From high above the ground level of the net, a sphere sparkled into view. The white speck flew towards the ground at high speed, growing larger and larger as it approached. When it hit the ground, it exploded in a silent burst of light, leaving Force where it had been.

"So, you remember what to do, I'm sure." Connor said, assuming it to be true.

"Of course! What kind of Superhero would I be if I didn't know what it meant to go on patrol? Leave it to me." Force replied, in a very matter of fact way.

"Alright then, go on ahead." Connor said, waiting for something to happen.

Force began his march through the net, reviewing exactly what he believed a patrol to be in his mind, just in case. "To travel through an area, looking for any sort of crimes, and to react to these crimes in a just manner." That is what I'm doing. He marched on, ever vigilant, searching for any criminals that he may stumble upon, so he could deal out his punishment, swift and fair. And maybe have some fun while I'm at it!, Force mused with a smile.

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Virus Attack!

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP

Force.exe: 100 HP

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As Force came upon three metools, he immediately turned to face them. Punching his arm up into the air, then pulling it down at the elbow in a "cha-ching!" kind of gesture, he grinned. Sweet, I found some bad guys.

"Hey, good job Force, looks like you found something." Connor noted.

Putting on his deepest, most serious voice, which, considering his age, came out as rather comical, he asked "Permission to engage the enemy, Chief?" He knew he did, but wanted confirmation from his NetOp.

"Yeah. You can start now." Connor replied to his Navi, giving a smile after hearing Force's not quite so mature voice. "Why don't you start off with a Shotgun?" He suggested, sending the chip to him.

"Sure, sounds like fun!" Force responded. As the shotgun appeared in his grip, Force looked down the field, at his enemies. Now, to deal with the one in the middle, becuase everyone knows that the middle is the easiest to hit. If I miss him, I could hit one on either side. he decided.

Quickly lining up his aim with the Metool's black body, he fired a shot at the unfortunate virus who had been the first target.

"Alright, follow that up with a cannon." Connor told him, as he sent him the chip.

"Roger!" Force replied. The new gun-type weapon was slightly weaker, as Force knew from his past experience with Patroling. But it should be strong enough to deal with these guys, at least. he thought to himself. He staedied his arm, targetted the black part of the body of the Met on his left, and shot off another blast. "Pow!" he said loudly, as excitement from the battle built up.

"Okay, and now for a Rage claw!" Connor said quickly, with the chip materializing even as he finished speaking. Force looked down at his hand for just a moment to be sure that the chip was active, then started running towards the only virus that he was yet to attack. "Sorry, but I have to be fair." he said to his target, as he rushed at him.

Pulling his arm back behind him as he approached, Force slid to a stop just short of the Metool. Then, swinging forward with a quick slash, he attempted to demolish his opponent, hoping to have sliced him into peices.

"How did I do? Did I get 'em all?" Force asked, his eyes shut. He hoped that he had defeated all the viruses, but if he hadn't, logic said that if he couldn't see them, he could atleast pretend that he had won, even if it only lasted a moment. Well, his logic said so, at least.

1. Shotgun to MetoolB (50 dmg, possible splash)
2. Cannon to MetoolC (40 dmg)
3. Rageclaw to MetoolA (40 dmg)
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Force.exe: 100 HP

Get: Guard1, 100z
"Yeah, you did great. You got each and every one of them." Connor remarked. "Good job."

Force opened his eyes, happy with his victory. I did it! I really did! he thought excitedly as he jumped up into the air. "Thanks, but really, its all in a days work for a Superhero like me." he said, trying to contain his enthusiasm. "So, can I keep on patrolling?" Force asked.

Connor thought about it very briefly, and had no problem with it. We did really well in the first battle, and Force didn't gat a scratch. I'm sure we'll be fine for another round. he decide. "Sure, go on ahead." he answered.

"Alright! I'll resume, then." Force said, as he began marching back on his route. Wait! I forgot something. What was it?. . . he wondered, suddenly. "Oh, Cheif, sorry about the delay," Force began, "but I have the spoils of the last battle, if your like me to send 'em to you."

"Yeah, that'd be great. Thank you." Connor answered. I knew he'd forgotten, but I wanted to see if he'd remember. ANd guess what, he did. Barely.

"Alright then. I'm sending them your way, Cheif." Force informed him as he did just that.

"Alright, I have it, thanks." Conner quickly looked at the two things he had gained. "that's pretty good. A guard1 chip and 100 zenny. Not bad for such a quick match."

Force thought it over, as he resumed his march. "Well, they say crime doesn't pay, but no one ever said anything about justice not paying." he observed.

"And if things kept on going like this, I'd say Justice pays fairly well." Conner noted.

And with that thought in mind, Connor awaited the next battle, as Force seeked it out.
More viruses

CanondumbA: 50 HP
CanondumbB: 50 HP
CanondumbC: 50 HP
ShrubbyA: 50 HP
ShrubbyB: 50 HP

Force.exe: 100 HP

"More bad guys. Should I. . ." Force thought aloud.

"Yeah, they don't look like anything we can't handle." Connor said.

"Yeah, you're right. I'm sure we can beat these guys. Good guys always win." Force replied happily. He started staring at them, awaiting instruction.

Connor looked over the enemies, and ran what he knew through his head. Let's see. We have, 5 enemies, 3 Canondumbs, and 2 Shrubbys. The cannons don't reall move, and the Shrubby's like to roll logs at us. They're also a lot stronger, as a group, than the Met's were. Maybe a little defense would be good to start out this battle. We can go on the offensive after a little bit off nice defensive work.. he plotted.

"Okay Force, we're going to start off with a little defense. Activate your Force field." Conner instucted.

"Sure thing, Chief." Force replied. He reached deep into himslef, tapping into his energy source, the root of all his powers. Once he reached it, he worked this energy into a transparent white bubble around his body. This all took very little time. He looked at the enemies, wondering what the next step would be.

"Alright, now, run towards that cannon on the end. Oh, and watch out for cannon shots and rolling logs." Connor told him. Force started towards the farthest Cannon. He tan at a relatively high speed, always ready to side step or roll under a shot, or even to do a flip over an incoming log. But, why would I want to look out for a log? he wondered. Suddenly, it dawned on him. Oh, yeah! Those tree guys roll logs at you! I remember learning about them.

As he got nearer to his target, Connor filled him in on the next part of the plan. "Okay, when you get close enough, move to its side so that you can see all the viruses, and they'll all be to your left. Then, face the cannon, and I'll activate your new guard."

Force nodded in agreement. He closed the distance between him and his goal in a matter of moments, then took a quick side-step to his right. Facing the cannon, and at point blank range, he feared that Connor may not activate his guard in time. Wait, I still have my shield, don't I? That should be enough to keep me safe. he reassured himself.

It ended up that he didn't need to worry for to long, as Connor had ahd the chip at the ready all along, and it was activated almost as soon as Force had formulated his thoughts. I know defense is good, and I hope this works. But I hope Connor has some more fun planned for the next step, 'cuase defeating the bad guys is always way more fun than defending myself. Well, when I'm alone, atleast. he thought to himself, as he waited to see what would happen next.

Connor, meanwhile, watched from his room. I hope everything worked out well. I mean, it should, but you never know. he thought. Please, work. But he had no time to dwell for too long on any one event in battle, and he knew that, so he was already formulating the next stap, and reaching for his nect chip.

1. Force Field (60 HP shield for Force)
2. Dodge
3. Guard1 (Negate one attack, reflects up to 60 damage)
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The Canondumbs take the initiative, starting to blast Force with their shots, only to have some defended against, and one blasted back at the Canondumb, deleting it.

CanondumbA: DELETED
CanondumbB: 50 HP
CanondumbC: 50 HP
ShrubbyA: 50 HP
ShrubbyB: 50 HP

Force.exe: 100 HP (20 HP Barrier)
"Great job, Force." Connor said, as he pulled out the next chip. "Now get yourself line yourself up with the Canodumbs, and make sure to put some distance between yourself and them."

"Roger." Force replied, as he started running. What, do you think, the plan is now. he wonered. Well, whatever it is, I'm sure its a good one.

Once Force had reached his destination, Connor finally slotted the next chip in, revealing which one he had chosen. "Here, Force, its a shotgun. Shoot that Cannondumb that's right infront of you, and aim at its middle.." he instructed.

"Okay, Cheif." Force said, after the shotgun had appeared in his hands. getting down on one knee, he started to line up his aim. He lined his aim up with the middle of the cannon's body, as he had been told. Pulling the triger, he sent the blast down field, and looked up to see if he had hit it. Did I do it? he wondered.

Connor watched too, hoping that the distance would allow the shotgun to not only hit its target, but to even splash damage to another virus. However, they didn't have time to wait, so he gave Force his next set of orders. "Ok, Force, now move a little closer to the Shrubbies."

Force nodded in acceptance, and started dashing towards his next targets. Once he had moved so that their was a medium-range distance between them, Connor continued. "Okay, now blast that Shrubby." he instructed, as he sent Force the Cannon chip.

"Yes, sir. Can do." Force replied. The cannon shouldn't be quite so difficult to aim, so he remained standing. However, he did steady his shooting arm, and line up his aim with the middle of the tree-like virus' body. After firing, Force awaited his next orders, as both he and Connor looked back over to see exactly what the damage had been.

1. Aim
2. Shotgun to CanondumbC (50 dmg, possible splash to CanondumbB)
3. Cannon to ShrubbyA (40 dmg)
Force wipes out the Canondumbs completely, and then weakens a Shrubby. The Shrubby that wasn't attacked, retaliates, but the attack is blocked by a barrier.

CanondumbA: DELETED
CanondumbB: DELETED
CanondumbC: DELETED
ShrubbyA: 10 HP
ShrubbyB: 50 HP

Force.exe: 100 HP (10 HP Barrier)
"Yeah, I did it! Sweet!" Force shouted excitedly, jumping up in the air.

"Great job. But you have to stay focused. You can't celebrate just yet." Connor reminded him.

Force breathed a sigh of disappointment, and then calmed himself. He nodded as he said, "You're right. What's next?"

Connor though for a moment. "We only have Rageclaw chip remaining. And your Barrier has taken quite a few hits already, so we're going to want to wrap this up as quickly as possible. I'd advise running in with the rage claw, getting the Shrubby you already hit once, and the other Shrubby twice. You get all that?" Connor had thought this plan out pretty well.

Force quickly reviewed the parts of the plan in his head, in a quick visual rundown. After replaying how it should go, he nodded, "Roger." And with that, the rageclaw chip was sent to him.

Force started darting widely left and right as he made his way towards the unharmed Shrubby. It slowed him slightly, to make such wide paths, but he believed it would pay off. I know what to do, but not getting hit first would be good, 'cause getting hit could distract me. And their logs are pretty big, so if I don't want them to get me, I need to make sure I move pretty far. he thought.

As he reached the Shrubby, he brought his arm down and back, then sliced his arm up and across the front of his body so quickly that he heard the air rushing around it as he made this stroke. Not bothering to see if he had hit, he looked to make sure he knew just where to aim to strike the other already injured Shrubby.

Looking away, he thrusted his fist, and the claws, forward towards the Shrubby, hoping to stab through its middle. Then bringing his hand up over his head, he looked back towards the other virus, and with all his strength, chucked his arm at it, attempting to throw the Shrubby that he hoped had been impaled on his claws.

I didn't even check to see if it was there, and if any of those moves didn't work, I'm gonna get beatdown, being in the middle, and in such a vulnerable position. I can't even watch, I can just cross my fingers and hope it worked. Force though to himself as he stodd still, closed his eyes, and crossed his fingers.

Connor watched, with complete confidence that they could run. Although It'd be great if Force could avoid injury. I guess a little luck could help. he thought as he noted Force's crossed fingers and decided to follow suit.

1. Dodge
2. Rageclaw to ShrubbyB (40 dmg)
3. Rageclaw ShrubbyB at ShrubbyA (20 dmg each)

CanondumbA: DELETED
CanondumbB: DELETED
CanondumbC: DELETED

Force.exe: 100 HP

Get: Ringlog1, 200z
Connor watched the viruses disintegrate into data around Force. "Great job, Force. You did it. You can open your eyes now." he said, happily.

Force opened one eye and darted it through his entire field of vision just to be sure. After seeing that there was no impending threat of death, he quickly became excited. "We did it, two in a row!" he said, as he began jumping up and down, saying "We did it, We did it!" in a sing-songy way.

Connor allowed force to continue dancing in extasy while he thought. Ok, we won two battles. I guess we can retire for the day, now. I'll let Force just finish up his celebrations. He watched for another 30 seconds, as Force continued running around singing made up song about his victory. "Alright, calm yourself. If you can, please send me the reward data."

"Yes, Cheif." Force replied, as he stopped spinning. He took a second to regain balance, and sent the data to Connor. "I apologize for my outburst." he said, seeming sad.

"Don't worry about it, you deserved it, you did great." Connor replied with a smile, as he looked over the data.

"Thanks!" Force said, beaming.

"Alright, we won a Ringlog1 chip and 200 zenny." Conner read. Pretty nice spoils for the battle, considering he didn't even take damage.

"What does the ringlog thing do?" Force questiones.

"I'd have to assume that it lets you roll a log, the way those Shrubbies attacked." Connor replied.

"Thank you, Cheif. You're really smart." Force said. "Are we continueing onwards?"

"Thank you. And, to answer your question, I'd advise that we stop now. We have rid the world of 8 criminals already." he said. And we've won some pretty nice prizes.

"Okay, retiring early sound slike a plan, Cheif. Always good to save your energy, as you never know when you'll need it." Force replied.

"Okay, then, let's go." Connor said. And with that, a white ball of light formed around Force, and he flew upwards, towards the skyward side of the Net, and back into Connor's PeT.