Popping on with a lightning flash, the White Doctor of the Net ran towards a nearby Mr. Prog, asking him for his specialty drink. As he waited besides a table, Polonius asked "Uhh... DNR? We're supposed to go to do our drill... right? It's uhhh.... important to my education you know and your waiting for coffee..." he said, his voice going down as he explained the obvious reasoning to the question.

DNR raised an index finger towards the brown med student, giving a quick sip of his Cardiac Arrest drink. "Mmmmhmmmm-ahaahahahhhh...." he exclaimed, setting out a couple of zenny on top of the Prog's head.

"Well let's get this medical train rolling..." he said, running off towards the Netopian network, then the Netsquare as the navi made a beeline towards the Beach.