Dark Destiny.EXE, Jack In!

Entering ACDC from the warp panel located on the SecretHP in Stephen's room.

"Dark Destiny, begin virus search."

"Yessir. Shall I do something about the shadows?"

"No, if you're recognized they'll realize we've broken the rules."

((*cough* Fix your profile, please. I see lots of pretty pictures, but for modding's sake, you need the basics: Rules.
Drakim's Signature Code.

You'll get modded after you fix your Signature.))
((Sorry, I didn't see that. I don't quite get how the code Wizard works.))
((Use that. It's fairly self-explanatory--you put the "tab" name in the name field, then whatever you want under that tab in the field under that. Add new tabs as necessary.))