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Sparks flew from the sky, gathering in a humanoid shape, before being struck by lightning and dissappating to reveal Voltman.
Now what chips are we looking for, Shigeru?
Anything. Just find virii, decimate them, and get their chips.
Sounds simple enough.
Just don't forget that we aren't nearly as powerful as we used to be.
I won't...
Voltman then ran off, looking for virii.

(Ah, a new beginning. A new story. I wonder how it will all work out?)
(Making an excuse for the HP Mems and the Speed Upgrade)

As Voltman was looking for virii, a small computerized *beep* sounded, signaling that he had mail. He opened up a channel to his Op.
He was met with snores.
Damn lazy bastard... I'll get it myself...
Accessing the E-Mail, Voltman blanched at the sender's name.
It... can't be...
But it was. The sender...
was Shigeru? But he was asleep! Intrigued, Voltman opened up the mail and started reading. His face grew more incredulous with each passing word, and grimmer.
Finally, as he came to the end, he opened up a channel to his op once more.
Shigeru? SHIGERU!
Shigeru sat bolt upright.
Voltman waved his post-sleep comments away with a wave.
Yeah, yeah. Read this.
Shigeru opened the mail, and began to read it aloud.

I don't have much time, but I'll try to explain what's happening best I can.
Roughly 1 day ago, a strange event swept the city. Buildings, parks, and people have all been dissappearing like viruses being deleted. Chunks of data fly through the air even as I write this. But I have learned that there is hope for humans and navis alike. Your world. The fact is that our two planes of existance, while separate, are undeniably similar. How do I know this?
My name is Shigeru Yamada.
As you may be thinking now, this is impossible, but I insist to you that it's true. Our navis are both named Voltman. They are alike in every way. As are we. That's how I know that you now have your finger over the delete button on your PET. I suggest you wait.

Shigeru withdrew his finger from the key.
Good. Now, I'll continue explaining.
The net world and real world both are undergoing this cataclysmic deletion. There is not much time left. However, I am giving what I can to you.
We are, after all, very close.
Yes, I am capable of humor even in a situation like this. It's one of our redeeming qualities.
But I digress. I am now attatching the files. The transfer of chips, zenny, and upgrades should be downloading now.

Message ends at 19.36.09

Shigeru looked up, grim faced.
Do you think it's the real thing?
Shigeru nodded slowly, before turning back to his PET. A message was flashing on the screen.
*Attatchments included. Download? Y/N*
Shigeru hit Y, and watched as data for two HP Memories and a Speed Upgrade came pouring into his PET. His own last gift to himself. He quietly installed the data into Voltman.
Thirty seconds later, government officers came by and wiped the memorydata from Voltman, and the memories from Shigeru. They deleted the E-Mail, but allowed him to keep the upgrades. It couldn't do any harm.

Two hours later, Voltman woke up. He shook his head, tried to think of why he was on the ground, and couldn't. He shrugged, got up, and continued looking for viruses.
Wait, was he running faster?

(Battle 1, 140 HP)
Voltman shook his head.
This is hopeless. They must have just run a virus sweep in ACDC.
Oh... well... what now?
My vote goes to rest and relaxation.
Sounds good. Voltman, jack out...
I'm heading to the Yoka Onsen.
You do that. I'll get some sleep.
You really need more human contact...
Voltman started walking along, looking for any sign of a virus sweep. He had been right. It looked like the netpolice had gotten fed up with the virus outbreaks in ACDC and done a virus sweep. He shook his head slowly.Why would they do something like that? Sure, viruses make electronics go crazy, but they're also a perfect thing to release tension. HE sighed. Maybe the Onsen would have the sme effect.
He really needed it. Shigeru had been getting lazier and lazier lately.
Voltman, order some pizza! Voltman, get the phone! Voltman, wake me up at five!
It never ended.
He really hoped that Shigeru ould wake up and smell the irony, some day, when he woke up on his won and woke VOLTMAN up.
Yeah, like that'd ever happen.
He reached the netsquare, his musings forgotten, and headed into the Yoka area to the Onsen.