Hello, this is Theodor Kaysen, Junior ranger of the Yoka national park. I wish to increase my activity on the net but unfortunately my navi is poorly equipped. I'm seeking a partner to trek with my navi through the wooded outskirts of of Beach net to procure a few chips and maybe even enjoy the landscape of the uninhabited areas. The chips I'm looking to receive are Woodtower, Treebomb, and maybe even a dash attack if things go to our fortune. This is in no way whatsoever a babysitting mission, as my navi and I are looking for another navi to contribute firepower when our resources are spent or insufficient.

We don't discriminate on who can to help us, but we do ask that you try to keep fire element chips and attacks under control so as to not do too much damage to the environment.

If you are concerned about any shady business then you may contact me at my E-mail at Tkaysen@yokapark.org or visit my homepage, the link to it is below this message.

contact me and we will arrange a time to meet together at Beach net.

Theodore Kaysen.

Attached [Homepage link]