More Training

Walking around the Cyber Net, Riderman looked to the left and right, searching for some virii.
(Welcome! We seem to be getting quite a few new members, lately.
And as a note, I looked at your sig, and I see you have it in the Chaos Network, the old forum, form. Now, instead of 60 damage and three turns of cooldown, it's seventy damage and two turns of cooldown.
Just thought I'd let you know, in case you wanted to change it.)

Riderman finds his viruses, a quartet of Metools coming out to greet him!

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP
MetoolD: 40 HP

(That's... really strange. There are the things, but...
Oh, geez. My bad. The registration was just on page five. I must have passed it by accident while looking for this...
Anyways, my apologies to OkitaKun, my thanks to SK, and BATTLES FOR ALL!)
(It's okay ^^;;. But do I still have to change anything?)

"We've found a fight." Okita smiled as he slotted in two chips and 2 Cannons appeared in Riderman's hands. The Navi simply took them and aimed for the virii he wanted to hit.

"Let's hit that one." Riderman said to himself as he tried to shoot one Cannon at MetoolA and another one at MetoolB.

[Cannon]MetoolA: 40
[Cannon]MetoolB: 40
(A few things. Not to change, that is. Actually, one of them is, but...
Immah stop rambling now. Just read the things, please.
1. Your sigattack could be powered up. Just post in the "Sig attack registration/changes" forum. The mods should help you. It should probably be 70 damage, 2 turn cooldown.
2. Whenever you have actions left, it's probably wise to use a dodge. If you don't use an action, we usually read it as a dodge anyways, but it helps to put in your summary.
That's all
Note: Even mods make mistakes. I forgot to put your HP in the start-of-battle post!)

Riderman blasts the two metools, and nimbly sidesteps the oncoming attack.

MetoolC: 40 HP
MetoolD: 40 HP

Riderman: 100 HP
(Alright, thank you very much!)

"Riderman, try to shoot the remaining Metools when they are behind eachother." Commanded Okita as he slotted in one ShotGun battlechip. The data was transferred into the hands of Riderman as he jumped to the third Metool.

"Shoot now!"


A shot was let out of Riderman's gun and towards the third Metool.

[ShotGun]MetoolC: 50
[ShotGun]MetoolD: 50
(You don't have to use a second action for the second hit of the shotgun. You just have to say who you're aiming at with the splash.)