Next Round of Training

Tekkai logged into the area from the statue in ACDC town. He looked around, but didn't see much. Heh...I hope the viruses aren't as tough here... Tekkai thought as he walked threw the area. Tekkai...make sure to keep your guard up, a virus can strike at any moment... Shin said. Yes sir... Tekkai replied. As time went by, Tekkai had little luck finding viruses. He began to think that there weren't any around at the moment, and layed on the ground.

He began to fall asleep....
(Time for the regular starter battle)

It's a small virus brigade!

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
Spikey: 90 HP
Tekkai woke up at the sound of the viruses approaching. ...Finally.... He thought to himself as he prepared for battle. Shin quickly loaded a chip in to use, and Tekkai quickly formed some claws. Tekkai began by dashing at the two Metool viruses, and slashing at one of them. He then quickly hopped over the second metool virus gracefully, and landed in front of the Spikey virus. He quickly slashed his claws at the spikey, then took a few steps backwards. Tekkai, don't let there appearence fool you, don't get too close to them, or you will be sorry. Shin cried. Tekkai nodded his head, and quickly flipped back some, then began to run around in a circle around the viruses as an evading maneuver against the viruses.

Turn Summary

Chips Activated: Rageclaw
Action 1: Rageclaw to MetoolA (40 dmg)
Action 2: Rageclaw to Spikey (40 dmg)
Action 3: Evade/running around the viruses.
Tekkai lands both hits, and dodges expertly. The now lone metool, however, manages to connect with its pickaxe!
...Wait, why isn't his HP dropping? Oh, no! To Tekkai's horror, the attack had broken his claws!

MetoolB: 40 HP
Spikey: 50 HP

Tekkai: 100 HP (Rageclaw broken!)
Tekkai noticed his claws break and let out a huge sigh. He saw the spikey virus begin to weaken, and decided it was now or never. Tekkai, you have already wasted enough time with these viruses, I want them deleted...understood? Shin commanded. Of course, I will handle it right away. Tekkai responded as he began to make his move. Tekkai quickly dropped and rolled to the side as fast as he could to hopefully avoid any oncoming attacks heading his way. Tekkai then quickly leaped into the air, and formed a cannon on his right arm, blasting away at the metool virus.

Tekkai then set his sights on the spikey. He expertly flipped back, so he would land a good enough distance away from the virus. He then put his arms out, and formed a cannont of his own, one shaped like a dragons head. He carefully aimed the cannon right at the spikey virus, and prepared for fire. But instead of just simply shooting the cannont blast at point blank, he decided to try and trick the virus a little. He started to run towards the virus as fast as possible, and before getting too close, he shifted his body to the side of the virus, hoping to catch it off guard, and blasted his cannon with intense force!

Turn Summary

Chips Used: Cannon
Action 1: Evade/drop and roll type maneuver
Action 2: Cannon to MetoolB (40 dmg)
Action 3: Signature Move to Spikey (40 dmg + Freeze Effect)
(I'm going to assume your sig is Aqua element, by the description in registration.)

Tekkai takes out all of the viruses swiftly and efficiently, his water atttack drowning the Spikey and his Cannon deleting the Metool!


Tekkai: 100 HP

Prize: Heatshot