Helping the Netpolice

"Look for any bad navis or viruses that you need to delete," Nolan said as Whipman jacked in, "Try to help the Netpolice out as much as you can."

"Alright," Whipman said as he started to look for suspicious things........

(Waiting for battle 1)
((Of course you only get to fight minibosses at Battle 5, nothing else but viruses until up to that point. And you can't ACTUALLY help the NetPolice unless you sign up for a mission on the NetPolice Official BBS located in Internet City.))
Virus Attack!

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP

Whipman.exe: 100 HP

(( I know i can't help the Netpolice. Just a reason to swith to ACDC))
"He he," Whipman said as he saw the viruses coming near.

"Cannon, battle chip in download now!" Nolan said as the cannon took place of Whipman's hand.

Whipman prepared for the recoil and shot at the little virus. "These virii should be easy," Whipman thought.

"Shotgun, battle chip in, download NOW!!!"

Whipman aimed and then jumped, then fired when he was 2 feet off the ground.
Then, Whipman did he special Whipcurl attack on the viruses. He said a little "Hehe..." as he attacked.

-Battle "Recap"-
~Cannon @ MetoolA (40)
~Shotgun @ MetoolB (50)
~Whip curl @ MetoolC (60)
Oh look, they're dead.


Whipman.exe: 100 HP

Get: 60z
"Told you they would be easy," Whipman said to Nolan as the virus debris fell to the ground.
"Yahh....I know," Nolan said
"Nolan! You got a phone call!
"I'm alright," The navi from earlier said to Nolan on the phone.
" Good," Whipman said.
"Yes, but I warn you and your operator, there are many bad viruses attacking Netpolice, so be aware.
"Alright," Nolan said, "Thanks for da warning, dude"
"Yes, no problem, just be....AHHHH!!! PSSSshhshhSSShhhshhshhhshshshhshhs *staticky noise*.
"Oh no, we lost him!" Nolan said.
Whipman started to panick. He didn't know if he had just lost plain connection, or the navi was getting blown up to bits. The second thing he was panicking about, was that he didn't know WHERE THE HECK THE NAVI WAS! He was going to ask the navi, but then he lost connection.

"I didn't deserve this...."

(waiting for battle 2)
Bunnies come out of nowhere.

BunnyA: 50 HP
BunnyB: 50 HP
BunnyC: 50 HP
BunnyD: 50 HP

Whipman.exe: 100 HP
"Whipman....Get ready! We got viruses!" Nolan said as the viruses appeared.
"Alright. Send me the rageclaw," Whipman said.

Whipman dashed and slashed at the first bunny.He grinned. He would take out his anger on these damn viruses.

"Shotgun, IN!!!"

Whipman saw the shotgun buster take place of his hand and he aimed and fired at the viruses.

"Yeeeeeeah, take that ya RETARD VIRUS!"

-Battle "Recap"-
~Rageclaw @ BunnyA (40)
~Shotgun @ BunnyB (50) splash @ BunnyA (10)
The first bunny is clawed. He then blows away another virus, not hitting the second target though. A virus attacks, but misses.

BunnyA: 10 HP
BunnyC: 50 HP
BunnyD: 50 HP

Whipman.exe: 100 HP [Rageclaw]
"Good job," Nolan said, "I'll send you some firepower..."

As the chip data of the cannon took place of Whipman's hand, he aimed and blasted at the stupid little bunny.

"I'm goin in with the rageclaw now!" Whipman said.

Whipman jumped up and slashed at the bunnies with his gigantic bear claw, and then retreated back to safety.

"Whipman....WHIP CURL!" Nolan shouted.

Whipman took several dangerous steps towards the Bunny as he slashed at the virus.......

-Battle "Recap"-
~Cannon @ BunnyD (40)
~Rageclaw @ BunnyD(20) and BunnyA
~Whipcurl Special Attack @ BunnyC
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Two down, then you get shocked.

BunnyA: 10 HP

Whipman.exe: 80 HP [Rageclaw] (Stun! -1 Action)
(( /rawr))

"Whipman, snap out of it!" Nolan said as Whipman was stunned by the blow.

Whipman got up and took a slash at the BunnyA with the huge bear-like claw.....

((Pretty short lol. No reason to make it long....))

-Battle "Recap"-
~Rageclae @ Bunny (40)


Whipman.exe: 80 HP

Get: 160z
"Good job," Nolan said as the last Bunny colapsed to the ground after he owned it.

"Yeah, now we got a little zenny...

"Yes, but we still need a little more to get some good chips," Nolan said.

"HELP HELP!" A navi said a few blocks away.

Whipman rushed to the navi, and then found she was cornered by viruses. Whipman jumped in front of the viruses and tried to delete them....

(Waiting for battle 3...)
The navi screams when Whipman comes in, running away and escaping the viruses. The viruses then, turn on Whipman.

CanondumbA: 50 HP
CanondumbB: 50 HP
CanondumbC: 50 HP
ShrubbyA: 50 HP (behind CDA)
ShrubbyB: 50 HP (behind CDB)
ShrubbyC: 50 HP (behind CDC)

Terrain: 100% Normal

Whipman.exe: 80 HP

"Elimenate these virii!" Nolan shouted as he slotted in the rageclaw chip.

Whipman took a couple steps and then slashed at the cannondumb with the huge bear claw. He then jumped back as Nolan loaded up the next chip...A cannon...

Whipman took serval steps, then decided to flank the cannondumb and fire the cannon, as he said a little "he he...".

-Battle "Recap"-
~Rageclaw @ CannondumbA (40)
~Cannon @ CannondumbB (40)
~Reserved for dodging
Not dead yet. A canondumb fires, but misses.

CanondumbA: 10 HP
CanondumbB: 10 HP
CanondumbC: 50 HP
ShrubbyA: 50 HP (behind CDA)
ShrubbyB: 50 HP (behind CDB)
ShrubbyC: 50 HP (behind CDC)

Terrain: 100% Normal

Whipman.exe: 80 HP [Rageclaw]
"Whipman, use your Rageclaw!" Nolan shouted

Whipman took two steps, then slashed at the two cannondumb viruses. Then Nolan slotted in the shotgun chip. Whipman took two steps back, then fired at the cannondumb.

"Ok," Nolan said, "Attack the shrubby with you're special attack."

Whipman didn't hesitate. He jumped up and slashed at the shrubby in midair, then falling down with a crash.

-Battle "Recap"-
~Rageclaw @ CannondumbA (20) and CannondumbB (20)
~Shotgun @ CannondumbC (50) Splash @ ShrubbyB (10)
~Whipcurl @ ShrubbyA (60)
The first two Canondumbs go down, and then the third one, along with ShrubbyC, not A, since it's not behind it.
Then ShrubbyA gets owned.
Whipman is then hit by a log. He falls face-first onto the ground in a humiliating position.

CanondumbA: DELETED
CanondumbB: DELETED
CanondumbC: DELETED
ShrubbyB: 50 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Whipman.exe: 70 HP [Rageclaw]