Relaxing in the onsen

The onsen net looks nearly identical to the real world onsen; however, it is much larger. It is nearly 3 times the size of the real world onsen, possibly to accommodate many, large, or energetic Navis. There are already a few Navis in the onsen, a couple of them chatting quietly on the water's edge, and a third swimming near the middle. Two bright cyan beams appear from the ceiling of the network, and they warp down to the floor below. The two beams stop on the floor, and start to shrink down into more angular navi-like forms. The glow subsides, revealing Machman and Aera.

Interesting. Well, lets- huh?
A square border on the floor directly beneath the pair lights up, followed by several wooden walls springing up from the floor. The walls stop climbing and stand nearly 8' tall. Machman looks around, ready to defend himself. He activates his buster and prepares to blast his way out, but a calm voice chimes in from a speaker in the back wall.
"スウィムスイト ドットジエムオ 開始. Swim Suit.GMO Activated."
Machman's armor disappears, including his gauntlets, greaves, and chest plate. The pylons on his ears disappear, and a pair of navy blue swim trunks replaces his orange under armor with an orange stripe running down each side. Mach's hairstyle remains unchanged, and the blue mask covering his nose and mouth still remains. He turns to his right to see a full-length mirror. He notices the vast changes to his appearance, including his toned muscles on his arms, chest, and abs. Not bulky, like a runner's build. He then notices a light, and looks back to the front of the stall. The wall was replaced with a traditional cloth door. He steps out, and looks back to Aera's changing stall.

The front wall of her stall also changes, and she steps out.
Aera's armor was gone, including her skin-tight under armor. In its place is a blue two-piece swimsuit over her blemish less skin. Wrapped and tied around her waist is a semi transparent orange miniskirt. The small orange straps of her top go over her shoulders and cross behind her back to re-attach to the back of her top. Her ear pylons are also gone, but her hair is still up and her beautiful blue eyes still shining like sapphires in the sun. Aera sees Machman staring, and blushes.
How do I look? {Guessing by the look on his face, I already know the answer.} *giggle*
Machman tries to regain his composure.
You look... incredible!
Thank you! You don't look to bad yourself.
Aera walks up to him and runs her hand down his shoulder.
Lets hop in, the water looks so warm...
Lead the way, my hot spring beauty.
Aera looks back to Mach, and covers her mouth as she begins to giggle and turns to the onsen ahead.
Too corny, huh?
No, it's sweet. Just caught me a little off guard, heehee.

Mach and Aera stop on the edge of the Onsen, and they both take a seat on the rocks and put their feet in the water. They both sigh as they feel the warmth surround their feet and lower legs. They slide into the water, both smiling widely from the pleasant sensation of the onsen.
Ahhh... This feels great!
I can feel my entire body relaxing and loosening up.
Aera leans next to Machman, and rests her head on his shoulder.
This is what I call a vacation!
Couldn't ask for more.
Machman puts his arm around her, and they both close their eyes; focusing on the soothing warmness of the onsen.

((Anyone who wants to show up is more than welcome!))
Mach and Aera snooze in the warm water of the onsen as a small window pops up in front of them, with Mazer's face displayed.
[Mach. Machman. Ma~ch, wakey wakey...]
Machman opens his eyes and looks around groggily.
We still in the onsen...? He looks down, seeing his entire lower torso in the water and Aera curled up beside him. Oh. Sorry about that.
Aera wakes up and yawns, then continues to snuggle next to Mach.
Mach, that was wonderful.
All three get a wierd look on their face as they hear a distant "woo!" in the background.
[It's alright, I did the same thing. Want to head back?]
Aw... Okay.

They both slowly stand up, the onsen water dripping from their bodies. Machman steps out of the onsen onto the rocks and extends a hand to Aera, still standing waist deep in the water. She takes his hand and he lifts her out of the water. She steps up onto the rocks and stands in front of Mach. Mach thought he might have heard a pair of whistles as he helped her out of the water... Whatever. They both walk to the area they beamed in from, and a clear female voice chimes in. "SwimSuit.GMO deactivating." Mach and Aera are both covered in light for a few seconds until it fades away, revealing them back in their normal forms.

"Aww... =[" Mach and Aera turn around, clearly hearing the disappointed groan coming from behind them, but their bodies already begin to turn cyan and transform before being beamed away and back into the PET.

((Logged Out))