Money hunting

A brilliant azure blue beam of light crashed down onto ACDC Net and reformed into Shuilong.
"Something tells me you've been spending time on customizing how I materialize in the net." The navi commented, sweatdropping.
"Maybeee." Shin replied, "Well go find some viruses for us to delete. I'll be standing here, supplying you with chips."
"Ok then, let's go." Shuilong said and he headed into the Net.

((First Battle on Rogue Network HAJIME!))
((Wait, nevermind.))

"Shuilong jack out." Shin commanded.
"What why?" Shuilong aked, confused.
"Ummm... They're having a sale at Yoka... and.." Shin started but Shuilong cut him off.
"Okay fine, let's go." Shuilong replied as he dissappeared in a blue beam of light.

((Don't close, will come back later.))