing. At first, she seemed a little lost, but now she's getting the hang of it. And for a fast-paced battle like this, not having to come up with all the strategies is a great relief he thought. As well as she was doing, however, slotting in chips and stratagizing was pretty much the extent of her influence over the battle. The actual attacks came down to him.

Alright, focus. Mokusei thought, raising the pistol. placing his left arm just below the wrist, he steadied his aim. Lining up the small marker at the end of the barrel, Mokusei aimed as only a ranged fighter could. Satisfied with the line-up, he pulled the trigger, and sent a blast toward his target.

At this point, Rose was no longer sure what to do. Only one chip left. . . And we have atleast 2 enemies left. What should I do? She wondered.

Mokusei, noticing her struggle, decided to move on for a moment on his own. "That blast, if it hit, can't kill the Spooky I attacked, so I will shoot it down now." Mokusei informed her. So much for her whole commanding leaps and bounds of progress. Oh well, at least she is learning. Mokusei summoned his bow to his left hand. he then lined up his feet, shoulder width apart, and stood steady. Summoning an arrow in his right hand, he placed it on the string, and pulled the bow up to a proper shooting position. Pulling back on the string, he looked at his enemy, the spooky which he had just targetted moments before, and released.

After sending the arrow barreling down the field, Mokusei allowed his bow to disappear, once again. Once they've attacked and teleported back to their original locations, I'll move on with the attack. Mokusei thought, about the Spookies. But for now, I'll just prepare myself to dodge the attacks that I'm waiting for anyways. Mokusei decided.

Rose continued wondering what they should do next, but was greatly relieved by Mokusei's initiative. See, atleast he knows enough about battles to do stuff on his own without me. He's more knowledgable on this whole subject, so he might as well get to make some decisions. Besides, it gives me a break. Rose thought to herself. She followed this thought with a sigh as she watched her Navi. Too bad I can't use a chip twice or something. . . she thought.

1. Cannon to SpookyC (40 dmg)
2. Rapid shot to SpookyC (8 dmg)
3. Dodge