Rainbow appear!

A rainbow appeared in the network's sky, and then a flash of light came R-kid. The rainbow disappeared afterwards. "Don you thik the rainbw wil atrct attenion Cindy?" Said R-kid (please ignore noobish talk, R-kid has only mastered 213 words, starting with Cindy.) "But it is so pretty it is worth it." replied Cindy "Prepare for anything rainbowboy."

"R-kid is nic enuf if it is takeing too loug to say Cindy" Said R-kid

"I'm fine with anything sweety." Replied Cindy

Rainbowkid finds viruses!

MetoolA 40HP
MetoolB 40HP
MetoolC 40HP

Rainbowkid 140HP (FIXED)

( Hp is 140, I tranfered two HP memory)

"Awwwwwwiiiigt! Viusis!" yelled R-kid,

"Ok then, Battlechip, minibomb, sword slot it!" Said Cindy, putting in the two chips.

"Awwigt! Chips!" Yelled R-kid before a sword took over his right hand, and a minibomb appeared in the other. "Ou-oh." Said R-kid before falling flatfaced to the ground. "Heavi swurd!" Said R-kid, standing up again and throwing the minibomb, at metoolA and swinging the sword at metoolB.

1. 10 dmg to self
2. 50 dmg to metoolA
3. 80 dmg to metoolB
R-kid comically falls due to his own weapon, screwing up his toss in the process. The Mets collapse in mirth, not noticing R-kid as he cleaves one of them apart.

MetoolA 40HP
MetoolC 40HP

Rainbowkid 130HP
"Ok, finishing time, disable sword, Heatshot, slot in, cannon, slot in, Rainbowcystal Bliz!"

The two chip data merged in the rainbow cystal on R-kids chest, then it started to glow red and white.

"Heahot, Red pat ou teh ranbow, Heat Fash!" said rainbowkid the cystal shot a red flash at MetoolA while the cystal started to glow white.

"canion, whit specum son, flsah!" said rainbowkidm this time the cystal glowed white and shot a pure light at the metoolC.

"Wot! me did to fash wih noh troble!" said rainbowkid, jumping in the air, and falling headfirst in the group, damaging himself... again.

1. Heat shot - red rainbow flash - 40dmg, may splash 25 to 45 dmg.

2. cannon - pure sun flash - 40 dmg, may splash 10dmg.

3. Flash abilty energy take- 20 dmg to self- victorious yet clumsy- 10 dmg to self.
((Looking over your post, I can tell what you're attacking but you need also include them in your summery. Also, Splash can do full or partial damage, its up to the mod. Plsu cannons don't do splash. I'm also a bit confused as to why you're hurting yourself on purpose, but whatever floats your boat.))

Both mets are shot down before Rainbowkid hits his head.


Rainbowkid 100HP

Rewards: Guard, 100z
(ohh, it doesn't? Stupid online megaman game messes up my exe Knowlege. And I already included a summary on the bottem.)

"Awrrrrighttt! we won Cindy!" said R-kid

"Great job Rainbowkid, On to the next one." replied Cindy

(onward!) (I'm out of things to say.)
((Stupid online game? You talking about here? And I didn't mean you forgot a summery, I just meant that you forgot to include which enemy you were targeting in your summery.))

Virus Attack!

CanodumbA: 50
ShrubbyA: 50
CanodumbB: 50
ShrubbyB: 50
Spikey: 90

Rainbowkid: 100

Battle 2 Start!
(no not this one, it is a private site I go to.)(and ok, now I get it.)

"Ok lets make this quick Rainbowboy, Battlechip, Heatshot, Slot in! Red part of the rainbow!" Said Cindy, as she slot in the chip.

"Rid Fash!" yelled R-kid, sending a red flash at the canodumbA

"Battlechip, Cannon, Slot in! White Spectum, Pure Sun!" Said Cindy, putting in the cannon chip.

"Puri Lite!" yelled R-kid, sending a white flash at the canodumbB

"Now, battlechip, Rageclaw, slot in, Blue Sun, claw!" Said Cindy, this time putting in a rageclaw battlechip.

"Blu son law!" Yelled R-kid, before a transparent claw appeared above R-kid and slashed at the ShrubbyA, before phasing back into R-kid's crystal.

1. Heatshot, red part of the rainbow, 40 dmg Splash at canodumbA
2. Cannon, pure Spectum, 40 dmg at canodumbB
3. Rageclaw at ShrubbyA.
The viruses are blasted by the attacks, the hiding Shrubby being enveloped by the flame blast as the cannondumb is nailed. His claws interrupt the other virus as it attacks, but the spikey blasts Rkid backwards.

CanodumbA: 10
CanodumbB: 10
ShrubbyB: 10
Spikey: 90

Rainbowkid: 70
"Ok, the spikey is dangerous rainbowkid, go rage on it!" Said Cindy

"aie aie Cindy!" said r-kid, Right before a giant claw appeared above R-kid and went for the spikey.

"Now to go solo, Sword, guard, Slot in! Rainbow form, Metlord Knight!" said Cindy, sloting in the two chips.

"meitord night!" yelled R-kid, raising a sword and guard shield.

"Finish that Spikey!" Yelled Cindy

R-kid went up to the spikey and slashed down the sword, the crouched down behind the guard shield.

1. Rageclaw 50dmg at the Spikey

2.3. Metlord Knight mode, sword 80dmg at Spikey, guard defence.
((Rageclaws do 40.))

the navi bashes the spikey once. It fires back, but the attack bounces off the guard. The kid then cuts it down with his sword. The last shrubby then hits him with a log.

CanodumbA: 10
CanodumbB: 10
ShrubbyB: 10
Spikey: DELETED!

Rainbowkid: 60

"Now, go for a shotgun slash rainbowkid! Battlechip shotgun, Slot in!" Said cindy, sloting in a shotgun chip.

"Sotgnu Lash!" Said R-kid, blasting out a shotgun attack from his crystal and then adding a sword sonic boom from his crystal adding to it. "Lebiting mod!" Yelled R-kid, as it went for the remaining virys.

Shotgunslash 80dmg + 50dmg.

(easier terms.)
Crystal sonic boom (sword 80dmg) at CanodumbA
white part of the rainbow (shotgun 50dmgS) at CanodumbB splash at ShrubbyB.
The enemies are taken out.

CanodumbA: DELETED!
CanodumbB: DELETED!
ShrubbyB: DELETED!
Spikey: DELETED!

Rainbowkid: 60

Rewards: 300z
"Thats enough rainbowkid, two more hits from something and you will be deleted, Plug out." Said Cindy, pluging r-kid out.