Virus Busting Time!

In a white flash, data appeared and the data turned into Riderman. "I'm on, Okita!" he called out to his Operator. Riderman walked around, looking for virii to fight. Partially to clean the Net, mostly to have fun.

"See any yet?" Okita asked, curiously. Riderman shook his head and continued to walk, searching for virii.
Virus Attack!

MetoolA: 40
MetoolB: 40
Seedbat: 50

Riderman: 100

Battle 1 Start!
Riderman, looking around, then realizing he was being ambushed by virii. "Yeah! I found some!" Riderman shouted. "How hard can it be? It can't be that hard..I mean three against one."

"This should be good." Okita chuckled. "Let's try this BattleChip, Riderman." Okita searched through his Chip Pocket. "Where's that darn chip?" Okita then pulled out one of his first chips he had received.

"Battle Chip! ShotGun! Slot-In!"

Riderman, shocked Okita had sent this chip. "I wanted the RageClaw!" Riderman complained. Okita made a serious face. "Fine. I'll use this." Riderman took the ShotGun and aimed for the virii.

"Don't shoot yet!" Okita commanded. "Move in an angle where the MetoolA is behind the Seedbat." Riderman dashed backwards, then dashed right, looking for the perfect angle. He aimed, and fired, hoping it would do some damage.

"What about the other one?" Riderman asked.

"Well, here's one of your favorites!" Okita responded. "BattleChip! RageClaw! Slot-In!"

Riderman's gloves soon transformed into claws. He dashed towards the last Metool(MetoolB) and slashed the MetoolB. He jumped back, trying to dodge explosions if it was destroyed.

"Good job, Riderman!" Okita complemented. Okita has been very fond of his NetNavi ever sine he received him as a gift. Riderman smiled at his NetOp. "I hope that will finish them." Okita added.

[ShotGun]MetoolA: 40 (50)
[RageClaw]MetoolB: 40 (40)
[ShotGun]SeedBat: 50 (50)
((I think you meant to use a cannon for your first action, right? Assuming I am...))

The cannon blows up the Met and the rageclaw tears through its partner. The bat is then shot down by the Shotgun.

Seedbat: DELETED!

Riderman: 100

Rewards: 100z, Guard
((Nope, I meant to use ShotGun and RageClaw the entire battle. Oh yeah, can you use a BattleChip you used in the first battle, in the next battle? Like I used ShotGun in the 1st battle, can I use it in the next?))

"Nice! Good job, Riderman!" Okita was really proud of him now. He held his P.E.T in his hand and with his other hand, he touched the screen, wiping it from dust.

Riderman glanced at the rewards they gained from deleting the Virii. "Lookie here! A chip!" Okita obtained the chip and inserted it into his pocket. "We also got some zenny." Riderman added. Okita downloaded the file and obtained his rewards.

"Look for more virii to fight." Okita said as Riderman walked more, pondering about rewards.
((Most chips can be used only once per battle. Only melee attacks can be used more than once and that's until another chip overrides the arm. So in other words, you can use a Cannon and Shotgun once per battle each but the Ragclaw can be used multiple times in a row. Okay?))

Virus Attack!

CanodumbA: 50
CanodumbB: 50
CanodumbC: 50
SpookyA: 50
SpookyB: 50

Riderman: 100

Battle 2 Start!
((Oh alright, thanks for the info ^.^))

"Hm, there's more this time." Okita pointed out. "I'm not sure if you can make this."

"Just believe in me and send me more chips." Riderman responded. Okita grabbed his chips and began to slot some in.

"BattleChip! RageClaw! Slot-In!" Long claws appeared in Riderman's arms. He put them on. He dashed and slashed Spooky A and Spooky B. He laughed and chuckled.

CanodumbA: 50
CanodumbB: 50
CanodumbC: 50
SpookyA: 10
SpookyB: 10

Riderman: 100
((What you did for the first summery was good. The end results can vary, so putting them down probably isn't the best idea. Also, watch auto-hitting. There's no way to know for sure that you hit something until after the mod posts.))

The first ghost is cut but the second warps to the side, out of the way of the claw. A Canodumb fires at the navi, but misses. However, the Spooky who escaped the attack earlier licks Riderman.

CanodumbA: 50
CanodumbB: 50
CanodumbC: 50
SpookyA: 10
SpookyB: 50

Riderman: 85
((Hehe, sorry about those mistakes. I was kind of in a hurry on my way to a party.))

"RAH!" Riderman shouted in pain as he was attacked by the Spooky. "Riderman, you okay?" Okita called out.

"I'm fine.." He replied as he got back up on his feet. "Let's finish the Spookies first." Riderman dashed towards both of the Spookies and slashes them. He jumped back, on guard, making sure no Canodumb had locked target on him. "Okita, send me some chips!" said Riderman.

"Alright!" Okita replied, with his chips in his hands. "BattleChip! Cannon! Slot-In!"

A cannon appeared in Riderman's hands. He grabbed it, making sure he got a good grip and aimed for CanondumbA. "Hehe..I got you right where I want you." Riderman whispered as he fired the blast away at the first Canodumb.

[RageClaw]SpookyA:10 (40)
[RageClaw]SpookyB:50 (40)
[Cannon]CanodumbA:50 (40)
((Does he still have RageClaw?))
((Unfortunately, the cannon should've overriden the claw when you used it.))

Riderman misses the first Spooky as it dodges to the side, but the second one is hit before it can warp. The cannon puts the canodumb in critical condition. It then fires back with its own attack and one Spooky also stabs the navi with its tongue.

CanodumbA: 10
CanodumbB: 50
CanodumbC: 50
SpookyA: 10
SpookyB: 10

Riderman: 40
"Argh!!" Riderman continued to shout in pain. "We can't lose to virii!" Okita pointed out. "We just can't!" Okita has 1 more offense chip before he would run out of attack chips.

"Battle-Chip, Shot Gun, Slot-In!" Riderman took the ShotGun and headed for CanodumbB and CanodumbC, making sure they were in the correct angle to be behind each other. "Launch!" he shouted as the ShotGun fired at the last two Canodumbs from a distance.

"Let's use your sword!" Okita cried out. Riderman nodded as he extended arm out.

"Rider Blade!" Riderman's arm turned into a blade as he ran towards the last Spookys. "Take this!" he slashed the two last Spookies and jumped back. "There's too many of them! We cannot do this!"

"Yes we can, Riderman. Yes we can."

[RiderBlade]SpookyA:10 (9)
[RiderBlade]SpookyB:10 (9)
[ShotGun]CanodumbB:50 (50)
[ShotGun]CanodumbC:50 (50)
((You're using 5 actions, but you only have 3 to start out with. Also, normal attacks do (AttackxRapid)+5, so that'd be 9 in your case.))
:: I editted my post ::
((Shotguns can only be used once per battle. Only Melee weapons can be used multiple times in a row, unless otherwise stated.))
((We didn't use ShotGun. We only used it in the first battle.))
((Unless I'm reading something wrong, your summery says that you use Riderblade, SHotgun, then Shotgun again, which is twice. Also, your summery also seems a bit out of order, since it says you used the Shotgun first. Really confused here.))
((Doesn't ShotGun hit the target and the object behind it?))
((Ah, now that makes sense. It does 50+splash. That means that two opponents can be hit if you RP well. It only take one action to use, even if you do hit two. You can change the extra action to either aiming, dodging, or another attack.))
(( I editted the part where Riderman attacks CanodumbA, into attacking 2 Spookies ))
As Riderman strikes both ghostly figures, they each go into critical condition. The Shotgun then blasts a Canodumb. A Spooky then weakly licks the navi.

CanodumbA: 10
CanodumbB: DELETED!
CanodumbC: 50
SpookyA: 1
SpookyB: 1

Riderman: 25