Fighting off Virii and boredom.

A beam of light landed in the Jack-In pad, as Jinnman took a few steps forward beforw flapping is butterfly wings and going itno a small hover. The navi sighed. It was like taking off your shoes after a long day. He proceeded to move forward, keeping his eye out for Virii to dispatch. His owner, on the other hand, was not as astute. Jacob had returned to the couch, playing his retro game. Jinnman sighed, knowing this was not the first time Jacob's attention failed. Jinnman continued to search.

(I can has battle?)
Virus Attack!

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP

Jinman.exe: 100 HP

-Right on!-
As is the heavy traffic of the Net, it wasn't long beofre Jinnman ran into some bad apples. He halted in place, and assumed a fighting stance. "Jacob?" He asked, hoping he will be ready with Battle Chips. But Jinn's fears were unfounded, as Jacob slid into his chair, hearing his friend's cry for help. "Never fear, Jacob's here!" He annouced with a superhero's inflection.

"Battle Routine, Set!"


The human was deciding which chips to use, notiong the distance between his Navi and the virii. "Keep your distance, Jinn. These guys fire shockwaves, but they're slower than you." "EVERYTHING'S slower than me, Jacob." "Cannon, Shotgun, Slot in!"

Jinn flew forward, loading the cannon shell into his morphed buster, gathering his aim at the closest Met. He shifted from the side to side in hopes to throw off the foe's accuracy. Pushed back by the recoil for firing the huge shot, the shell whizzed towards it's target, letting loose a small explosion on impact. As Jinnman caught his balance, his buster returned to normal, loaded with a plasma shotgun shell. Jinnman charged forward, flapping his butterfly wings furiously, zooming above another Met as he fired the Chip attack, showering it in energy.

Landing again, Jinn turned in a 180, facing the third Met. He paced his breathing, his wings generating static force. When it reached it's peak, he yelled as the voltage moved to his buster. "Thunder Thorns!" Arcs of electricity fired from his buster, closing in on the third Met like a claw trap, hoping to broil the Virus. He laughed, remembring the rush of fighting Virii.

Turn Summary-

1- Cannon Towards Met A (40 Damage)

2- Shotgun towards Met B (50 Damage, possible splash to Met C)

3- Thunder Thorns towards Met C (70 Elec Damage)

(It's good to be back!)

MetoolB: HOLE'D

Jinman.exe: 100 HP

Get: 100z, Guard1