ACDC Expedition

Chivalry disappeared from Nick's PET and, in a flash of white light, materialized in ACDC's network. Chivalry turned to face his NetOp. "Nick?" he asked. "I'm here. I can't wait until I can NetBattle!"

"Take it easy," Nick said amused at Chivalry's eagerness. He leaned back in his chair and smiled, relaxing himself. "You're not quite skilled enough yet to take on Navis. Stick to viruses for the time being, 'kay?"

Chivalry nodded at Nick. "Roger that, Nick!" The lights in the net reflected off of his metal armor, making it shine. "Let's go!" He turned and charged down a path, pata extended in front of him, letting out a battle cry. Nick sighed. Chivalry was very hyperactive today. Still, he couldn't help but pleased at his eagerness.
Virus Attack!

MetoolA: 40
MetoolB: 40
Bunny: 50

Chivalry: 100

Battle 1 Start!
"Viruses!" Chivalry shouted to Nick. He then took a battle stance. "Be prepared to be deleted, viruses! Engage!" Chivalry had now acknowledged that he and the Viruses were battling together.

"Let's go!" Nick said. He stood up, which for some reason made battling more comfortable. He pressed a button and his PET's view changed to a first-person view. Nick was seeing exactly what Chivalry was seeing. All three were within view. Nick slotted in his RageClaw. "Chivalry, use Pata Rush to slash the Bunny, deleting it. Then use the RageClaw to slash both of the Mettaurs!"

Chivalry nodded. His Pata formed in Chivalry's hands. He ran forwards and rose the pata up, attempting to stab the Bunny. Should the attack be successful, Chivalry would use RageClaw to attack both of the Mettaurs. Should the attack be unsuccessful, Chivalry would continue to stab the Bunny until it hits.
((You need a summery for your next turn. I take it this turn would look something like this:

1.) Rageclaw, 40, Bunny
2.) Rageclaw, 40, MetoolA
3.) Rageclaw, 40, MetoolB

That correct?))
(Not quite. It should be like this.)

1.) Pata Rush, 60, Bunny
2.) Rageclaw, 40, MetoolA
3.) Rageclaw, 40, MetoolB
((M'kay then. Glad I asked.))

Chivalry rushes forward, deleting the Bunny immediately. He then grows a claw and uses it to cut down both Mets.


Chivalry: 100

Rewards: Zapring, 50z
Chivalry smirked as his arm returned to a normal hand. "Enemy deleted," Chivalry said. He turned to Nick and smiled. "Did you see that, Nick?" he asked cheerfully, glad his first battle had gone so well. "I even got a prize! I'll send it to you right now." Chivalry transferred the spoils to his PET.

Nick returned the PET's screen to its regular, third-person view. "Impressive!" Nick said, smiling back. He gave him a thumbs up. "These prizes will come in hand later on. Let's take good care of them. But we can still explore. You ready to dive deeper into ACDC?"

"You bet!" Chivalry replied with eager anticipation. "Let's go! Charge!" Chivalry turned around and tore off down the path once again. "Watch out, viruses, Chivalry is gonna delete ya!"
Virus Attack!

CanodumbA: 50
ShrubbyA: 50
CanodumbB: 50
ShrubbyB: 50
Spikey: 90

The Shrubbies are behind the Cnodumbs!

Chivalry: 100

Battle 2 Start!
Chivalry spotted the viruses up ahead. "Viruses!" he said, taking a battle stance. "Viruses, be prepared to be deleted!" Without turning, he said, "Nick! What should I do? I need some help here!"

"Okay!" Nick replied. He switched the PET's screen to first-person view. Then he slotted in a BattleChip. "It's a Shotgun. Line up with the Canodumb and fire it off. It should delete both the Canodumb and the Shrubby behind it! Follow that up by hitting the other Canodumb and Shrubby with the Pata Rush. Then leap up and try to slash the Spikey with your pata from above. Got it?"

"You bet, Nick!" Chivalry responded. He stepped to the side and transformed his arm into a Shotgun. Lining it up so that it could shoot the Canodumb and the Shrubby together, Chivalry fired the weapon off. Assuming that hit, Chivalry then dashed up to the side of the other Shrubby, trying to slash it.

1.) Shotgun, 50, Canodumb A, splash aim for ShrubbyA
2.) Pata Rush, 60, ShrubbyB
((Too many actions. You get three actions a turn. Plus, shotguns are used once per battle and sigs need to recharge before being used again.))
OoC: That's only two actions. The shotgun would hit two because of the splash. And the pata, I assumed, would work like most swords, being used until they're broken or overriden.
OOC: I'm not sure I can post here, but to ease off some work from the mods.

1. When you use a splash weapon, you write the summary like this:

1. Shotgun, 50dmg, CanodumbA, Splash aim for *blablabla*

and even if it is a sword, you can not use a sig attack mitiple times. And either way, attacking with a sword ONCE = one move/action, you can't use it THREE TIMES for ONE action/move.
((Sig attacks are used once before needing to be recharged. Plus, even if it wasn't you'd still need to use three actions to use the weapon three times. Also, Shotgun's only take one action to use, so you don't need to post using it twice in your summery.))
OoC: Alright, I edited my post. Sorry about that!
The shotgun hits the canondumb and what lies behind it. His slash takes out the canodumb in front of Shrubby. It takes this moment to cough up a log and spit it into Chivalry.

CanodumbA: DELETED!
ShrubbyA: DELETED!
CanodumbB: DELETED!
ShrubbyB: 50
Spikey: 90

The Shrubbies are behind the Cnodumbs!

Chivalry: 90