Dear Twi.ADM and Corny,

Greetings companions! Tis I DNR.EXE! I'm sure you remember me as the navi who stole your hat and who was dealt lots and lots of pain for it. This letter is to ask forgiveness on Twi twofold: A. I decided that I have been rash and inconsequential over the whole hat debacle. It was very rude on both parties, thats me taking the hat and you almost killing me for said hat. B. To Corny, I know that I was out of line back then, but you two was out of line by shoting me on the shoulder. Now I am a reasonable navi (most of the time) so I will personally... have my net op buy you a new ear of corn. I thank you two for reading (if you guys read this and care!) and hope your net lives are lively and enjoyable!

- DoNotResusitate.EXE, M.D.