Mission One...

It was silent in some abandoned corner of ACDC Net, quiet and peaceful. Several virii were walking around aimlessly, randomly picking at data and generally relaxing. There were no Navis around to harrass them and save their precious systems. This whole area was a free game. A single virus walked around alone, calmly picking at stuff...

Until a large, metal object roughly the size of a house fell from the sky at terminal velocity, crushing the virus like a tiny, diminuitive bug underneath it. Another virus came towards the smoking object, intent on destroying this new offender to its peaceful existance.... and then a ramp fell open on it, crushing this new one.

Brother Arbalan stepped down, his armored figure clunking down the steps. His armor showed no sign of the g's and traumas that any normal person would feel from such a landing.

Brother Arbalan was nothing ordinary.

Wow. Kojiro voiced from the terminal in his apartment. That was a bit excessive. Brother Arbalan sighed, drawing his chainsword and revving it up.

"My Lord, you must remember that we may only take battles on our own terms. After all, you only have me on your side in this world." Arbalan could feel Kojiro's affirmation; the Inquisition was correct to pair Kojiro to a personality such as Arbalan's. They both already knew each other's strengths, and at least Kojiro wasn't one of those operators who had no idea what they were doing.

Got it. Now go get to work. I'll be here to provide support while I do my homework. Arbalan nodded. Kojiro would be close enough to hear what was happening, as well as plug in whatever chips were needed.

Arbalan observed his surroundings. Several of the virii that were previously off guard were running, and several others were attempting to hide. A select few, however, were beginning to advance.

"Be ready to supply chips My Lord." Arbalan said, raising his chainsword and reaching his mainhand back to get a firearm chip once he had figured a stragety.
Virus Attack!

MetoolA: 40
MetoolB: 40
MetoolC: 40

Brother Arbalan: 100

-First time?-
Brother Arbalan snorted. Three Metools? Weak. Gaunts would be a bigger threat than these pathetic excuses for virii. But then again, it was good that he was not fighting more; Arbalan lacked allies for this fight, and he was not an incredibly powerful Navi. Yet.

"My Lord," Arbalan said, "Please insert your Cannon chip, and then your Shotgun chip." Arbalan had a plan, and with a bit of luck he could slay all three of his foes in a single move.

Roger that, Arbalan. Kojiro replied, his voice slightly distant. There was a bit of shuffling, and then a click. Arbalan felt the reliable, heavy weight of a Cannon chip on his right arm, physically represented on his model slightly differently; as a Bolt Pistol.

Bolt Pistols were large and bulky, carrying seven-round clips of Bolt Bullets, an explosive ammunition two inches in diameter and five inches long. They penetrated at least a few inches before exploding, which kept it from damaging more than one enemy, but it killed things. Good enough for Arbalan.

Arbalan raised it, firing all seven bullets at the one on the left as he charged towards the enemy. As soon as the bullets ran out, he tossed aside the bolt pistol and shouted upwards, "My lord! Shotgun! NOW!" A swift click, and the weight of a pump shotgun was felt in his hand.

Arbalan lunged forward, dropping his chainsword and raising the shotgun between the other two Virii. "For the Emperor!" He cried, and pulled the trigger. A roar expelled from the weapon, ripping forward to the enemy. Arbalan landed with a thump, and was on his feet almost instantly.

Smoke was everywhere. The first volley would have definetly killed the first one, and the shotgun blast hopefully killed the second and third. Just in case, though, Arbalan walked back to his Chainsword, picking it up and revving it.

Were they slain? If so, than Arbalan was victorious. If not, than he had to be ready. Arbalan raised his chainsword, ready to slash the first opponent he saw.



1. Cannon, Metool A [40 dmg]
2. Shotgun, Metool B and C [50 dmg each]
3. Charge turn 1.
Look at me! I fixed your damages!
Anyway, the viruses were promptly eradicated.


Brother Arbalan: 100

Get: Guard, 200z