A piercing black light slammed into the ground, the resultant particles quickly reforming into a fluid, black form. Instantly, four luminescent globes — one red, one pink, one green, and one blue — slammed into the black form, generating an explosion of white light. As the monitor slowly normalized and adjusted itself, the children of ACDC Elementary school found themselves face-to-blackboard with a brightly-colored helmeted navi who rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly. Noticing the flamboyant pink color of Suien's navi, several boys in the class started to snicker and giggle. The pretty young teacher cast him a knowing look, but smiled uneasily. "Don't worry," she whispered, "but we operate on a 'don't ask, don't tell' basis"

"W-What?" replied a startled Suien, completely losing his composure, "No, no, he's just... class, I'd like you to meet my navi, Rass.exe." Turning to face the blackboard he flipped through his chip folder and glanced nervously at the warning sign that was posted overhead. "Okay, Rass?" he asked, "Why don't you have a look around the network. As long as you're in there, we might as well see if we can't give these kids a lesson in rudimentary netbattling techniques."

The pink-and-black navi nodded heartily and gave a sloppy salute, causing a few of the children to laugh out loud. He slowly explored the boundaries of the tiny blackboard network, searching for the source of the viral corruption. Not finding any, he turned confusedly to the main screen. "Suien, I ah... can't find anything," he said, flinching slightly, "D-do you think I s-should just jack out?"

Suien frowned, "that's odd..." he began, glancing once again at the warning sign, "Do you suppose that maybe there's a mistake?"

"Wait!" shouted Rass excitedly, pointing to a strange-colored panel, "It l-looks like an open portal to the in-internet! The v-viruses must have come through that p-portal!" He ran over to the portal and waved at Suien through the blackboard monitor. Outside, Suien smiled and turned to the class. "That's why we should always make sure to close all links to the internet when we're not using the devices," he said, "or at least, we should use a firewall to prevent viruses from invading our personal networks." Turning once more toward the blackboard, he addressed his navi. "Alright, Rass, why don't you ja-wha?" no sooner had he turned to face the screen, he found that his navi had disappeared completely!

"Aw shi-" he caught himself, turning around sheepishly, "...shoot. It looks like he activated the portal... hold on guys, I'll see if I can't get a visual feed on what's happening out there."

"You know, Mr. Matsumoto," began the teacher, nervously edging herself alongside Suien, "our curriculum doesn't cover the open internet, and some... inappropriate things might be displayed."

"Ah don't worry too much about it," he said, gesturing toward his PET, "I checked the address that the blackboard network was linked to. It's an opening party for the Netsquare that you've probably heard about. I'm sure it'll be an educational experience for everyone."

As Suien continued to fiddle with his PET, he couldn't help but wonder to himself, Who on earth would create a portal to the Netsquare then refuse to close it? frowning, he continued to mull, More importantly... what were viruses doing coming from the square?

((Transported to Netsquare))