Blam blam!

A slight wind tossed the netscape as Gunner materialized from shadow almost seven feet above the ground. He landed nimbly in a crouch and immediately pulled a weapon from his holster: A sniper rifle equipped with a silencer. He scoped the area for a moment before returning the long black shape to oblivion. "No signs of any viruses, Swift."
"Just keep looking... There's gotta be some nearby." Gunner nodded and began walking in a random direction down one of the ACDC sidepaths, keeping an eye out for any shapes on the horizon.
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King, I'd like ta (kinda) make it up to you. Wana meet IC for a busting spree or two?))

Down in the streets, they call it MURDEEER!


((Sure thing. Any ideas for where to do it?
But you don't need to feel bad about it; it was as much my fault as it was yours.))
A devilish grin spread across Gunner's face as he backed away to a reasonable distance. "Alright, some Spikeys... They're Fire, right?"
"They certainly look like it."
"Alright... Most of our chips should be powerful enough to take them out, though. Just send whatever."
Swift did so. Gunner felt auxiliary data stream into his holster from the PET, and instinctively reached into the holster. Inside was a revolver with an oversized barrel better suited for a rifle. His favorite. He depressed the trigger with a faint click and a tide of pressurized water rushed out to meet the oversized dogs, the exact results obscured by an erupting pillar of suds. To this, he paid no heed, though, because the gun was already aimed at another of the massive dogs before squeezing the trigger twice in quick succession. These shots carried a heavy kickback, propelling the navi a good two inches backward for each bullet fired. He coiuld already tell that this was high-yield stuff, but nothing would hhave prepared him for the twin piercing squeals the shots made upon impact. The gun was retuned to its offshape holster. It was time to see how these dogs reacted.

1. Bubbler to SpikeyA ((50+10x2), [A], possible splash)
2-3. Shotguns to Spikeys C and E ((50+10)x2, [A], possible splash)
4. Dodge
((Right here would be good, but continue to bust. I have to go to school in about 1/2-1 hour, so I wouldn't want to make you wait.

AGAIN. So just keep battling and I'll join you after school.))

Spikey A is mercifly melted by the bubbler! A small amount misses, Hitting Spikey E, causing it to run in shock and pain into the shotgun blast /swt

The Spikeys retaliate, but Gunny is prepared and dodge rolls out of the way!



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((XD. The puking man has his charms.))
"Ha ha! You think you can beat me?" Gunner reached into his holster. His hands closed around two cold metal handles and he pulled, drawing out a gatling gun far too large to fit inside. He slammed its simple stand against the floor, the machine's weight making minute crack in the net surface. "You're dead wrong!" He depressed a switch on the left handle and the gatling gun's many barrels began to revolve, becoming a cold steel blue within moments. Gunner's fingers found the trigger on the right handle and clamped down on it, forcing a spray of hot lead out of the machine. Yellow light burst from each barrel in sequence. Similar yellow pinpoints appeared where each bullet struck the Spikey's hide. The belt of ammunition was fed into the belly of the massive weapon and soon became depleted, at which point Gunner gave a great heave and hefted the heavy gun back into the holster, where it dissapeared. The tinkle of empty ammo shells hitting the floor was the only sound for a moment, until Gunner's hands fumbled once again onto his favorite weapon. He hardly felt the retort as the screaming Shotgun ammo burst from the barrel; the gatling gun's vibration from the gunshots had left his hands all but numb. Not a good thing for a gunner. So he held the gun and waited for feeling to return to his hands, keeping his legs at the ready to avoid whatever of his foes remained.

1. Gatling Rush to SpikeyB (60)
2. Shotgun to SpikeyD (50+10, [A])
3-4. Dodge
BABABABBABABABABABBABAM! Gunny takes out the spikey with ease, but to his horror, he has been sneak attacked! While he was concentrating on the other virii, a spikey came in, launching a pointblank blast, sending a scourched Gunny rolling away.



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"Gwah!" The close-range blast toppled Gunner onto his front and sent him skidding a short distance away. He leapt to his feet and spun to face the infernal hound, his face a mask of rage. "What I hate about you bastards..." He reached back into his holster with both hands. "is that you just..." His hand closed around the cold steel handle of the weapon he sought. "won't..." With a grunt, he yanked a grenade launcher from his holster, his hands finding their correct positions on the trigger handle and on one farther down the weapon's broad barrel. "die." A small, round, white ball flew from the grende launcher as black smoke vented from either end. The thing looked fairly harmless, a child's toy, a dog's favorite plaything... That is, until it made an impact. The dog was obscured in a blinding flash of light as the child's toy releasd a series of harmful high-energy emissions before itself being cosumed by the white death. Dancing purple afterimages remained in Gunner's eyes... He had no idea whether the light show had been caused because he hit his target, or if it had just hit the ground hard enough. These kinds of chips weren't his area of expertise, even though he had tried to get it into a format he could use... If the dog was still alive, though, he had to be ready.

1. Energybomb to SpikeyF ((40-10)x3, [c])
2-4. Dodge

((Sure thing.))


/blah Heatshot, 200 Zenny
((I suppose I'll wait until you guys are done with your battle before jumping in.
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Gunner slid the gun back into his holster, a large grin curving across his face. "No problem at all..."
"Want to find more viruses?" Swift's voice crackled into being.
"Hmm... Wait, I think I see some navis over there." Gunner began walking towards the two indistince shapes in the distance.

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