Busting Partner Wanted!

I've kind of been wanting to do some good old-fashioned busting, to keep loose, and figured that I hadn't really gone busting with anyone for a while.

So, anyone interested in going busting in ACDC? All skill levels welcome!

Salutations fellow net navi, I happened upon your message whilst looking at a few other boards and I thought how wonderful it would be if I were able to observe the fighting patterns of another, I feel there may be a great deal to be learnt from this endeavour.

So how about it?

~ Gadgetman.exe
I'll... I'll take that as a yes.

Why don't you have your Operator meet me in the ACDC Park at... 3:00, roughly, so we can coordinate this better. Give him or her this picture, so they know who they're looking for.
-Chris Harper

ATTACHED: Chris01.jpg
Excellent! I shall make sure my operator is at the park at the requested time. I shall also attach the most recent picture I have of him to this post.

P.S. He doesn't always look that rough...

~ Gadgetman.exe

ATTATCHED: Work_Lab_John.png