Cyber jacked into ACDC Net,"what the I thought you where going to jack me out not into a differnt place,"yelled Cyber.

"Sor...there is wroung with the P.E......and I can't ja.....yo.....out fo....some reason,"said Damien into his pet but there was something wroung and Cyber could barly make out what Damien was trying to say.

"So your trying to say that I can't jack out of the net!?!"yelled Cyber sounding very scared.

"Right I.... tryi.... to now but its har....,"said Damien as the P.E.T. started giving of sparks and all cyber heard now was the sound of static.

"This isn't good,"said Cyber terrified.
Virus Battle!

As Cyber talks with his NetOp, three Metool approach.

MetoolA: 40
MetoolB: 40
MetoolC: 40

Cyber: 100

Battle 1....Start!
"V-Viruses,"stammered Cyber,"I can do this,"he took a deep breath,"my boomerange could take them out in one hit but what if more viruses come,"said Cyber,"and I can't use chips without Damien,"countinued Cyber,"uh......"

"Cyber Cyber I got the P.E.T. fixed do you need battlechips?"said Damien's voice out of no where.

"Do I....I do!"yelled Cyber.

"Alright there you go,"said Damien sending Cyber cannon, shotgun, and rageclaw chips,"use them well my padlin."

"What,"muttered Cyber as he booted up the cannon chip and shot MetoolA, then his hand turned into a shotgun and he shot at MetoolB, then Damien's hand turned into rageclaw and he ran at MetoolC and slashed him with his claws.

((Needs a summery. Summeries include the attack, damage, and target.))
Uh...he slashed at MetoolA and what is the normal damage for beginner navi's that didn't/can't buy a new wepon?
((You should edit your battle post. A summary should look something like this:

1. Aquasword to MetoolA(4)
2. Aquasword to MetoolA(4)
3. Dodge

Or whatever it is that you want your character to do. A normal buster attack is your AttackXRapid while a charge attack is AttackXChargeX4. All of this information is listed in the rules section.))
Ok edited post. Oh yah does a sword count as a buster?
((Yes, your sword does count as a buster as it is your main weapon. Anyway, I believe we have another problem: Your Boomerang Sig won't hit all of the virii for 60 damage. Most it could do would be 20 to each as it adds up to 60.))
(Oh ok...edited post...agien)
((Er...The SigAttk cool down is automatic, you won't be able to use Boomerang again until after three whole rounds of combat. Something like...This:

Cyber - Uses Boomerang
Mets - Attack

Cyber - Does something(3)
Mets - Somethin' else

Cyber - Something(2)
Mets - Something

Cyber - Something(1)
Mets - Something

Cyber - Uses Boomerang again
Mets - Whatever

So...Edit again to add whatever you wanted to do))
In the topic Cyber....cyber....CYBER! Dmaien the P.E.T. fixed...what I couldn't think of beating viruses without chips...I know I'm cheap...edited post....agien...
((You may want to add a bit more descriptions to your actual actions))

The Cannon blast deletes the first Metool, allowing the second time to react by ducking under its helmet. The spray of pellet from the Shotgun reflect off of the glowing golden helmet, barely missing Cyber in the process. The third Metool manages to strike Cyber with its pickax right before being deleted by the Rageclaw.

MetoolA: Deleted
MetoolB: Helm'D
MetoolC: Deleted

Cyber: 90
(just wondering can't you use rageclaw more than once if you didn't overwright it with another chip...if not I'll edit my post)

Cyber ran at the last Metool and jumped on its helmet,"peekaboo,"wispered Cyber as he impaled his rageclaw into the Metool, then cyber jumped off the metool and prepared to doge if somehow the attack didn't work.

((Aye, you can. Though, really, questions like that should go in the everything you want to know thread...SO as not to OOC spam this OOC spammed topic))

Cyber hits the Metool, deleting it.

MetoolA: Deleted
MetoolB: Deleted
MetoolC: Deleted

Cyber: 90

Reward: 100 zenny
"Good job Cyber,"cheered Damien as Cyber's rageclaw turned into a hand agien.

"I guess....,"wispered Cyber looking down.

"Hey hey whats wroung,"Damien said sitting down cin his chair.

"I don't know...."muttered Cyber.

"Ok...I'm jacking you out,"said Damien as Cyber jacked out.