Looking for a Pen Pal

Greetings from Netopia! I'm a student at Duke Leeworth University, third year, and I'm hoping to acquire a contact over seas. No, it's not some silly little assignment, I do this freely and of my own volitions, although it was inspired by such an assignment.

I'm 22 years old, although I still live with my parents. I know, I know, I should be heading out, but I'm still in training to inherit the family business so I decided to stay at home until I was ready. I'm sure you understand. I enjoy a great many activities in my free time, golf, listening to good music, going out with my friends, or simply staying at home and going on the Net. Oh, and I do so enjoy a good bit of virus busting, really makes you feel like you're making a difference you know. Quite invigorating.

I'd be more than happy to share my side of the news over here but I must say that I'm rather interested in the developments across the seas. I've been told of some premier virus busting areas and I'm truly intrigued by it all. If I could acquire a friend from one of those areas, I'd find myself truly blessed.

Thank you for listening to my little request. With love, Charles.
Why . . . . Uh . . . hello there Charles! My names Polonius and I'd be happy to finally find a real life friend in you eheh. I'm a 20 year old, first year med student who lives in a dorm situated in ACDC. I myself have done some virus busting with the help of my "Interesting" navi, DoNotResusitate. I would love to discuss with you on such topics as well as our intrests. I hope we become great friends.

Ah! My deepest apologies for not having responded sooner! My Navi and I were on a mission and, well, things kind of went out of hand. Nice to meet you Polonius! Strange though, your Navi's name seems fairly familiar.

Unfortunately, this latest venture of mine has left a bad taste in my mouth for Busting. Who knew the Net could be so complicated? But that's a whole nother matter. Again, I really am interested in the affairs in other countries. I think I've heard of ACDC town, but from where I'm not sure. Is there anything interesting going on over there?

I'll still be at the computer for a while now. I feel a strange urge to go on the Net again despite these recent difficulties. Strange, huh? Anyway, this shouldn't be anywhere near as time or attention consuming as the other time, so I should be able to respond fairly quickly.

I'm very glad that you took up my offer Polonius! I can't wait to hear what you've got to say!
It is very, very good to see you again dear Charles, although you should know that I took part of that very same mission. Yes the net is a very complicated system, me and my navi like to sometimes compare it towards the innerworkings of the Cardiovascular system. ACDC town is a beautiful and tranquil place, although I am currently in the majestic hustle and bustle of Electown for a little clean up with DNR and a acquaintance
of mine from the nearby Colosseum. I'd like to know more about Crushman and the status of You Charles, old friend, after all that is what friends do correct?

Best wishes,
Polonius Carbonium

DNR is currently in a battle alongside Red Riding Hood.EXE.
Hah, ah, but I wish I could say that things were well, but that's really nothing of much consequence, certainly nothing that can be done about it at anyrate. No, it's just a small matter. My Navi, on the otherhand, is in a rather nasty condition.

But that's not the point. I thought that Navi name was familiar! I became so used to simply thinking of him as DNR that seeing his full name caught me off guard! How wonderful! I look forward to our continuing relationship then!

Electown eh? I've heard of it, as well as ACDC town, but only briefly... And in fact, I'm not quite sure from where. Strange. Still, this Colloseum you speak of is completely alien to me. It sounds like something straight out of an ancient Gladiator tale. How very exciting! I hope that you can tell me more about this in the near future.

As for my own current ventures, I'm feeling the pull of the Net Battlers calling, I suppose. I think I've found a nice spot of trouble to get myself involved in, yet only time will tell. With luck, I'll have updates in the near future.

And should luck truly smile upon us, we shall fight side by side once again!

- Charles
Polonius, I seem to have found some rather important and intriguing information. Might we be able to arrange a meeting? It's fairly urgent, the sooner the better. And besides, it'll be a treat to fight alongside you and DNR once again.

- Charles
Hmm..... We can meet... right now I'm currently hanging out with another associate in the Nets of Netopia, thats right! The nets from your own country my friend! You may know the associate as "Thundervoice" but he has another name.... Raidene. I do not know why he had a different name, it is confounding me to this very moment. I hope to see Crushman as well! I'm sure me and DNR would love to greet each other and discuss.

-Polonius Carbonium
Excellent. I'll be there as shortly as possible. I believe I still have a trace on DNR's data signature, I should be able to find him if I simply enter a certain proximity. I'm trying to wrap something up on my end really quickly, but who knows whether or not I'll meet any success. Hoping to see you soon.

- Charles
Okay, got it Charles sir. I'll tell "Thundervoice" and the other navi that you'll be coming.

- Polonius Carbonium
Polonius, sorry, I don't have your e-mail, but the test for Planeswalker has been canceled. Get your rewards at the Colosseum BBS.

-Fujiwara Shin