Hey there Net, this is Rose Dunrae, remember me?

Well, for all of you who have been living outside the new's reach, the biggest thing today is the Open Net Battle Tournament at the Colosseum.

It is being hosted at the Colosseum, of course, and seems to be run, or at least publically led by, a certain Dame Catherine A. Alexander and her Navi, Bastion.EXE.

The Tournement is open to Navis and Net Ops of all skill levels. It's free to enter, and uses pre-arranged folders.

If you're interested, you can sign up here. You better go fast, though, as it's starting on March 1st, so you don't have much time to register.

Now, that being said, I would like now to direct your attention to the point of this announcement; I shall be entering and reporting on the subject.

As you may know, I'm not that mainstream (yet. I could be if I had a few followers). I can't broadcast live, as I have no station to broadcast over. However, I will be interviewing people at the tournament. I will also record any matches I can, including my own, and assuming I can get release rights, I'll upload them all (I'm only an amateur as far as movie making goes, though, so you'll have to escuse me there).

Of course, due to the solitary nature of my staff, there is a good chance that I won't be able to cover every match as completely as I would like. I will do my best to get you quotes and interviews with as many contestants as possible, however, and as many videos as I can manage.

So check back in after the tournament for the most Unique and immersive coverage of this tournament available on the Net (Well, as far as I know at least).

I'll do my best in the tournament. I'm not a pro, but feel free to root for me anyway. : )

Questions? Comments? Want to show some support? Drop me a line at

~Rose Dunrae, Amateur Reporter
Hello Net,

This is the famous "Ace" speaking here. You may have heard of me, you may not have.

I'd like to add that Registration for the Open Net Battle Tournament is CLOSED, but I'm sure Miss Rose will go and cover as much as she can, with my help of course! Why am I doing this you ask? It's because the public needs information about this kind of thing, and what better way to do it but with various sources at your disposal? It does seem like the World News Server has been at a standstill since that Great Electown event, so it's up to citizens like Miss Rose and Mr. Don Murdoc to bring stuff like this to you!

A friend of mine is definitely entering this competition, er- scratch that, a lot of my friends are, I guess. Hopefully this tournament will be exciting to see.

Ace out!