Entry into the world of monsters.

Seraphim appeared with a grin and his blade out.

"So, do I have a class or something?" He asked, "I'd sure like to know what abilities I've got." He asked with a smile at his operator, trying to persuade her into revealing his skills.

"Well, you've got "Arc-shot," which powers up whenever you upgrade your own stats, and then you've got your set skills, which can only be used once per battle. There's Shot Gun, Ka Non, and Rag Eclaw." She pronounced them like exotic words, like exotic weapons, and the navi held his chin, nodding knowingly while looking around.

"Well, I better get to work ridding the world of these evils. I wonder where their boss is." He asked himself as he looked up at his sighing operator, who smiled and lay back further, holding a chip weakly.
The first quest in any decent RPG involves killing rats.

Unfortunantly, all Seraphim can find are Bunnies.



Battle 1, Start!
"Ohoh! What are these?" Seraphim spoke as he began to walk over to the Bunnies.

"Seraph! No! Those are vir-Monsters!" She yelped, and then fell back weakly, explaining the rest in a weaker tone as she slotted in a chip.

"Those monsters may look cute, but they destroy the parts of the world by reducing it to its base components and destroying those bit by bit. We have to Dele-Destroy them now." She slid in the chip, and grinned.

"Use Ka Non, Seraph!" She exclaimed weakly before bending over slightly, trying to see all she could of the battle in the PET.

"I thought it was Kan Non earlier, but no matter. You shall fall before the forces of the players, and by my bla- er... Gun." He held up the strange weapon, and aligned it with one of the viruses, yelling out the "spell" name as loud as he could.

"Ka Non!" He shouted, sending a burst of yellow light from the barrel tip toward the foe as he held it to the side, not bothering to watch the effects, caught up in the rush of battle.

"Giving you another spell, Shot Gun." She said happily as she slotted in that chip, the navi kneeling and making a dash for the side of the viruses, skidding to a halt and aiming the chip carefully. He let it off with a blam, and rushed for the final virus, jumping into the air and letting lose with his signature attack, crying out the words as loud as he could.

"Arc Shot!" He yelled out, blasting the virus with it, watching the bayonetty gun go up as his hands didn't take all of the recoil, and looking at the-

"That shot does about 8 damage at your current level." His plot exhibitionist spoke dryly, looking at her navi slightly disgustedly.

"Oh." He abided with a snicker from his operator, then looked at the virus.

"Curse these turnbased battles." He spoke as he crouched, then glared at the virus.

"Till next turn, you spawn of evil!"

1] Cannon [50] [BunnyA]
2] Shotgun [60] [BunnyB]
3] Arc Shot [8] [Bunny C]
4] Prepped dodge
The "exotic" weaponry sends pieces of bunny everywhere. The Arc Shot, however, does less than Seraphim wanted. The Bunny retaliates, and Seraphim, too caught up in his taunt, is surprised by a green disc in the face.


The slight navi flinched as he was hit, falling back on himself and wincing as electric shocks rushed through his body. He got up with a brave shout, brandishing his blade at his foe and rushing it, crying out several more than slightly ironic words spoken with no malicious intent, just plainly and innocently spoken.

"The mobs will never prevail over the main character!" The navi called out, looking up to his operator.

"Yeah, yeah. Next chi-spell, I mean, coming in now. Rag Eclaw." The operator said softly, sliding in the next chip with a click, watching as the navi waved his blade about, then charged for the final virus, jubilantly jumping back and forth, and finally running straight for it, charging and then jumping over it and slashing, then spinning around for another slash, finishing it off with a pierce, lunging forward at the virus before speaking out.

"Wait... I wasn't supposed to jump. Well, I can't reverse time. (Unless she's got one of those GameFish thingies.)" The navi finished quizzically, before jumping back instinctively from the virus, holding his gun-blade mesh in a defensive position, hopefully the attack wouldn't go for the barrel.

1] Dash and jump over virus
2] Slash with Rageclaw [20]
3] Slash with Rageclaw [20]
4] Buster Pierce [4]
The Bunny just stares at Seraphim, trying to comprehend what could be goign through the bizzare Navi's head, and is quickly deleted.

All enemies deleted!

Reward: 200z, Zapring
"Hah hah!" The navi fisted the air in triumph as he slid his weapon away, it glowing briefly before disappearing completely into thin air. He looked from side to side, then...

"Wait. This place has 'levels', right? He asked, looking at himself. He didn't feel like he'd gone up a level... He certainly didn't... Feel different.

"Well... You need one more spell to go up a level." Spoke the operator, looking around inside the screen for more viruses.

"Ah! I see! And I see... Potential Companions!" The navi spoke bravely as he looked toward the area of the Net Square.

"Party members!" He exclaimed, running for it. Too bad it'd take at least 2 battles or so.
Virus Attack!

MetoolA: 40
MetoolB: 40
SeedbatA: 50
SeedbatB: 50
SeedbatC: 50


Battle 2 Start!
"Ahah! More Monstery threats to the general safety of the world! " The deluded hero cried out, a glow appearing as he put his hand behind his back, brightening to a flash as he drew out his weapon, what looked like a rifle with blades on opposite sides of the barrel, lending to the illusion that it was a sword.

"Okay! Now to end you monsters in one sweep!" The navi cried out, holding out his gun and yelling out two words that were really supposed to be one word as his netop slotted a series of chips slowly and carefully, as she smiled slightly, looking at her navi. She liked his personality, and how he acted. He was the best possible mmorpg character yet.

"Ka Non!" The navi yelled as he dashed one of the viruses, skidding to a halt in front of it, then jumping over, blasting it with a bolt of bright yellow energy mid-jump, landing with a thud and a strange pose. He swiveled and began to yell out the name of his signature attack, but stopped, as he remembered just how much damage it had caused the last time he had used it.

"Let us try that new spell! What was it called?" The navi asked, stroking his chin as he backpedaled out of the way of the viruses, looking at his operator plantitively.

"It's called Za Pring." The operator said, clicking in the final chip with a sigh and lookign at her navi.

"Ah. Za Pring. I like the Pring. It's very... Pringy." The navi halted as he lost himself in the "Pring" for a second, then was brought back sharply as he viewed the monsters yet again.

"Right. Monsters. Za Pring!" The navi yelled, firing a ring crackling with electricity at the foe, then twisted to the right, running for one of the virus and raising the extended blade and plunging it at the foe, yelling out dramatically and basically throwing it at another foe, using the accuracy that befitted his class before yelling out the final move that would "end" his turn.

"Shot Gun!" He finished, blasting the foe that he had just fisted, along with the one he had just fisted the fisted into, a proper mess which would work itself out, giving the virus that was left time to recover from the huge mess he had made, smiling slightly as he jumped back.

1] Cannon [50] [SeedbatA]
2] Zapring [50] [Elec] [SeedbatB]
3] Rageclaw [0] [SeedbatC into MetoolA]
4] Shotgun [60] [SeedbatC primary, MetoolA secondary]
A good proper mess--then a shockwave comes through the smokecloud, cutting across Seraphim's legs!

MetoolA: !DELETED!
MetoolB: 40
SeedbatA: !DELETED!
SeedbatB: !DELETED!
SeedbatC: !DELETED!

Seraphim dropped to his knees and groaned.

"Dang, a location specific wound. I didn't even know they had these." He slowly rose, and looked at his weapon. He didn't have any spells remaining to him, all he had was that one last one... That spell.

"Fine then. My last resort shall be utilized with this final attack. This final attack which contains everything in it. Arc.... Shot!" He fired, then dashed for the monster, knowing that he couldn't fire this thing again for a while, it was recharging. He dashed forward, making a double slash as he jabbed it, then prepared for its attack, using the gun-sword as a partial shield.

1] Arc Shot [8] [Metool B]
2] Buster [4] [Metool B]
3] Buster [4] [Metool B]
4] Dodge
The attacks put a couple chips in the Met's helmet. A shockwave ripples at Seraphim, but he easily sidesteps it.

MetoolA: !DELETED!
MetoolB: 24
SeedbatA: !DELETED!
SeedbatB: !DELETED!
SeedbatC: !DELETED!

Seraphim held his gun and just focused his energy into it, and yelled out what he knew, somehow, this was another spell of his. He'd use it to the best of his ability... Point... And pull the trigger. He looked up at his operator, who showed a hand empty of chips, and shrugged slightly before lying back down on the bed, watching the battle. At least she didn't have to manage those stupid controls, just put in the appropriate chips.

1-3] Charge shot [16] [metoolB]
4] Prepped dodge
PING! Well, the crack's a little bigger now... But Seraphim still can't seem to finish the damn virus, which hits him with a shockwave.

MetoolA: !DELETED!
MetoolB: 8
SeedbatA: !DELETED!
SeedbatB: !DELETED!
SeedbatC: !DELETED!

"Just KILL it already!" The netop said irritably, while the navi winced, preparing what he hoped was the final shot, his knees hurt quite a bit. Seraphim raised the gun-sword mesh, then brought it down, yelling out two words.

"Charge Shot!" He roared out, letting the blast go, to do two times the amount his special ability could do, which would hopefully finish off the menace.

1-3] Charge shot [16] [MetoolB]
4] Prepped dodge

Reward-250 zenny
Seraphim looked at the reward data.

"Another level?" He asked his operator.

"Nope. You need another spells, I said." She spoke annoyedly as she took the four chips they had and clicked them down, one by one.

"Oh. Well, we can get all the spells we need with party members!" The navi rushed into the netsquare.