Lets see a smile!!

With a beam of light, Capuchin materialized. She gave a sigh as she slumped on the ground.

"L-Lets get rid of s-some nasty viri!" Aida happily said, "W-we'll show them who's boss like every other time!"

"I'm not in the mood." The monkey moaned, "Lets just head back....."

"Oh Capuchin......" Aida said, "Where did your happy and ch-cheery self go? You never act this w-way."

"It went away.....like my friends." She replied.

"......w-well....we'll just have to find it again."


"We can find your happiness again. We just n-need to give you the correct nudge. No-now.....lets find s-some viri."
Virus Attack!

Seedbat: 50
BunnyA: 50
BunnyB: 50

Capuchin: 100

Battle 1 Start!
"L-look." Aida said, "Th-there's some viri! Wh-why dont you go show them w-who's boss..."

Capuchin gave a sigh, "As long as we get outta here soon. Send me a chip."

"A-alright....here you are!"

Quickly, an energybomb and shotgun meterialised. Capuchin grasped the energybomb and aimed it at the pack of viruses and aimed it at the group of bunny. She then aimed her shotgun at the seedbat and fired. With a slight sigh she went into a defensive stance.

"Oh Ca-Capuchin, dont be so glum." Aida pleaded, "You should be having fun."

1.energybomb (40) bunnyA and BunnyB
2.shotgun (50) seedbat
3. dodge
The bunnies jump away before the bomb can land. The bat is taken down by the Shotgun, though. A Bunny fires at Capuchin, but she evades.

Seedbat: DELETED!
BunnyA: 50
BunnyB: 50

Capuchin: 100
"Shoot." Capuchin growled, "That was a waste of a bomb."

"D-dont worry s-so much." Aida assured, "W-we can get them this time around....here!"

A boomerang materialised in front of the monkey navi. Capuchin immediatley grasped it in her right hand and thrusted it at one of the bunnys. She then awaited another chip as she watched what to happen as a spinning boomerang comes in contact with a virus.

"Okay, anything else?"

Aida gave a sigh, "You sh-should enjoy this C-capuchin."

"I can't. I have alot on my mind."

"........Capuchin......please try and be happy. I hate to see you sad. It's I-Its like when you see me upset. You always want to make me happy again and that's how I feel right now. I never want to see you sad. I enjoy your smile more than your frown...." Aida then downloaded the chip.

Capuchin's left hand twisted and turned into a sword. She gave then a running leap ito the air and chase to the second bunny. As she went close enough, she gave a slash in hopes it would do the job. The sword immediatley changed back into her hand and she went into a defensive stance.

1.boomerang (60) bunnyA
2.sword (80) bunnyB
the remaining virii are deleted!

Seedbat: DELETED!

Capuchin: 100


Rewards: 225z
Capuchin gave a sigh, "Im sorry Aida, but Im not in trhe mood to smile. Nor am I in the mood to be joyious about anything."

"Th-Then were going to st-stay here a bit more....lets find some m-more viruses."

"Let's show th-them whos boss!" Aida gleefully said at a depressed Capuchin.

"Fine fine...." Capuchin moaned, "Send me a chip."

Data streamed through the net into a small energybomb in Capuchin's left hand. Carefully aiming at the mets, she thrusted it at the group watching an explosion after.

"H-here's another!" Aida cried as she downloaded a boomerang chip to help aid her navi.

Capuchin grasped her weapon and made it go in a spinning motion towards the spikeys. She then let herself go into a defensive stance and attempt to dodge any incoming attacks.

1.energybomb (40) metA and MetB
2.Boomerang (60) Spikey group (20 each)
The explosion deletes the met. The the boomerrang flies around, cutting through two spikeys, leaving them severelly inured. One attacks, but misses. A met also launches a shockwave, but that too is evaded.


Capuchin: 100

((Two things: First, Energybombs hit three times to one enemy, so it does 40x3 to an opponent. Second, Boomerrang does 60 Wood damage to each enemy it hits. In other words, the 60 isn't split, it does full to each struck. So yeah, some bad news and good news.))
(OOC..........ARGH!!!! Curse my stupidity! Oh well. Whats done is done. Best to keep going on!)

Capuchin gave a sigh, "ARGH! I messed up! Geez, I really have to focus more!"

Aida gave a smile and a bit of a giggle wich her monkey navi heard.

"Hey, whats with that?! Are you mocking me???"

"N-no....of c-course not! Im just ha-happy your enjoying yourself a-again....I was w-worried I'd n-never see y-your happy smile again."

"Oh Aida....."

"I know it must hurt to lo-ose a friend....but I don't w-want to loose you as MY friend as well.....I w-want to still h-have fun w-with you! I st-still w-want to enj-joy all our laughter and t-talks and v-virus battles...."

".......I understand." Capuchin put her hands on her hips and called out, "So....you goanna give me a chip or what? I can't beat these guys without your help."

".....!!!!.......R-right!" Aida immediatley downloaded a few new chips to the fray and silently wispered, "Good luck C-Capuchin."

Capuchin's hands began to form into a new shape. The pieces of her hands quickly were placed to form a shotgun and a cannon. She stretched her hands outward to aim at a spikey and the last Met and fired a round at both of them.

"W-were not e-even through yet!" Aida announced as she slotted in one last chip letting Capuchin's right hand form into a sword.

"EEP EEP!" The monkey cheeped, "I like where this is heading!" He feet kicked off the ground and she ment into a charge. She went in a zig zag pattent in an attempt to keep away from incoming attacks. As she went closer and closer to her target, she prepared herself by picking the center spikey. SHe immediatley charged through and as she passed it, she slashed the spikey, letting her hand then from back into its original shape.

1.shotgun (50) MetB
2.cannon (40) spikeyA
4.sword (80) spikeyb
((No biggie. It probably worked out better for you anyway, so don't fret.))
The shotgun nails the met, taking it out. Capuchin then takes out the weakened Spikey with her Cannon before charging forward. One enemey attacks as she approaches, but misses. She takes a stab at a virus as she runs by, injuring it considerably.


Capuchin: 100
"Heh! This will be too easy!" Capuchin cried out as she pulled out her red pole and let it grow using her pole strike attack on a spikey. She then charged up her blaster and fired a shot at the other spikey. Letting her body go into a defensive position she waited for the outcome.

1.sig (60) spikeyc
2.blaster (9) spikeyb
((Charged attacks take three actions to use and do (AttackxChargex4)+20, while normal shots do (AttackxRapid)+5. So your second action, if you attack like normal, will do 9, leaving it at 1. Want to change?))
(Okay. Sorry!)
The attacks hit, and the remaining spikey blasts at Capuchin in a pathetic attempt at revenge, only to miss.


Capuchin: 100
"And now for the final strike!" Capuchin cried as she gave the spikey a punch to the face.

1.punch (1) spikeyb
The Spikey dies and stuff.


Capuchin: 100

Rewards: Guard, 200z
Capuchin gives out a cheep as she does a backflip in rejoicement. "HA!! They stood no chance against us!" She boomed.

Aida agreed, "Y-yes....w-were too st-strong for the l-likes of them."

".......no......." Capuchin looked at the floor, "We still have a long way to go. Aida....I want to be able to beat everyone that comes our way! I dont want anymore friends to dissapear on us!"

Aida gave a smile and a nod, "I agree. L-lets do s-some shopping now." And with that, Aida jacked out Capuchin.