Seeking Buster

Hello folks, Amadeo here, looking to find more people to join Longshot.EXE and myself in busting, anywhere works, we can't wait to meet a few more battlers and get to work. Leave a message here and we'll sort out where we can meet up and bust at.

-Amadeo / Longshot.EXE
Um. Hey there. I guess My Navi and I could bust with you. As long as we don't go to Sci-Labs. Anywhere else will be fine but my Navi currently have a bit of a grudge against that area.

As for a place to meet. Um. How about we just meet in the net at the internet city place. This is a suprise for my Navi because she never thought I would acutally team up with someone else. I would really rather not meet in person yet if you don't mind.

-Leo Umi

Bard.EXE is in Standby.
Hey sounds cool! I just got back from getting an upgrade, give me an hour to get everything sorted out and set up and I'll send Longshot to meet your Navi in the city.

- Amadeo

It'll be a nice change to work with someone else for once!

- Longshot.EXE
Sounds good. Could you do me a favor and greet Bard yourself? I haven't told her about the team bust. She will be a musical Navi in a pinstripe suit with a fedora and trumpet. She is currently being upgraded so, it would be lovely if you could make the first move to finish off the suprise.

-Leo Umi

Bard.EXE in Standby
That won't be a problem, pinstripe suit and a fedora, shouldn't be to hard to find. The upgrades almost done on our end, we'll be online as soon as we can.


PS: Amadeo would have sent that but he's tied up getting the last upgrade ready...