Shennanigans in the hotsprings.

Steam filled the air as it rose high into the air above, as snow fell around the sides of the hot springs below. The night sky was clear, with a few clouds floating nearby, and the moon was crescent shaped and hanging above the bathers. A ponytailed navi was resting in the steaming water, with a lighthearted smile stretching across his face. This was the most relaxing place he has ever been to. He needed this trip after fighting a fiery inferno dragon, and this was his chance to spoil himself. He always wanted to visit an onsen... if it weren't for the fact that he was required to wear a swimsuit, he'd be having the tome of his life. He looked to his left, glaring at the transparent image of a rather flat navi relaxing next to him.

"Uuuughh, why couldn't this be a traditional onsen? If I wanted to see women in bathing suits, i'd go to the beach. Oh, well the only other chicks here at this time of night are washboard chests like you"

"Oho, you making cracks about my chest? Its at least twice the size of your package punk!"

"Oh that was uncalled for."

"Well watcha gonna do about it huh?"


Kenji burst into a shroud of flames, heating the water around him slightly. As the fire died down, his body took a curvier physique to it, and gained a bit rounder set of hips. Kira looked down seeing herself wearing nothing but a pair of shorts, her chest remaining slightly below water level. Kenji floated next to her Enjoying the view a great deal. Kira let out a loud shriek as she covered up her chest and dunked her head into the water. Kenji gave a perverted cackle and saved another snapshot of this beautiful moment.
A psychedelic beam of energy crashed into the ground in a brilliant flash before returning to its normal state. Nachahmen looked around as his body settled, somewhat confused as to his surroundings.

"Well, I'm told these are used for relaxation, and you sure could use it." Zanzo mentioned.

Nac pointed to the pool somewhat shakily.

"What's wrong? The pool??"

Nac then began to make hand motions in the air, reminscent of breaststrokes, then put his hands around his neck, appearing to struggle.

"You're......choking? Oh! Right...We fought that shark not too recently. I suppose you're somewhat nervous?" Zanzo asked.

Nachahmen nodded.

"Well, this should be alright. I don't think the water's even deep enough to swim in. Besides, look at those two."

Nac looked around, having not even noticed anyone else was around, and quickly spotted a pair of figures.

"They seem to be having fun. Why can't you?"

Nac stood for a bit, then slowly nodded and began to wander about, his movements slowly becoming less and less shaky.

"That's the spirit..."
As Kira sulked and kept her head partially below the steamy water, Kenji glanced up and saw a familiar face, or he would if it actually had one. He grinned roguishly and turned to Kira. In an instant, a black cloud formed over her head and struck a bolt of lightning on her, igniting her into a puff of blue flames. Her curved body shaped into a more male like form and once again resembled the white haired Kenji. He hopped out of the spring and strode over to Nachaman with a devilish smile upon his face.

"Hey there buddy, remember me? Howya been?"
Nachahmen glanced back at the familiar navi, and his body began to shift. As with their previous encounter, he quickly took on the appearance of Kenji: The frail build, the pale skin, the light hair, the markings and a pair of swimming trunks for the finish. However, upon this transformation, Nac stood with a frown on his face and his arms around his chest.

...I remember being dressed WAYYYYYY better the last time we had a duet. It tarnishes my sex appeal to be exposed...
Kenji's eyebrow tweaked angrily ans a vein bulged on his forehead. He stared angrily at his counterpart, then let out a deep sigh. He let out a light "HA!" and started shaking his finger in his doppleganger's face.

"Silly clone, while we were gone, I got an upgrade. Not only am I the smexiest man in the entire internet, but I am also the smexiest woman!!!"

With A flick of the wrist, Kenji reached back and fastened a towel over his chest. He snapped his fingers and yelled "SHAZAM!!!" A bolt of lightning crashed down, and struck him. His curvy figure was replaced with an even curvier one, as the muscular Kira took his place.

"What the hell? Great, another annoying fruitcup. Like one wasn't enough, at least this one is material, not to mention punchable."

Kira cracked her knuckles and took a step closer to nachahmen.
He just stood there, shaking his head mildly.

"Pfft, poser. No one can reconfigure themselves like Nachahmen can!"

And with that, Nac's body began to shift once more, taking on a curvier, yet more muscular build, and grew about an inch or so. Further, his ears stretched out and took on fur-like hairs, and a similar tail grew out from his backside. His hair paled a bit and, as a finishing touch, his body shifted about to form a towel around his chest. Nac then cleared his throat and began to speak.

Now then...Are you sure you want to do that? I may not appear to be much more than an annoyance to you, but looks can be quite deceiving...

He let his arms lie at his waist. Meanwhile, Zanzo was intruiged by his partner's abilities.

Wow...He may not be much of a talker as himself, but Nachahmen sure can strike a conversation as someone else...
Kira crossed her arms across her chest as an arrogant grin stretched across her face. She diligently scanned the appearence of the strange navi both interested, and impressed.

"So, you think you can really stand up to all of this?" She made a motion to indicate her flexing muscles, and gave a cocky laugh. "Then prove it! Meet me in fields and we will see who is truly stronger. Hey stringbeans, you up for a virus busting contest?"

Kenji's attention snapped back do the conversation as he was drifting off.

"OOOo... a contest eh? Sounds fun, we'll give him a run for his money! Whoever kills the most virus's wins 500 zenny! Let's rock!"

Kira's form began to disintegrate as a flash of fire filled the area, heating up the onsen considerably, then vanished.

Keito let out a groan as he rubbed his temples. This was not going to end well.
Nac sighed.

"This wasn't what I had in mind....

But, he followed along anyway. ..

Afterall, we could use the money, right Nac?