A Speedster, An Angel, A Fairy Tale, and A Bunny

Red and Myun crashed down into the Cyber Cafe and looked around, amazed at the spaciousness in comparison to the real world version. They took a seat and waited for Machman and Aera.

Some Progs bounced up to them, "May I take your order?"

"I'll have one Freckled Lemonade, and Myun here will have an Everlasting Milkshake," Red replied courteously.

"Very well, your drink shall be ready in a few moments," The Prog commented, before bouncing away.

"Hmmm... there's going to be an exciting place to go today~" Red hummed merrily.
Mach and Aera appeared from the incredibly high ceiling of the cafe, and quickly dove to the floor below. They slowed their decent before gently touching down a few feet from Red and Myun's table. Aera smiled as she saw the little crimson navi and her SP.

Hi Red! Nice to see you again! Hey there, Myun! You're still cute as ever!

Machman waved towards their recent acquaintences as he and Aera walked to their table.
Congratulations on your match! I wish I was there to see it.

Aera took a seat as Machman pushed her chair in, and sat in the chair next to her. Their actions were noticed by one of the progs, and it briskly floated over towards them.

Welcome to the Netopia NetCafe. Could I interest you with a drink or something to eat?
Um, we've never been here before. What would you recommend?
Both first timers, huh? Hm... If you have a sweet tooth, I recommend the Freckled Lemonade, or our famous "E-Tank" soda. If you want something with a little more bite, a Skyrish coffee does the trick. Would you like to try them? If they don't suit your taste, we'll try something else.
Sure, sounds good to me. I guess I'll have a Skyrish Coffee, please.
If Red likes the lemonade, then I'll give that a try.

The prog gave a quick nod and bounced away. Mach turned towards Red and placed his hands on the table.
So, what place does Mr. Fujiwara have in mind?
"Hey hey! Welcome back!" Red greeted her friends cheerfully as they sat down and took their orders. Myun extended both of her ears toward Machman and Aera in a form of sort-of handshake greeting.

Responding to Machman's question, Red winked and put her finger to her lips, "Well, we'll have to keep quiet about it, but we're going back to Yumland, but this time to a special region."

The orders came and Red perked up, delighted at the spiral glass form that held her strawberry lemonade filled with actual strawberry slices. "Mmm! This will be great!" Myun licked her lips a little as she eyed the extremely tall glass that contained the Everlasting Milkshake and adjusted the curly straw that came with it so she could start sipping right away.

"Ah~ That fruity tang combined with a sugary sweetness, what a combination~" the crimson crusader sighed in bliss as she took the first few sips of her drink, popping a bit of strawberry into her mouth after fishing it out of the liquid.

"A sublime coldness with a feeling that I could drink this forever. Not bad," Myun commented, wiping her mouth to avoid potential milk moustache as she drank from her beverage.
Mach and Aera awkwardly shook Myun's ears in greeting and settled into their seats. Machman lowered his voice as he heard Red's description of the new "area" they will be going too.
Ah, Yumland. Um, what do you mean by a "special region?" I've heard some rumors over different BBS boards about "different" networks, but a lot seems to be just conjecture.

Machman straightened up in his chair as the prog came back with drinks. Aera smiled with delight as a spiral glass of lemonade was placed in front of her.
Mmm... this looks tasty, thank you!
The prog also gave Red and Myun their drinks, and then placed a blue mug in front of Machman. The mug was topped with whipped cream, and the smell of coffee wafted from the warm mug. Aera sipped her lemonade and smiled as Mach held the mug in his hand.

Is there something in particular we are looking for? Or are we just trying something new?
"Well..." Red started, sipping more of her drink and relishing the flavor. "It's really for more of a challenge. The normal networks aren't tough enough to handle us, so this area's going to just right," the red-caped wonder explained.

"Basically, just to toughen ourselves up by facing tougher enemies," Myun explained, draining down her drink.
Machman's eyes flashed as he smiled under his face mask.
Sounds like a perfect idea to me. How about you, Aera?

Machman was surprised to see Aera had almost completely finished her drink, and she plucked a strawberry slice from the cup.
Sure! Sounds like fun.
"It's settled then! Onto adventure!" Red shouted, pumping her fist into the air as her drink was finished.

"Yeah!" Myun called in unison, pumping her right fist and ear into the air. She dragged Myun and ran out.

"Follow me! Forward adventurers!" the crimson crusader bellowed as she headed to the netsquare.

"I guess I'll charge the bill to their netops," a Prog mused, sweatdropping.
Alright then, lets head out!
Mach and Aera both pushed their chairs back and stood up to follow Red and Myun. Mach paused for a second, but Mazer's voice came in through his ear pylons.
[Don't worry about the drinks, I'll pay for them. You go ahead and continue.]

Mach and Aera followed Red and Myun to the telepad and warped into their new adventure spot, not exactly knowing what to expect. Back on the table, Mach's Skyrish Coffee sat there, completely untouched.

((To Yumland Rogue Net))