Passing the time

Dartman appeared in his traditional flash of light. Glancing around, Dartman did his usuall sweep of the area, nothing unuaual caught his sensors, so he seemed to be safe for now. "Alright Cid, what do you want to do today" he asked.

Cid's reply came rather lathergicly "I don't really know. Lets just see what we can find"

"Cool, what do you say we bust some virius to pass the time, its been ages since the last time we got to blast the Virii into oblivion? Come on, please?"

Cid could see that his navi was set and ready to go busting. "Oh...fine, well go virii hunting"

With a woop of joy, Dartman headed out into the net.

(insert virius attack here please)
Virus Attack!

MetoolA: 40
MetoolB: 40
Spikey: 90

Dartman: 100

Battle 1 Start!
Dartman took in the situation in a heartbeat. Two lowly MeTool's and a spikey. "Bring it!" he taunted. Considering his options, Dartman's scanner was a buzz with data. The Spikey was clearly a bigger threat then the MeTools. "Cid, I need a shotgun and a cannon, quick."

"here they come" replied Cid, Dartman already downloading the data. Squaring his shights on the Spikey, Dartman swong his arm about to bring the chip to bear. The bullet dashed accrost the dataspace, drawing closer to the unfortunate Virus every second. With luck, Dartman hoped to catch one of the MeTools in the fire. Hoping to carry his momentum into the next attack, Dartman pressed his offense "Hope you like Cannon" he bellowd, Grinning like the devil as the second attack homed in on the Spikey.

"And now for the big finish" he thought with glee. Diving through the enemie, Dartman flew towards the second Metool. His hair whipped atop his head, legs a mear blur. Leaping above the battle feild, Dartman threw his Dart with all his might at the virus. Landing with a roll, he tumbled to his feet.

1. Shotgun+Aim At Spikey and MeToolA (50)
2. Cannon at Spikey (40)
3. Bulls-eye at MeToolB(40 damage+Dodge)(3 turn cool down)
Both targets are sturck with the Shotgun before they can move and the spikey is finished off by the cannon. Dart then strikes down the last met.

Spikey: DELETED!

Dartman: 100

Rewards: Heashot, 100z
"Man that was a blast" laughed Dartman "it's been a while since I had a fight that fun."

"Don't get cooky, or you'll be the one deleted next time" came Cid's voice, sounding like a stern father.

"I cant help it, I was programmed Cocky"
Dartman replied. The battle had been wonderful. His subroutines were a whirl. He felt 100% better then usual.

"common Cid, one morew...for me" begged Dartman, puppydog eyes where none had been before.

"I don't know..."

"Pleaseeeeeeee" Dartman fell to his nees, pleeding.

"Fine, a few more." Cid gave in at last. Dartman sent his sensors, pinpointing the nearest virii he could find. "And were off" He said, before running towards the virii, grinning like the devil himself.
<(Oi, mind if I join you?)>

*Insert Virii here please*
Virus Attack!

CanodumbA: 50
ShrubbyA: 50
CanodumbB: 50
ShrubbyB: 50
CanodumbC: 50

Dartman: 100

Battle 2 Start!
Dartman cast his eyes about, gauging the threat of his opponents. "Cid, what do you think?" He asked.

"The Canodumbs don't look so tough, but I havn't encountered Shrubby's before" Replied Cid, being as cautionary as usual. "But they look like they might be good targets for that new chip we got" he added after a moments thought.

"Alright, lets get this show on the road" Issued Dartman, Dodging to the side, visior a blaze with data. He locked the Shrubby in his sights and fired. The flamig shot sizzeled the air in its passing, as it bore down on the virus. "With any luck, I might catch the other shrubby in the backblaze"

"Dartman, aim for the Canodumbs" shouted Cid, uploading the next chip. As the data loaded into his system, Dartman blasted the shoutgun at the green cannon.

1. Dodge
2. Heatshot+aim at ShrubbyA and Shrubby B(40)
3. Shotgun at CanoDumb A and Canodumb B (50)
The shrubbies quikcly hide behind the canondumbs and the heatshot hits one of them instead. Then, the shotgun strikes both a canodumb and a shrubby, deleting both. A shrubby up-chucks a log at Dartman, but misses.

CanodumbA: DELETED!
ShrubbyA: 50
CanodumbB: DELETED!
ShrubbyB: DELETED!
CanodumbC: 50

Dartman: 100
Dartman laughed as the attacks fell inchesaway from hitting him "Stay focused, a split second later and you'd have been hit" came Cid's voice, filled with worry.

"Relax will you, otherwise you'll end up with gray hair" Came dartmans sarcastic reply.

"Just finnish them off" Cid commanded

"Fine" Replyed Dartman, loading in the next chip Cid had sent. His arm transformed itno a gatteling gun, firing off three breif rounds trained on the remaining Shrubby. "I will"

Knowing that one Vulcan wouldn't be enough, Dartman followed up his attack with another blast fom the Cannon, hopeing to catch the Virus by suprise. Next he turned his attention to the last CanoDumb. "Cid, Shotgun" Dartman shouted. Not responding, Cid fes in the chip. Dartman took careful aim, waiting till the last possible second before opening fire on the Virus.

1. Vulcan1 At ShrubbyA (10, three shots)
2. Cannon At ShrubbyA (40)
3. Shotgun+Aim at CanodumbC (50)
Feeling naked, the Shrubby just stands there as the bullets rain in. The cannon shot then finishes it off. The shotgun nails the last virus.

CanodumbA: DELETED!
ShrubbyA: DELETED!
CanodumbB: DELETED!
ShrubbyB: DELETED!
CanodumbC: DELETED!

Dartman: 100

Rewards: Cannon, 250z
Dartman let out a sigh and plodded a seat on the ground. Cid perked up "Ok, you promissed, lets quit now before you end up deleated." He sounded extra uptight today.

"Fine fine" he replied. If he refused then Cid would get anxious and he might very well end deleated.

"Alright, I'm Jacking out" Cid siad

"Rodger" spoke dartman, vanishing in a beam of light.

(End of thread)